Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valve

Shutoff valves can save you from the nightmare of repairs due to water damage, and will save you money by preventing that water damage. The Watts IntelliFlow Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valves with Leak Sensor are used in residential applications to protect against potentially catastrophic water damage due to a burst inlet hose connected to a washing machine - whether in use or unattended. For more automatic shut-off valves for washing machines, water heaters, and icemakers, view me.

Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve
Series A2C-SC

Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valve
The Watts IntelliFlow Automatic No. 2 (A2C-SC) is equipped with a state of the art electric current sensing device. When the washer is turned on, the device senses the current flow to the washer and opens the valves.

Upon completion of the full wash cycle when the washer shuts off, the device will sense the lack of current and close the water valves. Such automatic operation helps protect against a water damage repair situation should a washing machine inlet hose burst while the machine is unattended.

When the shut-off valves are left on, the constant water pressure can cause hose fatigue. This can increase the potential for leakage or a burst hose.

For added protection the leak sensor will sense any leaks during the wash cycle and automatically shut off the water valves to help prevent flooding & potential water damage if a leak occurs. The electrical power to the washing machine will not be turned off, only the water valves.

IntelliFlow A2C-SC Specifications:
  • WiFi compatible - instant text & email alerts sent to your smart phone
  • UL listed
  • Maximum Pressure: 150psi (10 bars)
  • Maximum Temperature: 180°F (82°C)
  • 120VAC, 15A, 60Hz
  • Cord: 6 ft. 14awg
  • Current draw (with appliance off): 20mA
  • Maximum appliance current rating: 15A
  • Circuit breaker requirement: 20 amp. GFI *
  • View engineering specifications

* It is strongly suggested that the electrical power source be ground fault protected.

Please Note: The IntelliFlow is not compatible with washing machines or combination washer/dryers that are 220VAC powered. In order to use the IntelliFlow with 220VAC powered appliances, you'll need to use it with the IntelliTimer. The Watts A2-IntelliTimer is a remote timer which allows the IntelliFlow to be used in applications where the washing machine or a combination washer/dryer is 220 VAC powered. Also, always follow the instructions (included with your package) from the manufacturer for proper maintenance and operation to ensure that your home is safe from flooding. While all man-made products will eventually fail, with proper maintenance you can make sure your safety device has a long life!

IntelliFlow Systems

Model # Size Description Price & Quantity
A2C-SC 1/2" Surface mount system - solder - with leak sensor $457.91
A2C-SC-WB 1/2" Recessed mount with wall box - solder and/or thread - with leak sensor $523.55

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Retrofit Kits
(for use with the A2C-SC and A2C-SC-WB valves shown above)
Model # Size Description Price & Quantity
KA2-BD 1/2" For straight or angled shutoffs - includes glue - View the parts breakdown for this products
KA2-A 1/2" Standard surface mount $88.70
KA2-R 1/2" To adapt to existing wall box with single lever washing machine valve $189.59

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Model Name Description Price & Quantity
A2-IntelliTimer A remote timer which allows the IntelliFlow to be used in applications where a combination washer/dryer is 220 VAC powered. Activation of the push button on the timer causes current flow, which is detected by the Intelliflow which then actuates the solenoid valves, allowing water to flow to the washing machine. This also begins a timing sequence of two hours, which, upon its completion de-energizes the IntelliFlow. $251.99

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Model # Description Price & Quantity
A2C-LS Replacement leak sensor $115.47
WWB Replacement Watts Box Frame ONLY for A2C-SC-WB) $65.84

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Model A B C D E Weight
A2C-SC 6" 2 1/8" 4 1/4" 3 1/32" 2 3/8" 2.0 lbs.
A2C-SC-WB 8" 2 1/8" 4 1/4" 3 1/32" 2 3/8" 3.5 lbs.

Watts A2C-SC washing machine shut off valve

Easy Installation:

The Watts A2C-SC IntelliFlow comes equipped with 1/2" (13mm) sweat adapters to receive tubing. Either connection may be used for the hot or cold water supply because the A2C-SC is equipped with long wearing Buna-N diaphragms for long life. Water supply connections are 23/8" (60mm) on centers. No electrical wiring is required. Simply plug the washing machine power cord into the IntelliFlow and plug it to the standard 15A, GFI*, 115 volt outlet.

*Ground fault interrupter circuit
Typical Installations:

The Watts IntelliFlow can be installed in new construction or as an upgrade to existing installations.

A2C washing machine installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I broke my leak sensor, can I buy just the sensor as a replacement part?"
A. Yes, you can purchase the leak sensor, part number A2C-LS, above.

Q. "If the power was to fail, would the water continue to flow through the valves or would the valve switch to the off position?"
A. The valves used in the IntelliFlow are "Normally Closed" solenoid valves. If they are on/open when the power goes off, they will return to the off/closed position.

Q. "I only have one cold valve and do not have a hot side as I wash my clothes with cold water. Can I still use this shutoff valve?"
A. That's not a problem at all. This valve will work with only one side hooked up, providing there is no water coming into the side not connected to your washing machine.

Q. "So I just install this and forget about it, right?"
A. For maximum protection, make sure to follow all of the manufacturer's instructions and directions by performing the proper maintenance and inspections to ensure that you are fully protected from flooding; this is extremely important with man-made safety devices as they will eventually fail. Proper maintenance and inspections can also help lengthen the life span of your safety device.

Q. "I installed one of these Watts IntelliFlow automatic washing machine water shutoff valves and now there is noticeable water hammer. Is there any way to reduce the water hammer?"
A. Any device that is a quick-acting shutoff valve, may cause water hammer. We suggest that you install water hammer arrestors when installing any fast closing shutoff valve.

Q. "What is Water Hammer?"
A. Water hammer is a phenomenon caused by a combination of conditions usually involving a quick closing valve, and manifests itself as banging, knocking or hammering noises in your pipes.

Quick closing valves by themselves are not necessarily the cause of water hammer.

Several factors can contribute either by themselves or in any combination to cause water hammer such as:

  • Improperly sized piping with relation to water flow velocity
  • High water pressure
  • Long runs of pipe between the water supply and the valve
  • No shock absorbing system in place, such as hammer arrestors
  • Fast closing valves
  • Poor strapping of the piping system to the structure. (This is not the cause of the water hammer, more a symptom and contributor to the amount of noise.)

Water hammer is caused by the shock of the moving water in the pipe coming to a sudden stop when a valve closes, such as with automatic valves found in washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers and sprinkler systems. It can also be caused by fast closing manual valves, such as shower valves; kitchen sink faucets, bathroom sink faucets and even some toilet fill valves. Although most sink faucets have low flow aerators that help in preventing the water volume and/or velocity from reaching water hammer levels; high water pressure and/or undersized piping coupled with high flow aerators can allow these fixtures to cause water hammer.

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