Zoeller Pumps

Need tough pumps that get the job done? Look no further! PlumbingSupply.com® is proud to offer an extensive selection of Zoeller dirty water submersible pumps, sewage effluent sump pumps, grinder sump pumps, alarms and floats for your dewatering needs. From dewatering to sewage ejectors, you're sure to find exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Anything else I should know before purchasing a water powered back-up sump pump system?"
A. The HOME GUARD® Max comes with a water check valve; however, in a number of states, when you're obtaining your permit you may also be required to install a legally approved 3/4" double check valve device when connecting the HOME GUARD® to your water supply. Because potable water is directly connected to the HOME GUARD® (which could have non potable water in it), many codes and municipalities require an additional, special back flow prevention device be installed. The check valve that comes with the HOME GUARD® is a type of back flow prevention device, but many municipalities and codes do not recognize that style as "approved". We recommend you check with your local building department and, if required, also purchase a 3/4" double check valve assembly from us. We always recommend a double check valve, but if you won't be using one then we hope that you will at least install a quality 3/4" swing or spring check valve.

Q. "What does 'dewatering' mean?"
A. The pumps are called dewatering pumps because they are made to remove water and pump it somewhere else.

Q. "What does 'effluent' mean?"
A. Effluent is the term normally used in the dewatering industry to mean any waste material in a liquid form.

Q. "How does a compact grinder pump work?"
A. The compact grinder pump uses scissor-cutting action to grind and cut the waste into a fine slurry which then allows it to pass through the unit's 1" discharge line. The efficient 1/2HP motor provides an unmatched pumping head of over 25 feet, and with the upper and lower ball bearings running in an oil bath, the motor runs cool and quiet.

Q. "What is the difference between a sewage ejector pump and a grinder pump?"
A. A sewage ejector pump has impellers that enable the pump to pass a predetermined size of solid matter without clogging the discharge. A grinder pump has cutter blades that macerate and shear waste solids and items not normally found in sewage, but may get flushed down the toilet. These smaller particles can then be passed through the pump impellers out the discharge.

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