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Free Toilet Tank Lid Search

If you don't see it we can find your toilet tank lid for you

We are the largest and most well-known toilet tank lids Experts and tank covers Supplier
And we continue to be the best with the largest in-stock selection (since 1995)® has the largest inventory of porcelain china toilet tank lids, covers and tops in the world
with 161 different brands, over 4,200 uniquely different and over 8,500 total replacement toilet tank lids in stock.

We sell toilet tank lids for charity

The World Wide Webs largest shipper of toilet tank lids The World Wide Webs largest inventory of toilet tank lids since 1995 No one anywhere has more toilet tank lids than® We are proud of our back of the commode top covers We offer the World Wide Webs largest inventory and selection of toilet tank lids Largest inventory and selection of toilet tank covers toilet tank lids is our specialty

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If we don't list the toilet tank lid that you are looking for on any of our pages the chances are still good that we do have it and that it's just not listed yet.

We can go to great lengths for you to find your replacement toilet tank lids

saving you the time and aggravation.

- we will help you find your toilet tank lid (for free) -

Due to our large turn-over, we usually have an additional 200 - 700 toilet tank lids in stock that we have not processed yet. They are here but just aren't listed on our many inventory pages yet. So if you don't see yours listed, please don't give up. Either keep coming back every few days or just ask us to look for yours in amongst our many boxes of incoming toilet tank lids waiting to be processed. It's a totally free search service.

We have found the rarest of rare toilet toilet tank lids Let us search for your antique toilet tank lid Eljer corner triangular toilet tank lid We can find and locate foreign toilet tank lids as well
"Yes, we have it!sm

We have hundreds of additional toilet tank lids in stock that we haven't listed yet as well as through these many years
of being the toilet tank lids leader we have many valuable additional salvaged toilet tank lid sources throughout America.

Have no fear, chances are still good that we have it or we have one that might fit.

Just mail all of your toilet's info to:

attn: Toilet Tank Lids Search
PlumbingSupply Group, LLC
994 E. 20th Street
Chico, CA 95928

We will search for you at no charge; however, please do send us as much info as you can!

Instructions on what to send us:

Please mail us as much information as possible - including an email address so we can provide you with the quickest response. The more information that you send the better the chances are that we will find your toilet tank lid.

1) Simply take a large piece of heavy paper and trace the bottom of your broken tank lid (as best as possible). Then write on that cut-out any notes, and be sure to indicate any wording, letters, numbers and even dates that are on the bottom of the tank lid.

2) Do the same with the top of your broken tank lid (be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp vitreous china porcelain edges as it can cut like glass).

3) Even trace the top of the tank, indicating which side is front and back.

Just send us as much information as possible. Yes, we do like a tracing (cut-out) of the top of the tank itself (where the tank lid will fit on). The more measurements, the more information, the better it is.

Color? Remember to let us know the color that you are looking for.

If an exact color match is very important to you then include a small piece of porcelain vitreous china off of your broken tank lid.

If you can "live with" a color that is "close" then please do let us know that as well.

If you know the brand name then please do tell us.

Don't forget to include your e-mail address (very important); name; and your daytime telephone number.

Mail as much information as you can to help us do the detective work for you, and just mail it to:
C/O Free Toilet Tank Lids Search
994 E. 20th Street
Chico, Ca 95928

Generally within 2 working days of us receiving your information, we will complete the free toilet tank lid search for you and then we will let you know the results by e-mail (this will assure that you get the most accurate information as we will have a written record of the tank lid, or we can call you if you prefer - just let us know in a note attached to your cut-outs/tracings).

If we think that we have found your lid, or one that is "close," we will then email you a quote with the price and description. If you decide to purchase the tank lid, you will be able to order directly from the quote.

Remember.....up to that point, all is free, you are under no obligation.

If we have it in stock, then our price quote will be good for 2 days as well as the lid will be reserved for you for 2 days.

Note that we will do our best to find a lid the will fit your toilet with the information you provided, but we can not guarantee a perfect fit. If you need to return the lid we selected based on the information you provided, please read our return policy.

Note that we will provide you with a free toilet tank lid search service, but we can not be expected to also mail back to you (for free) any tracings, cut-outs, vitreous china porcelain chips or color samples, etc...

We go to great lengths to find your unique replacement toilet tank lids
We found some beauties in amongst these hard-to-get-to toilet tank lids.

We go to great lengths to find your replacement toilet tank covers
These 480 tank lids came from 1,800 miles away (total was 3,600 driving miles)
We are committed to continuing to have the largest toilet tank lids selection in the world!

We can search for your toilet tank lid
We drove nearly 1,000 miles to buy these unique toilet tank lids and
we are committed to finding unique antique toilet tank lids for you!

