Clarion Series Toilet Repair Parts
by American Standard

The clean, classic structure and durability of American Standard's Clarion toilet are excellent for almost any bathroom. Instead of replacing the entire toilet when parts break down, why not repair it? With a range of replacement parts from flappers, flush valves to trip levers, we have what you need to get your toilet up and running like new again.

American Standard - Clarion

Replacement Parts for American Standard Clarion Series Toilets
Two Piece Model - #2284 / Tank #4054

Parts diagram for Clarion toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 738221-0070A Fill Valve / Water Control Assembly - Replaced by 738103-0070A (also discontinued) Discontinued
Use 400A
400A "Will Fit" Replacement Fluidmaster Fill Valve - Adjustable 9" to 14" - Replaces 738221-0070A and 738103-0070A Fill Valves $16.62
2 Repair Kit 3-Screw Fill Valve Repair Kit - for original discontinued 738221-0070A fill valve ONLY (use if existing fill valve cap imprinted Coast 1B1) $6.29
Cap Assembly Fill Valve Repair Kit - for Fluidmaster 400A valve (includes diaphragm and float lever fulcrum) $5.87
3 Float Ball "Will Fit" 4-inch Plastic Float Ball - for original discontinued 738221-0070A and 738103-0070A fill valves ONLY $3.70
4 738072-0070A Flush Valve - Replaced by 738138-0070A (also discontinued) Discontinued
738360-0070A Replacement Flush Valve (replaced 738138-0070A flush valve) Discontinued
"Will-Fit" Replacement Flush Valve $26.62
5 738071-0070A Flapper - for original 738072-0070A or 738138-0070A valves $17.79
7381129-200-0070A Flapper - for 738360-0070A Valve $21.56
100 Flapper - for "will fit" valve - set band to closed and #6 hole on dial $6.15
6 047237-0020A Front Mount Trip Lever - Chrome Discontinued
047237-0200A Trip Lever - White
Adjustable Front Mount Trip Lever - Chrome $14.12
7 047188-0070A Tank to Bowl Kit - complete with gaskets and mounting hardware $23.03
8 034783-0200A Toilet Bowl Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $8.07
  1200E4 Premium Bemis "Will Fit" Elongated Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $67.91

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What does 'will fit' mean?"
A. "Will Fit" is a term used to define an item that may or may not be made by the original manufacturer (OEM), but will function just like the original part.

Q. "How long 'should' the parts inside of my toilet last?"
A. That depends on a number of variables and which parts. Water quality is one of the major factors. If your water source is heavily chlorinated then many parts won't last long. Or if you have a lot of sand or grit or have a low pH or "aggressive" water source then parts simply won't last as long as the 'average' length of time. Also the quality of the parts matters. The replaceable parts such as flappers and washers/seals generally will last at least 4 to 5 years on "average." If you use a chemical bowl cleaner some flappers won't even last one year. However, some toilet bowl cleaners isolate cleanser from the internal workings of the toilet therefore, maximizing the life of your toilet parts. Depending on the material make up, flappers will either deteriorate (leave residue on your skin when touched) or some will tend to harden or stiffen up and lose their original shape and flexibility. If this is the case, then it's best to change it.

Q. "Are all American Standard® parts 'standard' and are ALL their products and parts made in America?"
A. A number of their products are made overseas (as is the case with many other plumbing manufacturers as well). Please do not assume that all products made by American Standard (Am. Stan.) are made in the U.S. The word "standard" and "American Standard®" are NOT identical. Most of their faucet parts will only fit their brand (as is the case with their competitors as well). Many of their toilet parts will only fit their brand of toilet. Not all of American Standard® parts are universal ("standard"). We get this question frequently, and it is probably because some people assume that since they have the word "standard" as part of their name that they must be using parts that are "standard"; as in universally fitting. Just as car bumpers don't fit on all brands of cars, parts for "standard" toilets and faucets will generally not fit on other brands. Generally you must buy parts specifically made for (designed to fit) your specific brand of toilet/faucets, etc.

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