We Purchase Toilet Tank Lids

If you find that you have one of the tank lids listed below, please email us for instructions before sending the tank lid.

Also, if you have a tank lid not listed on our many tank lids pages and not listed below, please email us and we will let you know if it is a lid that we wish to purchase.

This is page 17 of our toilet tank lids for charity project

We are the largest antique china salvage toilet tank lids supplier (since 1995)!

Tank Lids We Want to Buy

We will pay you $1,000.00 or $500.00 for one porcelain toilet tank lid in "perfect" condition clearly dated before 1900 (we will authenticate that it was in fact made before the year 1900). The date and mfr name must be molded into the porcelain. Please communicate with us before sending this very rare tank lid to us.

We will pay you $500.00 or $250.00 for one ceramic porcelain toilet tank cover in "perfect" condition clearly dated between the years 1900 and 1909 (we will authenticate what year that it was made when we receive that cover). The numbers, etc must be molded into the porcelain. Please contact us before sending this old tank lid to us.

We will pay you $250.00 or $125.00 for one porcelain china toilet tanklid in "perfect" condition dated the years 1910 or 1911 (must be confirmed by us that it was made in the year 1910 and 1911).The numbers must be molded into the porcelain. Please email us before sending this rare tank lid to us.

We would love to buy your Groco or Trent toilet tank lid

Groco toilet tank lids Trent toilet tank lids

We will pay you $120.00 or $60.00 for virtually any brand of porcelain toilet tank lid that we currently do not yet list. In other words if you have different brand than one of our 160 brands that we list we want to buy it as we wish to continue to expand our number of brands that we list. Brands such as Sphinx, Downing, Butler & Pierce, Jones, Dolomite, Pozzi Ginori, Meyer-Sniffen, Southern Porcelain, Delta (from Italy), John Simmons, Beto, Norceram, Luomanke, Trovani Designs [by Porcelamex], Big John, Allia, Roca, Dongsu, Herbeau, Saniwares, Dongfeng, Haeway, Clara, Ceramica, Madcliff, Cesame, The John Douglas Co., Legend, Fowler, Ariston Madera, RAK Ceramics, Komet, Ideal Standard, Groco, Kerafina, Catalano, Sibley, Trent, Titon-Procemex, Wasauna, Capizzi, Zurn, Sahara, and Armitage Shanks.

Luomanke toilet tank lids Haeway toilet tank lids Beto toilet tank lids

In other words, if you have a specific brand of used toilet tank lid (in great condition) such as Luomanke, Haeway, or Beto, that we do not currently offer on any of our tank lids inventory, once we receive your unique brand lid we will send you a check for $100.00. (note the name of the mfr must be stamped "in" the porcelain, not just printed in ink or written down by hand). To contact us about a unique-brand toilet tank lid that you have, please e-mail us before sending it to us

largest toilet tank lid purchase ever madeLargest single toilet tank lid purchase ever made

December 2007 more tank lidsHere's a picture of a partial load of toilet tank lids that we purchased recently.

Tank lids source Ocotober 2007A plumbing supply company in the Los Angeles area had a lot of toilet tank lids which they wanted to sell to us. We purchased many of their colored toilet tank lids as well as some of their white ones. We drove 18 hours (round trip) to buy some of their toilet tank lids. We are determined to continue to have the best selection.

Tank lids september 2007A plumber who had a lot of toilet tank lids in Seattle Washington was closing his business and so Lucas (a member), drove over 22 hours to pick up these toilet tank lids. There were a number of very unique ones (aka "beauties") in amongst them. We are dedicated to being the best and this is just one of many ways that we have acquired the largest selection.

Tank lids fork lift 03We purchased 2 truck loads of toilet tank lids from Bob the plumber in San Jose California. Purchasing many thousands of unique tank lids as we have done is a real challenge, gamble and fun. The above is a picture of part of Bob the plumber's over 2,500 toilet tank lids that we purchased from him over a 5 year period. We bought some more from him.

Tank lids finding mikeIt's fun for us meeting so many great plumbing contractor's such as Syd (shown above amongst his former tank lids). We drove 1,200 miles and found this rare kidney shaped toilet tank lid and purchased it from him.

we want to buy your hundreds of toilet tank lids tooWe purchased these 480 toilet tank lids (3,700 miles round trip) from Kansas, Missouri.

Toilet tank lids Kansas
Buying toilet tank lidsWe found these lids in San Jose, Calif and bought all of them.

we buy used toilet tank lidsWhen Tony the plumber from Pittsburg, Calif. retired we purchased his lifetime's worth of toilet tank lids

Because our profits on the sales of our used toilet tank lids goes to charities, when you give or sell your toilet tank lids to us you will also be helping the world become a better place.

To us there is nothing more rewarding than to be able to have the luxury of helping others and to give from the heart. We feel so very lucky in so many ways. We live in such a wonderful country. George Washington once said "Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse." We swear that profits from the sale of our porcelain toilet tank covers goes to charity and that should you give us your toilet tank lids, or sell them to us you also will indirectly be helping those less fortunate than yourself.

We are very interested in purchasing rare, unique and very old toilet tank lids that are not yet currently listed on any of our toilet tank lids pages.

The major barrier to us buying your tank lids is shipping costs from you to us. We like to buy as many unique obsolete replacement toilet tank lids as possible, from as many areas of the country, because toilet tank lids is Vic our Founder's passion.

