Failed Circuit Alarms

This innovative failed circuit alarm helps to take the worry out of system failures. A must for those appliances and fixtures that need to be monitored, it signals an alarm when a circuit has failed. It's designed for use on refrigerators, freezers, hot tubs, heat lamps for animals, pumps, etc. It can be used with any 110v/120v appliance where it is important to know if the breaker or fuse has blown (or any power outage).

failed circuit alarm
This failed circuit alarm features:
  • Alerts you when a circuit has tripped (failed)
  • 85 to 90 decibel buzzer (9 volt DC)
  • 110/120 volt, toggle on/off switch
  • Test button
  • Mounts up to 6 feet from outlet
  • Easy installation and a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Fits standard 110V outlet
  • Unit has an outlet (15 amp) saving "piggyback" style plug
  • This alarm is NOT NSF 61 Compliant

Failed Circuit Alarm = $52.53

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How long will a 9-volt battery sound the alarm?"
A. Typically, a new 9-volt battery will sound the alarm for about 18 hours.

Q. "Can this unit be used to test circuits?"
A. Yes. This unit can be used to test circuits by simply plugging into suspect outlets, and with the unit turned on, alarm will not sound if power is present.

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