DuraMAC Sink Drain System

Great for drain trays under your laundry tubs, washing machines, wet bars, and dehumidifiers, these pre-assembled sink drain systems come ready to plug in and go. Rugged cast iron pump design handles every job with ease, and the durable 3/10 horsepower continuous duty motor makes short work of all your drain pump needs. PlumbingSupply.com® is pleased to offer this simple solution for trays in areas where gray wastewater drainage is below gravity lines.

Pre-Assembled Sink Drain System

A.Y. McDonald's sink drain system is perfect for laundry tubs, washing machines, wet bars, dehumidifiers and other basin drain applications. Includes a rugged cast iron DuraMAC sump pump and structural foam basin for long-lasting durability. With a 3/10 horsepower energy-efficient split capacitor motor, the unit can pump up to 46 gallons of water per minute. The pre-assembled system comes complete with a full flow check valve and structural foam cover, making it easy to install and use right out of the box.

Sink Drain System
  • 5030CVSP DuraMAC cast iron sump pump with:
    • - Vertical float switch
    • - 3/10 HP split capacitor motor (120 volts, 4.1 amps)
    • - Pumps up to 46 gallons per minute
    • - Solids handling up to 3/8"
    • - Comes with 10' power cord
    • - View detailed pump performance information
  • Six gallon capacity structural foam basin with 1-1/2" FNPT inlet
  • View basin dimensions
  • Structural foam cover with 1-1/2" FNPT discharge and vent
  • 1-1/2" full flow check valve with rubber boots
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation

Sink Drain System - Model 5030CVSPK = $529.26

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Replacement Sump Pump for DuraMAC Pre-Assembled Sink Drain System

Cast Iron Duramac Pump

Need a replacement pump for your DuraMAC sink drain system? We've got you covered. This replacement pump is the exact same model included with the pre-assembled sink drain system featured above, so you can be sure it will fit and will deliver the same performance you've come to expect from your DuraMAC sink drain system.

Sump Pump Replacement for Sink Drain System = $277.98

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Couldn't I build my own sink drain system from these or similar parts?"
A. Of course. The benefit of this pre-assembled system is primarily in ease of installation and in knowing that each piece was designed to work effectively and efficiently in conjunction with one another. We feel strongly that the DuraMAC pumps from A.Y. McDonald are a good value for almost any pumping need, providing energy efficient performance at an affordable price, and the additional components included with this unit only enhance it's usability for sink/basin pumping applications.

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