Oil Interceptors

Oil interceptors are designed for use in drain lines where oils, sediment and other liquids are found. These drain lines may be from areas in parking garages, machine shops, service stations, aircraft hangars, industrial and manufacturing facilities, etc., and all need an environmentally sensible way to drain off. For an effective, durable way to drain, try a Zurn oil interceptor.

Oil Interceptors & How They Operate

The solid baffle plate opposite the inlet to the oil interceptor diffuses the flow into the interceptor and lessens the turbulence of the oil-laden water as it enters the intercepting chamber. Solids and sludge carried in the water are stopped by the baffle and collected in the solids retaining bucket between the inlet and the flow-retarding baffle. Such accumulation can then be removed. The resulting quiet, even flow of water through the interceptor permits the oils and other light density substances to rise to the surface by the "flotation" principle of separation. Oils are lighter than water, therefore gravity causes the oil to rise to the surface of the water. Maximum separation and interception is affected in proportion to the elimination of turbulence of wastewater within the interceptor. The unique baffle/bucket design permits almost 90 percent of the interior of the interceptor to be used for the function of oil separation. They are constructed of 100% steel for long lasting performance and durability.

Installation Considerations:

Install the interceptor in the building sewer line. The interceptor may be set on the floor, partially recessed in the floor, top flush with the floor, or fully recessed below the floor to suit piping and structural conditions. All Zurn oil interceptors with oil level sensors must be installed sitting on the floor or recessed in a pit. Pit installations require the pit be kept dry by means of a drain or sump pump. Be sure to anticipate sufficient clearance for removal of interceptor cover for cleaning. Also take into consideration the placement of flow control fittings, vent requirements, and draw-off piping. All oil interceptors must be vented to the atmosphere.

These Interceptors are great for commercial and industrial applications such as: filling and service stations, maintenance garages, auto shops, airport hangars, carwashes, laundries and cleaning establishments, parking facilities, wash down areas, machine shops, refineries, fabrication and welding plants, foundries, electrical substations or anywhere oil can be spilled and possibly leak into a sanitary drain system.

Oil Interceptor Z1186

These oil interceptors feature fabricated steel construction with an acid resistant epoxy coat on the interior and exterior, bronze cleanout plug, visible double wall trap seal, removable combination pressure equalizing/flow diffusing baffle and sediment bucket, horizontal baffle, adjustable oil draw-off and vent connections either side, secured gasketed non-skid cover complete with flow control fitting and a threaded inlet and outlet. Note: Location of outlet from bottom of interceptor cannot be changed.

This Zurn Z1186 oil interceptor is furnished with a 1-1/2" NPT adjustable oil draw-off assembly. Since oils are lighter than water, gravity causes the oil to rise to the surface of the water. The oil draw-off assembly allows the separated oils, and other similar light density substances, to be automatically drained out through a properly adjusted internal stand pipe. A pipe connection from the internal adjustable standpipe is connected to an oil drain line leading from the oil interceptor to an oil storage tank. The standpipe sleeve (brass tube) must be adjusted so the opening is 1/8" above the top of the normal water flow level in the interceptor chamber. The oil that floats to the surface will drain off by gravity flow as waste water flows through the interceptor. When the adjustable sleeve in the standpipe is correctly set, no water will drain off with the oil. There is no need for any manual skimming of the oil.

Typical installation diagram for the #Z1186 Oil Interceptor
These units are compatible with an oil level sensor. View me for more information and to purchase compatible sensors.
Model # Inlet / Outlet Size Flow Rate (GPM) Water Capacity (Gal.) Approx. Wt. Lbs Price & Quantity
Z1186-300 2" 10 7 56 $3,854.68 Enter a quantity and
Z1186-400 2" 15 9 77 $5,489.64 Enter a quantity and
Z1186-500 3" 20 10 106 $6,388.24 Enter a quantity and
Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have an additional shipping fee per freight item.
Please note: Backwater valves may be required by local codes or your situation, but are sold separately.

Oil & Sediment Interceptor

These Oil & Sediment Interceptors Feature: an acid resistant coat on the exterior and interior, fabricated steel construction, bronze cleanout plug and visible double wall trap seal, removable sediment bucket, horizontal baffle, internal vent connection, with removable Dura-Coated heavy-duty cast iron grate. The larger interceptors include multiple grates. Optional extra heavy duty traffic bearing cast iron grates are available. See pricing tables below.

The Zurn #Z-1189 Oil and Sediment Interceptor was created as an area drain for garage and industrial floor drainage applications. They can be used in service stations, vehicle maintenance facilities, garages, auto shops, carwashes, fabrication and welding plants, airport hangars, laundries and cleaning establishments, parking facilities, machine shops, refineries, foundries or any other floor application where oil could be drained into a sewer drain.

