Water Collection & Removal Systems

by Little Giant Pump Co.

Do you have a low-lying area where water run-off collects and is a problem? Then our Little Giant WCR-9S wastewater sump pump system is excatly what you need. It has a large capacity basin, easy to access submersible pump, and is made by Little Giant Pump Company. With many useful features and the included, dependable pump you'll have no worries with this system.

Deluxe Water Collection & Removal Pump Systems

Image of Little Giant Pump WCR-9SP (509081) SERIES Wastewater Collection & Removal Systems
Pump Specifications:
  • 4/10 HP
  • 110 gpm @ 5' head
  • Passes 2" spherical solids
  • 115 Volts
  • 8.5 Amps
  • 920 Watts
  • Maximum vertical lift (Shut-off) at 20'
  • Continuous Duty
  • Epoxy coated cast-iron

These water collection & removal systems feature:
  • Larger capacity basin helps extend pump life by reducing pump cycles
  • System installs flush with ground to service pump without digging
  • Side discharge and electrical connections
  • Available in structural foam or steel cover with stainless steel cover bolts
  • Handles liquid and solid waste materials up to 2" diameter
  • Large pre-packaged 20"x30" polyethylene basin with ribs for added strength
  • 4" molded external inlet hub to accept flexible coupling
  • Molded torque stops in bottom of basin to locate and secure pump
  • Anti-flotation collar stabilizes basin in ground with high water tables
    - keeps basin from moving or floating upwards when ground water saturizes area
  • 360° molded handle for ease of transportation and installation
  • Includes schedule 40 PVC discharge piping with pre-drilled air-bleed hole
  • Includes 2" bulkhead fitting plus 90° adaptor to easily route power cords out of basin
  • Includes reliable 4/10 HP sewage ejector pump
  • Full flow check valve
  • View the cross-section image of the pump
  • View the performance curve
  • View dimensions

Model Cover Price & Quantity
WCR-9SP Structural Foam $754.29
WCR-9SS Steel $770.95

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This pre-packaged Little Giant sump pump consists of a 9SN-CIA-RF, with piggy-back float switch, full-flow check valve, and a 40 gallon sump basin. The sump basin has side discharge and side outlet electrical connections so you can easily install it with the top access cover flush with the ground level for easy servicing.

This system is designed to collect and remove water from any low-lying areas where water tends to pool. Rain water, ground water, yard drainage, stormwater, water from yard fountains, lawn sprays or ponds should not be discharged into a sanitary sewer system. The discharge should be piped for release into a storm water drain system.

Sanitary sewer systems solely transport wastewater from plumbing fixtures from inside a house or business to a sewer or septic system. Plumbing sanitary fixtures include toilets, urinals, sinks, bathtubs, showers, lavatories and floor drains.

If this Deluxe Water Collection & Removal Pump System is used for industrial areas and the pooled water contains anti-freeze, oil, or other automotive chemicals, then a correctly sized oil interceptor may need to be used to prevent contaminated water from entering the storm drain system. Always check local building and electrical codes before installation.

Replacement Pump

For the WCR Series Water Collection and Removal Systems

image of the Little Giant #9SN-CIA-RF replacement pump#9SN-CIA-RF

View the performance curve chart for the Little Giant #9SN-CIA-RF

Model Volts Watts Amps HP Cord Price & Quantity
9SN-CIA-RF 115 920 9 4/10 20' $479.57

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do I need to install a vent pipe to the tank?"
A. It really depends on how you plumb the piping to the tank and each situation is different. In many cases with any brand of sealed tank the simple answer is yes as you need air to displace the volume of discharge. An AAV may be used in many areas of the country but local codes always prevail and so best to check with your local code authorities before purchasing the enclosed tank system/s such as these shown on this page.

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