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Replacement Ifö parts to keep your toilet working like new

Owners of Ifö toilets are well aware of the high quality of these great toilets, and we are doing our best to help keep those toilets working like new. Unfortunately, Ifö has elected to cease distribution of their products in the US, so genuine Swedish Ifö parts have limited availability. However, we still have a generous supply of genuine Ifö parts in our warehouse, and will continue to offer them for as long as we can.
Line drawing of an Ifo Cascade toilet These parts are for the Ifö Cascade toilets that look like this.

Important! Ifö toilets have changed over the years, and were manufactured both in Sweden and in the United States. Depending on when and where the toilet was made, different parts will be necessary. If your Ifö Cascade toilet uses a straight rod to flush, it's a Swedish model. If it has a chain, it was made in America, and the OEM flush valve was made by Mansfield. Double check your toilet's internal parts to be sure you're getting the right ones.

Ifo toilet parts exploded diagram
Genuine Swedish Ifö parts are limited to stock, so you might want to stock up!
Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 IF01 Knob (Black) $24.05 Enter a quantity and
2 IFO2 Nut $15.36 Enter a quantity and
3 IFO3 Lift Knob Assembly Use IFO-1-10 Kit below Enter a quantity and
4 IFO4 Original Flush Valve Float Assembly Use IFO-1-10 Kit below
5 IFO5 Ifo Water Divider (color may vary) $21.16 Enter a quantity and
6 IFO6 Gasket Spacer Use IFO-1-10 Kit below
7 IFO7 Quality Rubber Valve Ring for ORIGINAL #IF04 $21.86 Enter a quantity and
8 IFO8 Tank to Bowl Washer and Stem (set of 3) $42.32 Enter a quantity and
9 IFO9 Ifo Valve Seat and Cup Discontinued
10 IFO10 Base ONLY (for IFO4 flush valve float assembly) Use IFO-1-10 Kit below
1-10 IFO-1-10 Complete Flush Valve Assembly - Includes item #s: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 $269.95 Enter a quantity and
11 IFO 11 Fill Valve - Replaced by Fluidmaster 400A with #599 Refill Tube and Clip $14.60 Enter a quantity and
M001 Replacement Seal ONLY - For "American Made" IFO4  (Discontinued) Mansfield Flush Valve $3.29

toilet seats that fit some Ifo toilets
tank lids for IFO toilets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I've bought the #7 seals elsewhere but they haven't lasted long?"
A. We are not aware of any manufacturer offering better quality Ifo parts than us but that is not to say that the rubber Ifo rings that we offer won't be destroyed quickly by some chemicals. With this in mind, we discourage you from installing automatic bowl cleaners. Most contain chlorine which will/can age and harm toilet seals. We have been told by one customer that his municipal water supplier switched from using chlorine to using chloramine for disinfecting the water. He states that they did this to reduce their liability since chlorine is a poisonous gas and chloramine is a much less toxic liquid. He also states that it (chloramine) attacks the molecular structure of rubber rings, causing them to deform and thus leak within a relatively short period of time. We offer the best IFo parts that are available anywhere, but if you have chlorine or chloramine in your water, we highly recommend a whole house water filter.

Q. "You list most of the parts shown, but not all. Can I order other Ifo parts from you?"
A. Regretfully, no. What we list for Ifo parts is all that we offer. Please keep in mind that Ifo is no longer distributing in the US, so access to parts is very limited.

Q. "For the #10 fill valve you say that another part will fit? Are you sure that a Fluidmaster 400 will fit/work?"
A. Yes, we are sure. We have tested it ourselves and our customers have confirmed that it works in place of the unavailable OEM fill valve.

Q. "Can I buy a complete Ifo toilet from you?"
A. We have no source for new, complete Ifo toilets. We only sell the Ifo toilet parts listed above and a selection of colored toilet seats that will fit some Ifo toilets (usually made after 1985).

Q. "I just received my Will-Fit for IFO #4 Alternative Replacement Flush Valve. How does the flapper chain fit to my original Ifo knob (#1)?"
A. The "Will-Fit" IFO #4 Alternative Replacement Flush Valve will not work with the original Ifo knob (IFO1). The #4 Alternative Replacement Flush Valve must be used with the Alternative Replacement Pull Lever Assembly (#1-3) to be able to attach the chain from the flapper.

Q. "I have a broken tank/lid/bowl can I order these parts from you?"
A. We do usually have a few white Ifo tank lids in stock. Considering the range of models, however, we recommend that you send us a template for the tank lid you need, just to make sure you get the right lid.

Q. "I'm thrilled I was able to find replacement parts for my unique Ifo toilet, but why are these parts so hard to find?"
A. In the past, Ifo toilets were popular in the U.S. because there were many people who were seeking a low water consuming toilet, and virtually no domestic brands fulfill that need. In the 1990's it became a Federal law that all toilets in the U.S. must be able to flush with 1.6 gallons or less. At that time all American toilet manufacturers started to produce 1.6 gpf toilets (with varying results). After a bit of trial and error, the bugs were worked out and within a few years of that low-flow ruling, most toilets available in the U.S. flushed well. This created great competition for the uniquely designed Ifo toilets. As the market in the US decreased for the unique Ifo toilets, so did the distribution avenue for parts, until Ifo finally decided to stop distributing in the US entirely. While we still have limited stock of some parts, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to be able to offer genuine Ifo toilet parts at low prices due to the limited availability. We are exploring options for "will-fit" parts, and will offer them as we find parts that meet our high standards and expectations. In the meantime, if you plan to keep your Swedish Ifo toilet for the foreseeable future, we recommend stocking up as supply of genuine Swedish Ifo parts will eventually dry up in the US.

Customer Testimonials

"Excellent service and response time....I was delighted to find a source for Ifo toilet parts and to have received my first order very quickly. This time, I am ordering flush valves for my other Ifo toilets. Thanks again."
- D. Kim Null, Corder, Missouri 64021-9131

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us, and we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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