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Zoeller Pump Index

Need tough pumps that get the job done? Look no further!® is proud to offer an extensive selection of Zoeller dirty water submersible pumps, sewage effluent sump pumps, grinder sump pumps, alarms and floats for your dewatering needs. From dewatering to sewage ejectors, you're sure to find exactly what you need.

Popular Submersible Sump Pumps

Model 267 submersible sewage pump
Submersible sewage waste pumps
  • Zoeller submersible sewage waste pumps handle liquid and solid waste materials up to 2" and 3" in diameter.
  • For bathrooms built below normal sewage waste pipe levels.
  • For residential, commercial, or industrial sumps. Can handle light debris or leaves.
mighty mate sump pump and effluent pump #M53
"Mighty-Mate" sump pumps
  • Zoeller dewatering pump. Submersible for sump and effluent dewatering.
  • Removes undesirable liquid waste and small particles up to 1/2" spherical solids.
  • Pump out water in basements or septic tank fluids to leach fields.
  • Pump standing storm water and non-storm water away from construction sites.

flow-mate submersible pumps - N140
"Flow Mate" submersible pumps
  • Submersible pumps for sumps, septic tanks, enhanced flow STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) systems, and low pressure pipe (LPP)
  • Removes undesirable liquid waste and small particles up to 1/2" spherical solids at higher flow rates and higher dynamic head heights than Mighty Mate pumps
water ridder submersible dewatering pump
"Water Ridd'r" submersible pumps
  • Submersible Automatic Pump for dewatering water in sumps, basements, or anywhere water build up is not wanted.
  • Capable of passing 3/8" spherical solids.
  • Fits 12" diameter pits
  • NOT designed or intended to be used to handle sewage or effluent

high-head submersible pump
"High Head" submersible pumps
  • Submersible pumps for sumps, septic tanks, enhanced flow STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pump) systems, and low pressure pipe (LPP) requiring higher lifting heights.
  • Model #151 1/3hp pumps water up to 27 ft. high at 10 gpm (5 ft high at 50 gpm)
  • Model #153 1/2hp pumps water up to 40 ft. high at 10 gpm (5 ft high at 75 gpm)
floor sucker pumps
"Floor Sucker" submersible pumps
  • Zoeller floor sucker pumps work indoors or outdoors and can remove clear water from any flat surface down to within 1/8" and operate fully or partially submerged.
  • Light and portable. Great for flooded basements, cellars, flat roofs or even patios.

Specialty Pumps

aeration pump
Aeration fountain pumps
  • Helps eliminate stagnant pond water. Reduce mosquitoes and algae build up.
  • Zoeller aeration pump produces fountain of water up to 15 feet high
  • Aerates up to 4,900 gallons of water per hour. Water drawn from below the surface for improved aeration.
oil detection water pump
Water pump with oil detection
  • Protects environment from oil leaks in transformer vaults, elevator pits, or other contamination prone areas.
  • Zoeller water pump with Oil Smart sensor detects oil and other hydrocarbons, turns on red & yellow lights, sounds audible alarm.
  • High water alarm sounds audible alarm and turns on red & white lights.

high-temp pump
High temperature submersible pumps
  • Designed to pump liquids 180° F
  • Can be used for boiler blow-down, industrial steam cleaning, plant wash down, hot water transfers, transformer vaults.
  • All high temperature models are non automatic with a high temperature piggyback float switch.
sump pit pump
Agricultural lagoon sump pit pumps
  • Ideal for livestock waste management lagoons and irrigation water transfer.
  • Help prevent overflow and possible violation of state or federal pollution laws.
  • Transfer pump for liquefied manure distribution onto pasture or crop land.
  • Pump inlet can pass 1-1/2" spherical solids.

Powerful Water Removal Sump Pump Systems

drain pump kit
Zoeller drain pump systems
  • Removes water from areas where gravity flow drain is not available.
  • Provides safe discharge for laundry trays, wet bar sinks, lavatory sinks, air condition condensate and dehumidifier water removal.
  • Also used for dishwashers and garbage disposal applications.
  • Passes 1/2" spherical solids and laundry lint.
crawl space pump kits
Crawl space pump systems
  • Install under your house in the crawl space.
  • Slotted basin keeps rocks and debris out of the basin, allows the water to come into the pump area so it can be pumped out.
  • Helps eliminate mold and fungus which can cause allergies and other health problems.
  • Helps prevent moisture damage to wood floors, metal ducts, insulation, and other possible structural damage
  • Pump passes 1/2" spherical solids.

