Pit Plus Sewage Basin Assemblies
by Little Giant

For collection of sewage, effluent, drainage and seepage water, you can't beat these PitPlus Sewage Basin Assemblies. Suitable for homes, farms, light commercial and industrial use, these pre-Assembled units are provided completely assembled and ready to be installed. The Pit Plus sewage ejection line from Little Giant offers some of the finest self-contained sewage ejection units on the market today, and because they are pre-assembled and ready to be installed, it will save you hours of labor at the job site.

Pit+Plus® Basin Packages with Asthetic Finished Cover

These pre-assembled sewage basin packages are completely ASSEMBLED and ready for installation. Each sewage basin package includes: One 24" x 30" polyethylene basin with 4" external inlet hub. One 4/10 or one 1/2 HP UL/CSA listed automatic sewage pump. One schedule 80 PVC discharge pipe with a structural foam cosmetic cover, as well as separate pump and switch access covers. Sewage basin packages do not include a check valve or ball/check valve and must be ordered separately. Some select basin packages include alarms. Alarms can be purchased separately for those packages not showing an alarm is included.

sewage basin
  • Completely assembled, ready to be installed
  • 4/10 HP pump - 100 gpm @ 5' head - view 4/10 HP pump curve chart
  • 1/2 HP pump - 120 gpm @ 5' head - view 1/2 HP pump curve chart
  • Pumps out liquids and solid waste materials up to 2" diameter
  • 24" x 30", 44 gallon molded polyethylene basin
  • Structural foam corrosion resistant aesthetically molded top cover
  • Independent pump access cover
  • Seperated recessed switch module
  • Molded-in recessed discharge and vent ports
  • Discharge and vent location recessed separate from pump access cover
  • Innovative design allows easy access to the pump or switch independently without disrupting the plumbing connections
  • Dependable remote tethered float switch for automatic operation
  • 4" external inlet hub for flexible coupling connection
    (flexible coupling not included in package)
  • Molded-in anti-torque stops in bottom of basin secure pump in place
  • Anti-flotation collar integrated into basin exterior
  • 4/10 HP 9SC series pumps have maximum vertical lift (Shut-off) at 20'
  • 1/2 HP 10SC series pumps have maximum vertical lift (Shut-off) at 25'

PitPlus Packages

HP Vent Size Discharge Size High Water Alarm Price & Quantity
4/10 2" 2" -- $720.85
4/10 2" 2" HWAB (Indoor) $859.75
1/2 2" 2" -- $774.64
1/2 2" 2" HWAB (Indoor) $875.32
Size Optional Acessories Price & Quantity
4" Flexible Coupling - Cast Iron/Plastic x Cast Iron/Plastic $9.62
4" x 3" Flexible Coupling - Cast Iron/Plastic x Cast Iron/Plastic $4.94

Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have an additional shipping fee per freight item.
Some Sewage Basin Packages have a two-week lead-time to ship from the manufacturer.
Due to the size and/or weight, these basin units do not qualify for 2nd day shipping.

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Optional Check Valves

Model # Pipe Size Description Price & Quantity
2200-20UC 2" PVC Check / Ball Valve Combination w/Union - Compression $47.85
30-0103 2" PVC "Combo" Check Valve / Union Combination $61.22
PVCSW20C 2" PVC Compression End Fittings $23.87
CV-02 2" deluxe sump pump check valve with (2) rubber sleeves and (4) clamps $33.52
Silencer 2" Hydrodynamic design check valve to reduce noise
- includes 2 rubber couplings and 4 stainless steel hose clamps
30-0151 2" Cast Iron constructed - Slip x Slip (neoprene unions w/stainless steel clamps) $99.61
PVCSW30C 3" PVC Compression End Fittings $122.16

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Indoor/Outdoor Alarms for Sewage Ejector Systems

HWAB Indoor High Water Alarm

The HWAB mounts indoors and will sound the built-in alarm horn (87 decibles at 10') and illuminate an LED red warning light when a high water level is detected in the basin. When the high water condition is cleared, the alarm will automatically reset. The HWAB includes a NEMA 1 thermoplastic enclosure designed for easy installation and a non-corrosive plastic float swith for use in liquids up to 140° F. To reduce the possibility of shock, the mechanical float switch operates on low voltage, isolated from the 120 volt AC power feed. The battery backup feature ensures the alarm system will work should the primary power fail and is powered by a 9 volt DC battery not included. Be sure and follow all of the manufacturer's directions and instructions and performing the proper maintenance and inspections required to ensure that you are fully protected from flooding. Especially important with man-made safety devices as they will eventually fail.

Little Giant indoor high water alarm
  • Warns of high water levels in sewage and water removal systems
  • NEMA 1 thermoplastic wall mounted enclosure housing
  • External terminal block for easy float connection
  • Includes plastic float with 15 ft. water resistant cord
  • LED red warning light
  • Horn: 87 decibles at 10 feet, with silence switch
  • Automatic alarm reset when high water condition cleared
  • Low battery chirp
  • 120 volt AC, 2.4 watts
  • 6 ft. power cord
  • Battery backup: 9 volt DC
  • UL, CSA listed

HWAB Indoor High Water Alarm = $131.78

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303HWXT Outdoor-Indoor High Water Alarm

Peace of mind is what you want and is what you receive with this Outdoor/Indoor high water alarm. This tough NEMA type 3R enclosure is designed to protect against heavy rain, external ice and is rust resistant. A red warning beacon light and an 82 decibel horn sounds to grab your attention when a high water level condition exists in the pump basin. Install on a separte circuit than the pump and the alarm will operate even if the pump circuit fails.

Little Giant indoor and outdoor alarm 303HWXT faucet
  • Lights, sound, action! Warns of high water in sewage or sump basin
  • Outdoor or indoor mounting
  • Watertight enclosure type 3R
  • Alarm sounds 82 decibel horn
  • Red light warning alarm beacon
  • External silence and test switch
  • Automatic alarm reset
  • Enclosure can be used for junction box
  • Pre-mounted terminal block
  • Includes mechanical float switch with 15 ft. cable & mount clamp
  • Corrosion, high impact resistant PVC float for upto 140° F.
  • 120 volt AC, 7 watts maximum during alarm condition
  • UL listed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Alarm enclosure: 6.5" x 4.5" x 3.0"

303HWXT Indoor/Outdoor High Water Alarm 115v = $251.63

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do I need to install a vent pipe to the tank?"
A. It really depends on how you plumb the piping to the tank and each situation is different. In many cases with any brand of sealed tank the simple answer is yes as you need air to displace the volume of discharge. An AAV may be used in many areas of the country but local codes always prevail and so best to check with your local code authorities before purchasing the enclosed tank system/s such as these shown on this page.

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