Discovering rare tank lids is our passion

We believe that currently we stock and offer more toilet tank lids on the Internet than all of our competitors combined. No one for sure comes close to the large inventory of toilet tank lids that we have been offering on the Internet since 1995.

Especially because every porcelain china toilet tank lid is unique.
There is no ceramic toilet tank lid exactly like any other (plastic tank lids can be exactly the same).® has the largest inventory of porcelain china toilet tank lids, covers and tops in the world - it's our passion!

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This is page 21 of our toilet tank lids for charity project

Since 1995, we continue to be the largest replacement toilet tank lids supplier on the world wide web

In 1977 our founder Vic (the original "Toilet Tank Lid King") began collecting toilet tank lids. In 1995 we started selling toilet tank lids on the Internet, Vic loved how unique every porcelain toilet tank lid is as well as he saw how much history is in each toilet tank lid. In 1995 when he started our Internet store he immediately started offering his vast inventory of toilet tank lids on-line. Since then we have purchased over 12,000 additional toilet tank lids. We were the first on the Net and we still by far have the largest selection of toilet tank lids anywhere on the World Wide Web. The profits from the sales of our replacement toilet tank lids go to charity.

All of the pictures below of toilet tank lids in other countries were taken by our Founder Vic.

Toilet venice old way 1 Toilet venice old way 2 Toilet venice old way 3
In Venice Italy Vic enjoyed watching how toilet tanks were hoisted up and down very old houses

Tanklids expert alejandroAbove is toilet tank lid expert Alejandro and our own expert Vic searching together for unique vintage old toilet tank lids. Vic really enjoyed talking "turkey" about toilet tank lids with Alejandro. Alejandro has a vast and totally different experience with toilet tank lids and has given Vic some excellent pointers. Alejandro has been renting old toilets to the movie industry for many years. Toilet tank lids has been one of Vic's passion's for over 30 years and Alejandro's for at least that long as well.

Funny as it may sound, toilet tank lids truly is one of our Founder's hobbies.
He goes to great lengths to find unique and antique toilet tank lids.
Profits of the sale of our toilet tank lids go to charity

Vic in New Zealand finding toilet tank lidsOur founder finding unique toilet tank lids in New Zealand.

Fowler toilet tank lid from New ZealandFowler brand toilet tank lid from New Zealand.

toilet tank lid from BequiaVic found this toilet tank lid on the beautiful island of Bequia.

toilet tank lid from BarbadosToilet tank lid in Barbados.

toilet tank lid from Iles Des SaintesToilet tank lid found at Iles Des Saintes.

toilet tank lid from St LuciaToilet tank lid in St. Lucia.

toilet tank lid from St KittsSt. Kitts island in Caribbean had this toilet tank lid.

toilet tank lid from French MartiniqueToilet tank lid on the French island of Martinique.

toilet tank lid from GrenadaToilet tank lid on the island Grenada.

toilet tank lid from BarbadosAnother toilet tank lid in Barbados (Eastern Caribbean).

toilet tank lid from DomenicaToilet rest stop at the Indian River on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

toilet tank lid from DomenicaToilet tank lid found in the above rest rooms in Domenica.

common New Zealand tank lidsThese kinds of commode water tank toppers are very popular in both Australia and New Zealand.

common Caroma tank lidCaroma is a very popular brand in New Zealand and Australia.

common 2 button Eurasian tank lidTwo button tank lids are everywhere in the South Pacific.

Concorde by Caroma New Zealand water closet lidConcorde tank cover by Caroma manufacturer.

New Zealand water closet lidPlastic tank lids and tanks are popular in other areas of the world.

Two button New Zealand water closet lidThis dual action button looks nice.

Oukalman toilet tank lid from ChinaOukalman brand Made in China toilet tank lid.

Roco toilet tank lid from Republic of ChinaRoco toilets are quite popular in many parts of the world.
ROC stands for Republic of China.

Beto toilet tank lid from ChinaBeto toilet tank lids are popular in China.

Yimeng toilet tank lid from ChinaA Yimeng brand toilet tank lid in China.

Haweway toilet tank lid Made in ChinaHaweway toilet tank lid in ROC (Republic of China).

Italian toilet tank lidAbove is an Italian toilet tank.

Pictured in FranceToilet tank lid in France.

Another tank lid in FranceAnother toilet tank lid in France.

France toilet tank lid with button on rightMany of France's toilet tank lids have buttons on right.

Croatian toilet tank lid coverCroatian toilet tank lid cover.

Toilet tank lid in Venice, ItalyToilet tank lid in fun Venice, Italy.

Clean toilet tank lid in SwitzerlandSuper clean toilet tank lid in Switzerland.

Pulling a toilet tank lid handle in FrancePulling toilet tank lid handle in France.

Toilet tank lid in France againToilet tank lid in France.

Tank lid in CroatiaToilet tank lid in Croatia.

Toilet tank lid French ClaraFrench Clara toilet tank lid.

Jacob Delafon in Holland toilet tank lidAbove is a toilet tank lid in the Netherlands (aka: Holland).

Jacob Delafon in Holland toilet tank lidAbove is a Jacob Delafon toilet tank lid in Holland (aka: Netherlands).

Jacob Delafon in Holland toilet tank lidAbove is not a toilet tank lid in the Netherlands (aka: Holland)
it is a wall flush mechanism for a toilet.

Jacob Delafon in Holland toilet tank lidAbove is a Dutch toilet tank lid in the Netherlands/Holland.

Jacob Delafon in Holland toilet tank lidAbove is another Dutch toilet tank lid in Holland.
The Dutch call their country "Nederland".

Hiva Oa island toilet tank lid cover topHiva Oa island toilet tank cover.

Rangi Roa toilet tank lid cover topIsland of Rangi Roa toilet tank lid.

Fatu Hiva toilet tank lid cover topIsland of Fatu Hiva toilet tank top.

Ua Huka toilet tank lid cover topUa Huka Island tank lid.

Tahiti toilet tank lid cover topToilet tank lid in Tahiti.

Moorea toilet tank lid cover topMoorea toilet tank top.

Vic in Barcelona 2006 - toilet pantomimeOur founder Vic enjoying a fun public toilet pantomime in Barcelona, Spain.

Vic in Turkey sitting on a 2000 year old toilet.Vic sitting on an over 2000 year old toilet in the ancient famous city of Ephesus, Turkey
(notice they didn't have toilet tank lids in those days)

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