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Hair Interceptors

by Zurn Mfg.

Looking for a way to keep excessive hair out of the drain waste system? A cast-iron hair interceptor may be the solution. Designed to trap hair before it gets into the drainage system, so clogs and the need for costly drain repair are greatly reduced. Let® by your source for these and many other products.

Hair Interceptors - Dura-Coated Cast Iron

These hair interceptors prevent clogging of waste lines in barber shops, beauty salons, pet grooming shops, surgery preparation rooms, animal hospitals or wherever hair clogging of the water system is a problem. Installing one of these interceptors will help lessen the impact on the environment by preventing hair from entering our municipal waste facilities. The removable perforated stainless steel basket retains the accumulating hair before it can pass through to the sanitary sewer system. These hair interceptors are made with a 1 1/2" standard pipe size inlet and outlet and are capable of handling drainage volumes standard to 1 1/2" pipe size.

Model # Description Price & Quantity
Z1175 Hair Interceptor - Dura-Coated Cast Iron - (threaded side outlet)
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Z1176 Hair Interceptor - Dura-Coated Cast Iron - (threaded swivel elbow top outlet)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How often do you clean the hair interceptor?"
A. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Unscrew and remove the bronze, countersunk, flanged cleanout cover, gasket and perforated basket. Remove the accumulated hair and reinstall the basket, gasket and cleanout cover in the body and tighten cover. Efficiency of operation is directly related to the level of maintenance.

Q. "What is Dura Coat?"
A. Dura Coat is a specially formulated paint designed to resist cracking and chipping. Dura Coat is a latex based coating developed to be used with cast iron substrate.

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