WaterWatcher Flood Prevention Kit

The WaterWatcher Flood Prevention Kit is an inexpensive, effective way to help prevent costly water damage. This easy-to-install, innovative product is just one of the thousands of products offered to you from your plumbing source: PlumbingSupply.com®!


The WaterWatcher is versatile in its ability to prevent water disasters. Its floor sensor is very sensitive and can detect many types of liquid (soap, soda pop, milk, even the purest of water).

When it does detect liquid where it's not supposed to be, the WaterWatcher's control module can turn off electrical power to any leaking appliance: like the dishwasher, the washing machine, or the solenoid valve in the automatic coffee maker in your home or office, just to name a few. If a leak is detected, the WaterWatcher will sound an alarm and de-energize its output, turning off the appliance causing the leak.

The WaterWatcher will NOT automatically reset itself. It will only reset itself after you unplug it and plug it back in once the problem has been resolved. A "low cost" solution to avoid a "high cost" problem! Make sure that you always inspect and perform the proper maintenance (by following the manufacturer's directions and required maintenance which are included in your shipment) for safety device to ensure that it is operating properly.

It's Easy to Install!
  1. Plug the WaterWatcher into a 115 VAC outlet
  2. Place the sensor on the floor
  3. Plug the appliance that needs to be turned off into the WaterWatcher control module
Yes, it's that simple!

For additional protection use in conjunction with one of the FloodStop Systems

Key Product Features:
  • Helps prevent Water Damage
  • Reliable Microprocessor Technology
  • Audible Alarm (80 dB)
  • Signal Light
  • 12 ft. sensor cable length
  • Turns Appliance OFF
  • No Batteries to Replace
  • Works In a Home Setting
  • Works in a Commercial Setting
  • Detects water at 1/8 of an inch
  • 120 volt 60hz
  • 14 amp maximum
  • Patented Design
  • UL Listed

WaterWatcher = $94.01

Rated for indoor use only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I just purchased a large capacity washing machine. How do I know this WaterWatcher will handle the electrical requirements?"
A. You will need to look at the rating plate on the washing machine. The rating plate will list the maximum electrical use in amperes (amps). As long as the amperes listed are below 14, it can be used with the WaterWatcher. The WaterWatcher can be used with any appliance with a power usage up to 14 amps. Note: most new large capacity washing machines are energy efficient and normally use 10 amps of power, but it is always best to check the rating plate on the appliance to make sure it does not exceed 14 amps.

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