Crawl Space Pumping Systems
by Zoeller Pump Co.

Works great to help eliminate: mold and fungus which cause allergies, moisture damage to wood floors, rugs, metal ducts, insulation, rodents, slugs, insects, pests, insecticide dilution, property inspection problems, odor, structural damage due to freezing water buckling concrete, water pooling in yard, on driveway, patio, and around house.

Zoeller - Crawl Space Pumping Systems

Example of problems solved by this pumping system

M53 Model Pump - Included with system #108

Pump Included With Model 108 System:

M98 Model Pump - Included with system #138

Pump Included With Model 138 System:

Crawl Space Pump Systems

Basin Dimensions: overall height 14-7/8", upper flange width 15-5/8", body width 12-1/4"
Model Description Price & Quantity
108 Crawl space system with automatic pump (M53), hose kit, and slotted basin $631.97
138 High flow crawl space system with automatic pump (M98), hose kit, and slotted basin $718.82

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Replacement Pumps For Crawl Space Systems

Model Description Cord Length Amps Volts Price & Quantity
53-0001 M53 Replacement Pump for Model 108 Crawl Space System 9' 9.7 115V $355.87
98-0001 M98 Replacement Pump for Model 138 Crawl Space System 15' 9.4 115V $507.21

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "The 108 pump system says it comes with the M53 pump. If I need to replace my pump, will any 53 series pump work?"
A. Yes, all 53 series pumps are designed to work with that crawl space pump system. The same holds true for the 138 system that comes with the M98 pump. You can replace the pump with any 98 series pump.

Q. "My electrical receptacle is more than 25' away from where I need to install this crawl space pumping system. Can I use a heavy gauge extension cord to make up the difference?"
A. Do NOT use an extension cord. Insufficient voltage to the pump can damage the pump. Extension cords can also be dangerous should the connection end accidentally come in contact with water. We recommend you consult a licensed electrician to provide safe options for moving your electrical service receptacle closer.

Q. "I would like to install the Zoeller #108 pump system, but my crawl space is 12 feet below where I need to pump the waste water?"
A. The Zoeller #108 pump system has the capability of pumping the waste water up to 15 feet high at 19 gallons per minute. If you need to pump higher than 15 feet, then the Zoeller Model #138 can pump up to 20 feet high at 20 gallons per minute.

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