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Where to search for used tank lids

Suggestions on where to find salvaged recycled toilet tank lids

We offer the Worlds largest inventory and selection of toilet tank lids The Worlds largest shipper of toilet tank lids The Worlds largest inventory of toilet tank lids since 1995 No one anywhere has more toilet tank lids than® We are proud of our back of the commode top covers If we don't have your tank lid it will be very difficult to find Largest inventory and selection of toilet tank covers toilet tank lids is our specialty

This is page 23 of our toilet tank lids for charity project

Finding used replacement toilet tank lids on the Net can be fast and easy
as we have done all the work for you and have over 8,500 toilet tank lid tops all very well organized.
Our profits from the sales of our used toilet tank lids go to charity.

You can save money by checking out your local toilet recycling and salvage and wrecking yards yourself!

Many people (including us) question as to whether anyone can legally buy or sell a used or new toilet bowl or tank that is designed for more than 1.6 gpf (in the US..). In other words, selling or buying a plumbing fixture bowl that is a water waster might not be legal in all of the US due to energy water saving laws. This is why, even though we know there is a demand for it, you won't see us selling any replacement toilet bowls unless they are water saving low gallon per flush fixtures. We do sell new energy saving toilets and bowls but refuse to potentially violate any laws, federal or local. We do sell used replacement toilet tank lids because that is seen only as a replacement part versus a bowl which most see as a fixture. Bowls many have argued (and we tend to agree) are the actual fixture rather than a part.

Also (important) please note that in some areas of the U.S. when any house is sold, the seller has to have a certificate that all toilets in the house are energy saving 1.6gpf (gallons per flush). Before buying a replacement toilet tank lid anywhere we suggest that you check with your local realtors or governmental bodies regarding local codes/laws.

Shown above is part of Alejandro's great salvage yard

Some Salvage & Recycling Yards that Offer Used Toilets, Bowls, Tanks, Lids, Etc. - Somerville, MA

Architectural Antiquities - Harborside, Maine - Louisville, KY

Architectural Salvage Inc - Denver, CO

Architectural Salvage Warehouse - Burlington, VT

AR Salvage & Recycling - Omaha, NE - Roanoke, VA - Churt, Surrey, England (*Please note that this company is in England and overseas shipments are priced individually on application.) - San Francisco, CA

Caravati's Inc Architectural Salvage - Richmond, VA

City Salvage - Architectural Salvage & Antiques - Minneapolis, MN

Community Forklift - Washington DC

Dixie Salvage - Fort Payne, AL

Discount Home Warehouse - Dallas, TX

Doc's Architectural Salvage - Indianapolis, IN

Earth Wise Architectural Salvage - Seattle and Tacoma, WA

Gayle's Pasadena Architectural Salvage - Pasadena, CA

Gorge Rebuilt-It Center - Hood River, OR

Gerson's Used Building Materials - Tucson, AZ

Graham Plumbing Supply - Raytown, MO

Habitat for Humanity - U.S. many locations

Nor'East Architectural Antiques LLC - South Hampton, NH

Odom Re-use Co - Grawn, MI - Berkeley, CA

Olde Good Things - New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA / Scranton, PA

Old House Parts Company - Kennebunk , ME

Period Bath Supply Co - Rochester, NY

Pinch of the Past - Georgia

Portland Architectural Salvage - Portland, ME

Recycling the Past LLC - Barnegat, NJ

ReHouse Architectural Salvage - Rochester, NY

Restore of Philadelphia, Inc - Philadelphia, PA

ReStore - U.S. - many locations

Sacramento Habitat for Humanity Northern California

Seattle Building Salvage - Seattle, WA - Baltimore, MD

Second Use - Seattle, WA

The Loading Dock - Baltimore, MD

The ReUse People - Oakland, CA

Tim's Plumbing Company - Oak Creek, WI

Urban Ore - Berkeley, CA - Vermont (2 locations)

Vintage Plumbing - Northridge, CA

Whole House Building Supply and Salvage - East Palo Alto, CA

More to come soon

If you know of any other salvage and recycling sites that offer toilet tank lids, please send us an email (and be sure to mention this page).

ReStore has some great stores that have old toilet tank lidsHelp yourself and help Habitat for Humanity who is associated with ReStore.

to other ideas on where to find toilet tank lids

If you can afford to buy our toilets tank lids you'll save a lot of time!

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