This interceptor is constructed to not only retain any waste material containing oil or grease, but will also hold and keep mud, sand, sediment, greasy sludge or any other solid material entering into it. The Zurn #Z-1189 interceptors must be manually cleaned on a regular basis to avoid oil or sludge passing through the interceptor and into the sanitary drain system.

How this interceptor works: Waste water flows through the grate at the top of the interceptor into the sediment pan where greasy sludge and solids are detained. The waste water then continues down into a removable retaining bucket. There, any mud, sand, sludge, and other solid material will be retained until manually removed. The waste water then flows over the top of the retaining bucket spilling into the main separating chamber. Any oil will float to the top of the separating chamber allowing just waste water to flow down through the secondary screen and out into the cleanout chamber. From the clean out chamber, the now separated waste water exits the interceptor and continues onto the sanitary drain system. The efficiency of this oil and sand interceptor will be directly determined by the level of maintenance it will receive.

Model # Sludge Capacity (Lbs.) Grate Open Area Approx. Wt. (Lbs) # Of Grates # Of Pans Outlet Pipe Size Vent Pipe Size Price & Quantity
Oil & Sediment Interceptors with Standard Cast Iron Grates
Z1189-12 12 49 70 1 1 2" no vent $3,158.24 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-60 60 131 175 1 1 4" 2" $7,264.35 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-100 100 262 280 2 1 4" 2" $9,764.98 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-200 200 393 370 3 1 4" 2" $13,467.63 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-300 300 524 460 4 1 4" 2" $17,446.52 Enter a quantity and
Oil & Sediment Interceptors WITH Extra Heavy Duty Cast Iron Duresist Grates
rated for 7,500 - 10,000 lbs. traffic loads
Z1189-12-DG 12 49 70 1 1 2" no vent $4,385.26 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-60-DG 60 131 175 1 1 4" 2" $8,466.73 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-100-DG 100 262 280 2 1 4" 2" $10,967.59 Enter a quantity and
Z1189-200-DG 200 393 370 3 1 4" 2" $14,987.66 Enter a quantity and
Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have an additional shipping fee per freight item.
Please note: Backwater valves may be required by local codes or your situation, but are sold separately.

Replacement Sediment Pans

Model # Description Fits Interceptor # Price & Quantity
P1189-12 Replacement Sediment Pan ONLY Z1189-12 $1,786.35 Enter a quantity and
P1189-60 Replacement Sediment Pan ONLY Z1189-60 $1,889.55 Enter a quantity and
P1189-100 Replacement Sediment Pan ONLY Z1189-100 $2,695.94 Enter a quantity and
P1189-200 Replacement Sediment Pan ONLY Z1189-200 $3,226.54 Enter a quantity and
P1189-300 Replacement Sediment Pan ONLY Z1189-300 $4,168.47 Enter a quantity and

Backwater Valves - ABS or PVC

Backwater valves are normally required when the drainage pipe from the grease interceptor, or other plumbing fixture, is located below the elevation of the curb property line, or is below the top of the first upstream manhole on your street. Basically, any drainage piping leaving your building structure connected to fixtures below the potential flood level of the sewer system.

Backwater valves prevent wastewater from entering your building through your drainpipes during accidental sewer system backups or flooding in your area.

We suggest you consult with your local building authority, your builder or a professional plumber to find out if your installation will require a backwater valve to be installed.

ABS Backwater Valve

Backwater valve
Size Price & Quantity
1-1/2" ABS $41.25
2" ABS $47.22
3" ABS $45.74
4" ABS $52.63
6" ABS $283.63
- OR - View Cart

PVC Backwater Valve

Backwater valve PVC 1-1/2 inch
Size Price & Quantity
1-1/2" PVC $43.85
2" PVC $39.95
3" PVC $45.87
4" PVC $48.98
6" PVC $268.94
Replacement Flapper With Gasket
Size Price & Quantity
1-1/2" & 2" $4.50
3" $5.17
4" $6.20

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How often should I clean the oil interceptor"
A. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis, either before or after sediment pan passageway becomes blocked. Remove the grate, sediment pan and bucket, and clean out all debris. Skim oil/grease from top of water or pump contents out. After cleaning all materials should be disposed of properly. Efficiency of operation is directly related to the level of maintenance. Cleaning should be done regularly to avoid oil/sludge from passing through the unit.

Q. "What is a liftgate and how do I know if I need one or not?"
A. A liftgate is a device on the back of a freight truck used to raise and lower items from the ground to the truck. The bed of a freight truck is about 56" high and is designed for loading/unloading at a loading dock or with a fork-lift, not to and from ground level, so getting very heavy or bulky items on and off the truck can sometimes be a challenge. If your delivery location is a residence or does not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is too heavy to remove from the truck by hand, you will most likely need a liftgate.

If your delivery location has a loading dock or fork-lift, you won't need a liftgate. Alternatively, some large or bulky items may be lightweight enough for you and your staff/friends/neighborhood teens/etc. to remove them from the truck, in which case you wouldn't need a liftgate either.

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