- We have, by far, the largest inventory and selection of toilet tank lids ANYWHERE on the Net! -

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Can't Wait or are Feeling Frustrated?
Can't find ANY commode tank lid replacement?
Then try this tank lid alternative
fit most - plastic toilet tank lid
Multi fit plastic tank lid
white = $19.95
Includes adjustable tabs to help prevent wobbling.
For tanks up to 20 1/2" x 7 5/8" (buy this plastic lid only if you can't find anything else)
- Or -
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Toilet tank lid colors American Standard:
Aegean Mist, Americana Brown, Autumn Gold, Bayberry-Avocado, Bermuda, Coral, Black, Blonde, Bone, Candlelight, Classic Mink, Classic Turquoise, Colonial Blue, Daydream, Dresden Blue, Euro White, Fawn Beige, Heather, Honeydew, Light Mink, Light Turquoise, Linen, Loganberry, Ming Green, Orchid, Peach Blossom, Rain Forest, Regency, Blue Rhapsody, Blue Saffron, Yellow, Shell, Silver, Spice Mocha, Spring, Surf Green, Venetian Pink, Warm White

Toilet tank lid colors Briggs:
Avocado Green, Bermuda Blue, Biscuit, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Cafe Brown, Desert Rose, Dresden Blue, Elegant Black, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Light Grey, Parchment, Regency Blue, Royal Silver, Saffron Yellow, Sea Green, Shell, Sky Blue, Soft Blue, Special Vanilla, Spring Mist, Tampa Blue, Tampa Sand, Venetian Pink

Toilet tank lid colors Crane:
Almond Nut, Autumn Beige, Avocado, Aztec Gold, Black, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Buttercup Yellow, Carnation Pink, Pale Jade, Peach Blossom, Platinum Grey, Powder Blue, Sahara Sand, Sea foam Green, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Sun Tan, Teakwood, Tender Grey, Wild Rose

Toilet tank lid colors Eljer:
Avocado, Blossom Pink, Classic Grey, Colonial Yellow, Creamy Yellow, Denim Blue, Desert Gold, Dusty Rose, Glacier Blue, Island Sea, Lilac, Misty Rose, Natural Onyx, Pastel Green, Peach Bisque, Platinum Ruby, Sandalwood, Sea Mist Green, Silk, Tuscan Tan, Twilight Blue, Verde Green, Zinfandel

Toilet tank lid colors Gerber:
Almond, Avocado, Bahaman Pink, Blush, Bone, British Biscuit, Citron Yellow, Dawn Blue, English Rose, Jamaican Beige, Mocha, Nutria, Ocean Sand, Peach, Petal Pink, Powder Blue, Regal Blue, Sahara Gold, Seashell, Silverado, Soft Grey, Spanish Gold, Tijuana Sand, Wedgewood Blue, Wheat

Toilet tank lid colors Kilgore:
Almond, Avocado, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Gold Heron Blue, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Sterling Silver, Tender Grey

Toilet tank lid colors Kohler:
Almond, Aspen Green, Avocado, Biscuit, Black, Cerulean Blue, Chamois, Country Grey, Desert Bloom, Expresso,Espresso French Vanilla, Fresh Green, Harvest Gold, Heron Blue, Ice Grey, Innocent Blush, Jersey Cream, Merlot, Mexican Sand , Navy Blue, New Orleans Blue, Parchment, Peach blow, Pink Champagne, Raspberry, Sea foam, Skylight, Spruce Green, Suez Tan, Sunrise, Swiss Chocolate, Teal, Tender Grey, Thunder Grey, Timberline

Toilet tank lid colors Mansfield:
Antique Lace, Black, Caribbean Shell, Cascade Blue, Classic Beige, Classic Bone, Classic Silver, Dawn Blush, Desert Sand, French Chiffon, Harbor Gray, Heritage Blue, Misty Blue, Natural/Almond, Raspberry, Royal Gold, Royal Parchment

Toilet tank lid colors Norris:
Alpine Green, Caribbean Blue, Chablis Pink, Chocolate, Harvest Gold, Ivory, Moroccan Sand, Papyrus, Parisian Creme, Rose, Sterling Silver

Toilet tank lid colors Peerless:
Americana Brown, Bayberry, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Regency Blue, Saffron Yellow, Sterling Silver, Venetian Pink

Toilet tank lid colors Universal Rundle:
Avocado, Black, Blue, Blue Mist, Chicory Blue, Cranberry, Cream Doeskin, Gold, Green, Green Ice, Green Velvet, Mushroom, Pink, Rose Dawn, Silver Gray, Spring Yellow, Tan, White Sand, Yellow

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Every toilet tank lid is unique and there is no other porcelain toilet tank lid in the world exactly like any other.

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