DuraMAC Pumps by A.Y. McDonald

Whatever your pumping needs, find the right pump for the job here at PlumbingSupply.com®. DuraMAC pumps offer a solution for almost every application - from sump pumps to sewage pumps to complete pumping systems. Simply click on the pump you're interested in to check out all their great features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How are sump pumps, effluent pumps and sewage pumps different? How do I know which one I need?"
A.The type of pump you need is dependent upon what you're pumping. Sump pumps are designed to pump only water (specifically groundwater in low-lying areas such as basements or crawl spaces). Sump pumps generally cannot handle large solid waste. Effluent pumps will pump water with small amounts of solid waste, making them more efficient than sump pumps in areas where you might have a lot of small debris, but are not capable of dealing with the large amounts of solid waste that may come from places like your toilet. To handle large amounts of solid waste, you'll need a sewage pump.

Q. "What's the difference between a vertical and tethered float switch?"
A.Using a float switch with your sump pump ensures that the pump activates when water levels reach a certain height, thus protecting your home from flooding of groundwater. The tethered switches offered with DuraMAC pumps are attached to the top of the pump with small brackets, allowing you to adjust the length of the switch as needed. Alternatively, you may attach it to your discharge pipe, as shown here. Tethered float switches generally take up more space, and so are more appropriate for larger diameter, deeper sump pits. Because they aren't locked in place the way a vertical float switch is, they allow the pump to be off longer between cycles. The pump has more time to cool completely, which can sometimes reduce your overall power usage and lengthen the life of your pump. In contrast, a vertical float switch is somewhat locked into place on the side of the pump. This makes these types of switches very useful for a narrow or shallow sump pit. Using a vertical switch means your pump will run more often, but water levels will remain lower. Ultimately, the type of switch you choose will depend upon the space available to you and style of pump you choose. Don't forget there are electronic switch options available too!

Q. "Do you have other brands of pumps besides A.Y. McDonald's DuraMAC series?"
A.Yes. We also carry Little Giant pumps, Grundfos pumps, and Zoeller pumps.

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