Largest Toilet Tank Lid Collection® has the largest inventory of porcelain china toilet tank lids, covers and tops in the world
with over 8,500 replacement toilet tank lids in stock.

This is page 25 of our toilet tank lids for charity project

The largest porcelain china toilet tank cover tops (toilet tank lids) inventory in the World!

How do we do it? Here is just one example of our dedication:

Recently we purchased over 2,700 (the total weighing over 28,000 pounds) used toilet tank lids.
It took 2 truck loads to deliver this many toilet tank lids to us here in Chico, California.

Then shortly thereafter we purchased and received an additional over 2,000 unique salvaged toilet tank lids all the way from Minnesota (from Frank Plumbing Sales Co.)

That was the largest single purchase ever made of salvaged used porcelain toilet tank lids!

toilet tank lids warehouse showcase 1

toilet tank lids warehouse showcase 2

toilet tank lids warehouse showcase 3
toilet tank lids warehouse showcase 4

Read article published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, about these thousands of toilet tank lids

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