How To Install An Instant Hot Water Filter System

Need to know how to install your new hot water filtration system? Help is here! Everything you need to know to successfully install these systems is shown, step-by-step, down to the last wire and washer. Here at®, we are pleased to be able to offer these helpful instructions.

intstant hot water filter systemInstant hot water filter system includes: dispenser faucet, hot tank & filter

Step One - Installing The Filter Faucet

Before you begin, make sure there is plenty of room under your sink for the instant hot water tank (instant hot water tank dimensions). The hot water tank must be within 36" of the electrical power source.

Determine a convenient location to mount your filter faucet. This can be an existing sink hole on your sink (the spray hose opening for example) or you may drill another hole into the sink or counter-top. Location of the hole should provide easy access to the Quick&Hot tank connections. Next, place the black rubber washer between the sink and filter faucet.

Once you have inserted the filter faucet in its proper location you will need to secure it. Under the sink you will see the filter faucet shank. Using the hardware provided, secure the filter faucet to the sink.

Slide the mounting washer, the spacer, the flat washer, and the lock washer (in this order) upwards onto the shank. While holding them in place with one hand, use your other hand to thread the mounting nut onto the shank. Tighten the mounting nut with a small wrench until it is snug, being careful to not over tighten it.

Now hand tighten the hose adapter onto the shank. Pipe thread compound is not needed as the hose adapter comes with a small internal washer.

Faucet Hardware:
  1. Black rubber washer
  2. Mounting washer
  3. Spacer
  4. Flat washer
  5. Lock washer
  6. Mounting nut
  7. Hose adapter

Step Two - Mounting The Tank & Connecting It To The Filter Faucet

Position the Quick&Hot tank below the filter faucet on the wall where you would like to have it mounted. Mark the wall with a pencil line across the top of the tank horizontally.

Set the tank aside and mark a second horizontal line on the wall 2 1/8" below the first line.

Align the bottom of the bracket with the second line and screw into place.

Hang tank on bracket.

Please note: Plumbing and electrical connections must comply with all local codes and ordinances.

Next, you will need pliers to open one of the hose clamps and push one end of the clear tubing through it. Attach this end onto the center outlet tube on top of tank. The clamp should provide a secure connection if properly installed. Do the same with the second hose clamp to the other end of the clear tubing and attach to the faucet hose adapter (faucet hose adapter located on the faucet shank). Be sure the hose from the tank to the faucet does not twist or kink.

Now you will attach the 1/4" quick-connect fitting onto the inlet at the rear end of the top of the tank (Please note: Do not use the quick connect fitting with the filter and cap for this connection). Slip the yellow faucet tubing into the quick-connect fitting.

Step Three - Connecting The Filter

Using the screws provided, mount the filter in proximity to the faucet. Once the filter is mounted you are now ready to connect it to the faucet. Instead of using the compression nuts (included with the filter) we elected to use special female compression 1/4" quick-connect fittings (sold here) to easily connect supply tubing to the filter. Now insert the blue tube from the filter faucet through the quick-connect fitting on the outlet side of the filter.

To connect the water line to the inlet side of the filter you will need to tee off of the supply stop valve before or after the stop valve. We offer Dual Handle stop valves or 3-Way stop valves on our page.

Or, instead of changing the stop valve or adding a tee before the stop valve, we chose to use and attach a quick tee adapter (not included) to our supply stop. To use the quick tee adapter, close the supply stop valve and disconnect the water line to the faucet at the supply stop valve. Simply screw on the quick tee adapter and reconnect the faucet water line to the inline outlet.

Quick tee adapters are available in many sizes to meet your particular supply stop outlet size requirement. Click here to purchase quick tee adapters.

Now you are ready to connect 1/4" water supply tubing (sold below) to the quick tee adapter and to the inlet of the filter. You can use the compression nuts and plastic sleeves provided with the filter to secure the 1/4" water supply tubing or you can replace the compression nuts and plastic sleeves with 1/4" quick-connect fittings. Note: For this connection only, you can also use a 1/4" compression (1/4" OD x 1/4" OD) braided stainless steel flex.

Be sure that you fill the hot water dispenser with water before connecting it to the power source (thermostat should be turned to the off position). Slowly open the supply valve. Check for leaks at all of the fittings. Turn on the hot water filter faucet and let the water run until water flows freely from the spout without sputtering air. Once you are positive the tank is full of water then plug in the electrical cord to the power supply and turn the thermostat on to your desired temperature setting.

Once you have made all the proper connections and you have added water to the instant hot water tank, your new instant hot water filter system will be ready to use.

Complete Hot Water Filter System Kit Installed

complete instant hot water filter system

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