PlumbingSupply.com® has the largest inventory of porcelain china toilet tank lids, covers and tops in the world with over 8,500 replacement water toilet tank lids, 160 different brands in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I see that you are showing 2 different prices. What is going on? Why?"
A. We offer 2 different prices that we are willing to pay you. The first amount listed is if we send a check to you made out to Doctors Without Borders, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Shriners Hospital for Children or the Red Cross. The second amount listed is that we make the check out to you personally instead. Example is if we list $500.00 or $300.00 that means you can chose if you'd like us to make out the check for $300. made out to you personally, or we can send you a $500. check made out to your choice one of these charities (you would then remail the check to that charity). We offer you this choice as all of our profits from our toilet tank lids sales go to charity and so to us it doesn't matter if we pay more than "normal" to those charities. If you prefer that we mail a check made out to another charity, other than the four listed above, we can make out the check to your personal favorite charity (in this case $300.) instead of you but it would be for the lower amount.

Q. "I have seven of the same tank lid models that you list for $50. Will you buy all seven at that $50. each?"
A. We hope that you recognize that many of the tank lids that we list on our many inventory pages we will never be able to sell. We wish to continue to have the largest selection in the world and so we are willing to gamble and buy one (1) of each model of toilet tank lids that we list on this page. In other words, we only wish to purchase one at the above price. We might want to buy more than one, it really depends on the model and so it's best that you write us and let us know what you have. In most cases we only want one model of each brand. Also, to avoid any misunderstanding we feel we need to mention that we do need to have the actual numbers and names of the manufacturers showing in the porcelain. Unfortunately we can no longer take anyone's word that the brand and numbers are what we are told they are unless those letters/numbers/words are actually in the porcelain. We want to protect the charities that we are raising moneys for by being very careful in spending moneys on tank lids that aren't what they are said to be.

Q. "Wow, you are making a lot of money on tank lids! I see that you have a model listed selling for $189, but are only willing to pay $50 for it. Aren't you really charging a lot for tank lids? Why shouldn't I just try selling it myself?"
A. The more common the more demand and hence they are easier to sell/move. Please recognize that most of the tank lids that we have in stock we will never sell and when we buy a lid for $50. (or whatever) we are taking a gamble of $50. We believe that 4 to 1 odds is really not "fair" enough to us, and so we actually feel that we are over paying you if we are attempting to sell it for $189 and are paying $50 as the overall odds are probably more like 10 to 1 that we will ever sell a specific toilet tank lid model that we list for sale. IF we KNEW that we could positively sell the tank lids that we purchased from you THEN we could pay more. We hope that you recognize that some toilet tank lids are easier to sell than others. For example on our popular most common lids page we are asking a lot less for those toilet tank covers because they are more common and easier to sell tank lids than the tank lids that we are offering to purchase above. Not because of price but they sell quicker because they tend to be more common. The more common the more demand and hence they are easier to sell.

Q. "Do you pay for shipping?"
A. Shipping costs are included in what we are offering (you will pay for shipping). Depending on where you are located, what model tank lid, the shipping carrier rates, and how heavy of packaging that you use, it generally will cost you between $10 - $20 to ship one toilet tank lid to us. If you ship more than one at the same time the cost per each tends to get less and less.

Q. "Can you send me the money first before my shipping you the tank lid?"
A. Here's how we work: You ship it to us and then when we receive it we will inspect it to be sure it is the model, etc that you indicated and that it has no chips or hairline cracks. We will then send you a check for the promised amount within 5 working days.

Q. "I think I'll try selling it myself on eBay and if I can't sell it I'll just sell it to you. Do your prices for the above toilet tank lids always remain the same? Also, you list the tank lid that I have to sell for $50. but how about giving me $65. for it?"
A.Once we acquire the toilet tank lid model that we want, we then no longer need that model. So generally we will drop that model off of this page. Sometimes there is a lag time between the time that we no longer need it and the time that we take it off of this page. That's one of the reasons that you need to email us first before you ship it so that we can check our inventory to confirm that none are in stock or on the way to us. If you have a certain model toilet tank lid and see it listed on this page it's safest for you to sell it to us right way because you'll be taking a gamble if someone else ships it to us between the time that you try to sell it yourself and the time that you recognize that the prices we are offering "aren't too bad" after all. What we are trying to say is "a bird in the hand is maybe better than more birds in a bush." Take the money now and run! For us it's always interesting when at first some will tell us that we aren't paying "enough" and then later will write us begging that we buy their old tank lid. Some people can not understand why one day we will offer $50. and the next day we don't want a specific toilet tank lid. It's all about inventory and the odds of us selling more than one. As far as what we are willing to pay for a tank lid, that is all really arbitrary and we just make up the prices that we offer but we don't "negotiate" pricing that we are willing to pay. It's all a fun gamble for us. We offer what we offer and list what we list, and we always keep our promises, and we don't pay more than we list on this page.

Q. "If I print out your price list and start looking for these toilet tank lids and then in a few months have some of them, will you buy them from me even though you no longer have the lids listed?"
A. Once we have the exact model number that we are looking for, we usually no longer wish to buy another. If a model is showing on our price list above there is a 90% chance that we will still need it (we usually have over 1,000 lids in our warehouse that we haven't had time to list yet), but if it is no longer listed above it might mean that we don't need or want another one of that model number.

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