Sewage Ejection, Grinder, Removal Sump Pump Systems

sewage packages
Sewage packages
  • Pre-assembled indoor sewage system.
  • Split cover for easy pump inspection.
  • Add a bathroom complete with toilet and shower below normal sewage waste pipe levels.
  • System includes an anti-flotation device for high water tables.
  • Zoeller sewage pump handles liquid waste and solid waste materials up to 2" diameter
outdoor sewage packages
Outdoor sewage systems
  • Pre-assembled outdoor system rated for outdoor burial.
  • Solid polyethylene structural foam lid and basin with 2" discharge on side.
  • Anti-flotation device helps eliminate basin from floating due to high water tables.
  • Vertical support ribs help eliminate float switches from sticking.
  • Sewage waste pump handles liquid and solid waste materials up to 2" diameter.

duplex sewage systems
Zoeller duplex sewage systems
  • Duplex systems contain two pumps in the basin. Two pumps are better than one.
  • For applications where more than one bathroom is below normal sewage waste pipe levels or back up pump is wanted.
  • Pumps alternate with low volumes. Both pumps work simultaneously for higher volumes when needed.
sewage grinder systemsZoeller sewage grinder pump systems
  • For high head sewage applications where gravity drainage system is not practical.
  • Powerful grinder pump has stainless steel cutters and cutter plate to grind up any solid waste.
  • 1-1/4" NPT vertical discharge allows for higher discharge flow rates at higher head pressures.
  • When you simply want the best.

image of sump pump package -job ready
Indoor sump pump packages
  • Pre-assembled and job ready.
  • Perfect for adding additional appliances, sinks or even showers when gravity flow is a problem.
  • GREAT for adding clothes washers, laundry trays, showers, sink basins, wet bars, dishwashers or sinks with garbage disposals.
  • Available with a Radon approved basin.
  • Not for use with toilets.
quick jon sewage ejection system
Qwik Jon Ultima sewage removal system
  • Use anywhere an additional bathroom is needed and normal gravity flow is a problem.
  • Reduce construction costs. Can be installed either free-standing or behind the wall.
  • Great for basements, workshops, cabins, garages, additions, pool houses, and more.
  • Compact grinder pump has hardened stainless steel cutter and disc.

High Water Alarms

Popular (non-submersible) Utility Pumps

condensation removal pumps
Condensate pumps
  • Automatically pumps away condensation from air conditioning, condensing furnaces, dehumidifiers, ice makers, water coolers, and refrigeration systems.
  • Safety switch automatically shuts pump down if the device creating the condensation fails.
portable utility pumps
Portable utility pumps
  • 115 volt non-submersible, self-priming transfer pump.
  • Multiple uses. Can transfer water from water heaters, washing machines, pools, or waterbeds and add propylene glycol anti-freeze to radiant heating lines.

basement sump pump backup
Zoeller "Aquanot®" backup basement sump pumps (battery powered)
  • Emergency Backup sump pumps. 12 volt DC.
  • Pedestal pumps. Stainless steel column and shaft.
  • Extra protection if your primary pump fails.
  • Pump alarm included with all Aquanot® pumps.
backup sump pump
Emergency backup sump pump systems (water powered)
  • Zoeller HomeGuard® Max.
  • Works during power failures if water pressure is available.
  • Standby pump used in conjunction with any existing brand sump pump.
  • No water used unless the primary system malfunctions or power fails.
  • No electricity or batteries required.
  • Comes fully assembled.

Dewatering and Sprinkler Pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Anything else I should know before purchasing a water powered back-up sump pump system?"
A. The HOME GUARD® Max comes with a water check valve; however, in a number of states, when you're obtaining your permit you may also be required to install a legally approved 3/4" double check valve device when connecting the HOME GUARD® to your water supply. Because potable water is directly connected to the HOME GUARD® (which could have non potable water in it), many codes and municipalities require an additional, special back flow prevention device be installed. The check valve that comes with the HOME GUARD® is a type of back flow prevention device, but many municipalities and codes do not recognize that style as "approved". We recommend you check with your local building department and, if required, also purchase a 3/4" double check valve assembly from us. We always recommend a double check valve, but if you won't be using one then we hope that you will at least install a quality 3/4" swing or spring check valve.

Q. "What does 'dewatering' mean?"
A. The pumps are called dewatering pumps because they are made to remove water and pump it somewhere else.

Q. "What does 'effluent' mean?"
A. Effluent is the term normally used in the dewatering industry to mean any waste material in a liquid form.

Q. "How does a compact grinder pump work?"
A. The compact grinder pump uses scissor-cutting action to grind and cut the waste into a fine slurry which then allows it to pass through the unit's 1" discharge line. The efficient 1/2HP motor provides an unmatched pumping head of over 25 feet, and with the upper and lower ball bearings running in an oil bath, the motor runs cool and quiet.

Q. "What is the difference between a sewage ejector pump and a grinder pump?"
A. A sewage ejector pump has impellers that enable the pump to pass a predetermined size of solid matter without clogging the discharge. A grinder pump has cutter blades that macerate and shear waste solids and items not normally found in sewage, but may get flushed down the toilet. These smaller particles can then be passed through the pump impellers out the discharge.

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