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Lead Free Solder and Related Products

You won't find a better selection of high quality lead free solder and flux, copper fittings, and other copper-related products anywhere on the Internet. We also offer PVC, brass, and stainless steel fittings - all with NO minimums. Get all the fittings, connectors, and other products you need, when you need them, at®!

Solder and Related Products


Order 3 pounds/rolls of lead free solder and receive an additional 10% off of your solder
Order 8 rolls get 15% off instead; order a full box of 25 rolls (lbs) and get 20% off

Solder - 1lb Roll Lead Free - for drinking water = $29.49

Have a small job and don't need a full roll? We offer lead free solder by the foot, too!

Lead Free Solder - price per foot = $1.59

Order 10 feet or more of the same item for additional savings!
Pricing discounts will be shown in the shopping cart.

Item Description Price & Quantity
Laco lead free flux - 2oz $3.95
Laco lead free flux - 4oz $6.59
Nokorode lead free flux - 1.7oz $2.54
Nokorode lead free flux - 1lb $9.97
Flux / Acid brush
Order 12, 60, or 144 of these brushes for additional savings!

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fitting brush

Item Description Price & Quantity
↓ "Inside" Fitting Cleaning Brushes
1/2" $2.62
3/4" $2.82
1" $3.39
1-1/4" $3.69
1-1/2" $3.85
2" $4.11
↓ "Outside" Tube Cleaning Brushes
1/2" $4.84
3/4" $5.44
1" $6.04
Sand Cloth
1-1/2" x 2 yards $1.29
1-1/2" x 5 yards - wet/dry $4.59
↓ Special Open Mesh Sand Cloth
1-1/2" x 15 feet $8.99
↓ Open Mesh Sand Cloth
1-1/2" x 1 feet $1.77
Copper Cleaning Pads
4" x 6" nylon (per pad) $1.29

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Inside Fitting Power Drill Cleaning Brush

Image Fitting Size Price & Quantity
Power Drill Brush 1/2" $1.51
3/4" $1.61
1" $1.91

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Deluxe "Inside" Fitting Power Drill Cleaning Brushes w/ HEX Shaft

Power Drill Brush
  • Ideal for cleaning copper and fittings and many other uses
  • Includes 2 high carbon spring steel brushes 1/2" and 3/4"
  • Brush shaft is designed for 1/4" and 1/2" power drill chuck

1/2" and 3/4" Cleaning Brushes (1 each) = $11.17

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4-In-1 Brush Tool

4-in-1 brush tool
  • Includes long lasting high carbon steel brushes for cleaning the inside diameter, and hand tempered steel for cleaning the outside diameter of 1/2" and 3/4" copper tube and fittings

4-In-1 Brush Tool - $13.22

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I can't seem to get my solder to stick to copper?"
A. We are assuming you are using the quality solder and flux that we sell on this page. If not, and you purchased that elsewhere then you might want to look at the products that you're using as an issue as they may not be of the same quality or compatibility and our advice that we are about to give might not mean much. Both of the fluxes that we offer are very compatible with the solder that we offer.

You must first clean both the fitting and the pipe. No matter how clean and new the fittings and pipe look, you must clean them (with sand cloth, mesh pad or brush designed for this). Then use a quality flux specifically designed for that solder. DON'T overheat. Most beginners tend to overheat the fitting/joint. There is a small melting (liquid) range of the solder. Once it flows (the solder gets into its liquid state) do not raise the temperature of the solder as you could raise it to a level where it will no longer be able to flow. Then you will probably assume that since it won't flow, it must not be hot enough and you will continue to heat it. A common mistake for soldering beginners.

Q. "Isn't lead dangerous?"
A. Using lead products for drinking water is against all U.S. codes and not advised. Using lead for flashings is hard to beat as lead is the most durable flashing that we know of (although some areas now do not want you to use it due to children playing with it as well as a small potential is there to contaminate our environment with too much lead). You should wash your hands after using lead products and many recommend using gloves. Lead isn't like mercury and it won't go into your body just by holding it but if a child nibbles on it or you place your hands in your mouth after touching a lead product you could ingest some lead. We don't recommend using lead products for anything.

Q. "I'm hearing a lot about lead-free these days. What does that have to do with plumbing products and how does the new lead-free legislation affect me?"
A. Basically, the laws implemented Jan. 1st, 2014 require plumbing products that come in contact with drinking water to be essentially lead free (less than 0.25% weighted average). For further information about how the law determines what is lead free, rules regarding which plumbing products must be lead free, and who these laws will affect, please visit our LEAD FREE Plumbing Information page.

Q. "Has lead been used a lot in water lines in the past?"
A. Yes. Even the word "plumber" is a derivative from the word lead. We understand that Chicago required lead water service line until about 1987 (if true, so much for code and local traditions rather than health concerns). The State of California had one of the first strong anti-lead campaigns. Now lead is not allowed in any water service anywhere in the U.S.. If you see a lead water pipe we highly recommend replacing it. If it isn't yours we recommend reporting that to your local health officials.

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