Yorkville Series Toilet Repair Parts
by American Standard

Keep your Yorkville toilet working properly with American Standard replacement parts from PlumbingSupply.com ®. Whether you need to repair a leak, replace the flapper, install a new float ball or rebuild the plunger, we have the parts you need.

American Standard - Yorkville

Replacement Toilet Parts for American Standard Yorkville Series
Two Piece Model - #2128.115, 2130.151, 2134.129 / Tank #4083

Parts diagram for American Standard 2128.115, 2130.151, 2134.129, Yorkville series toilets

Item # Image Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 american standard fill valve 47212-0070a 47212-0070A Water Control - (10 3/8" tall, without float rod & hush tube support) - float ball sold separately - see item #4 - Replaces 047184-0070A $34.06 Enter a quantity and
2 american standard plunger repair kit 11372-0070 011372-0070A Plunger Repair Kit $13.64 Enter a quantity and
3 american standard float rod 011396-0070a 011396-0070A Float Rod $2.50 Enter a quantity and
4 plastic float ball 4 inch by 5 inch "Will Fit" Float Ball Float Ball - Replaces original 047381-0070A float ball $3.70 Enter a quantity and
5 will-fit clear refill tube "Will Fit" Refill Tube Refill Tube - Replaces original refill tube 030079-0070A $1.71 Enter a quantity and
6 --- 047094-0070A Water Control Mounting Kit Discontinued
7 american standard brass supply coupling kit 047050-0070a 047050-0070A Supply Coupling Kit $6.56 Enter a quantity and
8 american stsandard flush valve 47387-0070a 047387-0070A Flush Valve - includes flapper Discontinued
will-fit 2 inch flush valve #87 "Will Fit" 2-Inch Flush Valve - 10-1/2" tall overflow, will need to be cut down to height of original valve (altered valves are non-returnable) $14.99 Enter a quantity and
9 american standard flapper chain 47146 0070a 047146-0070A Flapper & Chain - Replaces original flapper $7.65 Enter a quantity and
will-fit chemical resistant flapper with strap Flapper "Will Fit" Flapper with Strap - chemical resistant $1.50 Enter a quantity and
red korky flapper 2001 2001BP Replacement flapper only - for #87 Flush Valve $4.17 Enter a quantity and
10 --- 011190-0070A Refill Tube Clip Discontinued
11 american standard toilet part 047195-0070A 047195-0070A Flush Valve Mounting Kit $10.53 Enter a quantity and
12 --- 047147-0200A Front Mount Tank Lever - Chrome Discontinued
13 american standard toilet bolt cap covers 034783-0200a 034783-0200A Toilet Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $8.07 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown american standard tank to bowl kit 47188-0070 47188-0070 Tank-to-Bowl Kit - includes gasket and mounting hardware $23.03 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown bemis affinity premium round toilet seat 200e4 200E4 Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Round Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $60.56 Enter a quantity and
bemis affinity premium elongated toilet seat 1200e4 1200E4 Quality Bemis "Will Fit" Elongated Toilet Seat - White (view more color options) $67.91 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why does my toilet continue to run after flushing?"
A. If, after flushing, you find that the toilet continues to run, and you have discovered that by jiggling the handle it will stop; then the problem may be that the chain controlling the flapper is too long. When installing your flapper, you want the flapper chain's S-hook in the hole closest to the handle with very little slack in the chain itself. By doing so, when the toilet is flushed, the chain will fall behind the flapper where it won't snag and cause problems such as keeping the flapper from closing properly. Check to make sure that the flapper has enough clearance to close, i.e. not hitting the float ball when the water level drops. You also want to check to see that the toilet's flush handle (aka tank lever) is installed securely so it can't rotate too high, hitting the tank's lid or other parts and sticking.

Q. "Are all American Standard® parts 'standard' and are ALL their products and parts made in America?"
A. A number of their products are made overseas (as is the case with many other plumbing manufacturers as well). Please do not assume that all products made by American Standard (Am. Stan.) are made in the U.S. The word "standard" and "American Standard®" are NOT identical. Most of their faucet parts will only fit their brand (as is the case with their competitors as well). Many of their toilet parts will only fit their brand of toilet. Not all of American Standard® parts are universal ("standard"). We get this question frequently, and it is probably because some people assume that since they have the word "standard" as part of their name that they must be using parts that are "standard"; as in universally fitting. Just as car bumpers don't fit on all brands of cars, parts for "standard" toilets and faucets will generally not fit on other brands. Generally you must buy parts specifically made for (designed to fit) your specific brand of toilet/faucets, etc.

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