DuraMAC Utility Pumps

If you have water sitting in a tub, trough, boat cover, etc., a utility pump is a great way to move that unwanted water quickly and efficiently. Standing water can cause unsightly water marks and damage, not to mention being a breeding ground for mosquitos, so removing it in a simple, low cost way can save you headaches and money down the road. Also a great way to remove water from window wells, rooftops, flooded areas, or for draining aquariums and waterbeds, these utility pumps will make the job quick and easy.

DuraMac Utility Pump - Model #5020PUUP

DuraMAC utility pumps are a reliable, efficient way to handle indoor flooding or manage your water feature or aquarium. With a durable thermoplastic construction and continuous duty motor, this submersible utility pump offers the power and performance you need for a wide range of jobs. Anything small enough to pass through the intake screen holes will pass through the pump without damage, and the intake screen can be easily removed for cleaning. The split capacitor motor provides increased energy efficiency by using a lower electrical current draw, and the included garden hose adapter and slim design means you can place it almost anywhere. Simply plug this unit in and let it go to work.

DuraMAC Utility Pump
  • Tough thermoplastic construction
  • Split Capacitor Motor -
    1/5 HP continuous duty, submersible, thermal protected
  • Pumps up to 26 gallons per minute
  • Lifts water up to 25 feet of vertical height
  • Handles solids up to 1/8"
  • Removes water down to 1/4" of the surface
  • 10' power cord
  • 3/4" garden hose adapter included
  • Large 1-1/4" discharge for high capacity pumping
  • Sleek design fits into 6" opening
  • View performance curve specifications
  • View detailed dimensions

DuraMAC Series 5020PUUP Utility Pump Specifications

HP Volts Hz Amps Discharge
1/5 120 60 3.6 1-1/4" 1/8" 3450

DuraMAC utility pump - Model #5020PUUP = $158.19

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Need an alarm or automatic shut-off to prevent your pump running dry?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is thermoplastic?"
A. Thermoplastic is a plastic polymer that can become very pliable or moldable at certain high temperatures, but will harden and remain solid once it has cooled. This type of plastic is used in many of the DuraMAC pumps primarily because it offers a sturdy, solid casing for the motor of the pump - ensuring safe operation when the pump is under water. Because of the way the polymers in the material bind to one another, thermoplastic will last a very long time without breakage.

Q."Why do I need a utility pump with a split capacitor motor?"
A. Split capacitor motors are becoming standard in most pumps now because they offer greater energy efficiency without sacrificing pumping power. It takes more energy to start the pump than it does to keep it operating. Essentially, this type of motor starts your pump with one capacitor and runs it on another, turning the starting current off once the pump begins running. This means you aren't continuously using the high volume of electricity required to start the pump for the entire time the pump is running. Once the starting current has been turned off, the motor uses only the lower volume of energy to keep the pump running.

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