DuraMAC Clear Water Sump Pump Package

Protect your home and your family with a complete sump pump package, brought to you by PlumbingSupply.com®! Accumulated water in the basement can turn into a health or safety hazard due to mold or structural damage, but a sump pump can quickly remedy this situation. Send the water away to a location where it no longer causes any issues, and rest easy knowing that these dependable pumps are on the job. Compact yet powerful, this 1/4 horsepower pump package is the perfect solution for basement de-watering, in low areas where roof downspouts drain, or anywhere else rain water or ground water collects and needs to be pumped away.

Clear Water Sump Pump Package

sump pump basin
18" x 24" foam basin
sump pump check valve
1-1/2" check valve
sump pump basin cover
slotted foam cover

  • 5025PTSP DuraMAC thermoplastic sump pump with:
  • 18" diameter x 24" height foam basin with slotted foam cover
  • 1-1/2" full flow check valve
  • 2' 1-1/2" PVC discharge pipe

Protect your home from flooding with a clear water sump pump package! Sump pump systems are a relatively inexpensive way to eliminate water in basements or other low areas, thus preventing water damage to your home or belongings. This particular package includes a sturdy thermoplastic DuraMAC sump pump with a tethered float switch, a large 18" diameter foam basin with a slotted cover to protect the pump from debris while still allowing water through, a full flow check valve, and is already equipped with a 2' long PVC discharge pipe.

DuraMAC Clear Water Package with 5025PTSP Sump Pump = $464.81

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a 'clear water' sump pump? Is it different from a regular sump pump?"
A.Generally, 'clear water' is the term used by engineers and plumbing professionals to refer to rainwater, ground water or snow melt. All sump pumps are designed to handle primarily clear water - pumping the water from low-lying areas in or near your home to prevent water damage from flooding. The DuraMAC 5025PTSP sump pump included in this clear water package is a standard sump pump - this system has been put together for your convenience in installation and maintenance. This is an ideal package for areas like basements where you may not need or want to dig a ground sump pit.

Q. "Couldn't I just buy all these components and put them together myself?"
A.Of course. We offer this DuraMAC clear water sump pump package primarily for our customers' convenience. It's quick and easy to set up right out of the box, and you have the advantage of knowing each component has been tested with all of the other components, assuring a perfect fit and exceptional function.

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