Concord Series Toilet Repair Parts
by American Standard

Many people love the American Standard low-profile Concord toilet, and don't want to give it up just because of a worn seat disc! Find replacement parts to help get your Concord toilet running like new again right here. ® is pleased to be able to offer a variety of Concord toilet parts from replacement seat discs and push button actuators to complete fill valve assemblies, we've got what you need to fix your toilet.

Concord toilet

Replacement Parts for American Standard Concord Series Toilets
One Piece Model - #2004

Parts schematic for American Standard Concord 2004 toilet

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 47136-0070A Water Control Assembly - float ball sold separately - see item #15 $345.47 Enter a quantity and
2 047049-0700A Flush Valve Assembly - includes valve body, actuating unit with seat disc & chain, and seal - view dimensions $43.82 Enter a quantity and
3 738051-0070A Backflow Preventer Assembly - Replaced with 738050-0070A - (includes lever paddle) $113.69 Enter a quantity and
4 012981-0070A Plunger Repair Kit (plastic construction) $21.95
012981-0900 Plunger Repair Kit (brass construction) $15.24
8339-0700 Plunger ONLY (brass construction) $9.01 Enter a quantity and
5 010551-0070A Lever Assembly with Screws $21.75 Enter a quantity and
6 073014-0070A Float Rod $6.79 Enter a quantity and
7 010765-0070A Volume Regulator Stem with O-ring $6.32 Enter a quantity and
8 070450-0070A Refill Tube - Replaced by "will-fit" refill tube (less clip) $1.71 Enter a quantity and
9 047398-0070A Water Control Mounting Kit - (brass shank nut and flat rubber washer) Discontinued
047399-0070A Water Control Mounting Kit - (brass shank nut and concave rubber washer) Discontinued
10 047050-0070A Supply Coupling Kit $6.56 Enter a quantity and
11 073380-0070A Actuating Unit with Seat Disk and Chain $30.68 Enter a quantity and
12 33410-0700A Flush Valve Seal $4.34 Enter a quantity and
13 033643-0070A Snap-On Seat Disc - Replaced by "will fit" (includes brass insert, remove to install) $5.55
033643-0700 Seat Disc with Threaded Brass Insert - Replaced by "will fit" $5.55 Enter a quantity and
Not Shown 8321-0700A Chain Assembly For Actuating Unit with Seat Disk (not shown) - includes chain, grommet, & trip lever attachment hook $2.75 Enter a quantity and
14 033409-0070A White Paddle Lever ONLY $10.97 Enter a quantity and
15 047381-0070A Float Ball - Replaced by "will fit" float ball $3.70 Enter a quantity and
16 33650-0300 Flush Actuator - push button - Chrome $61.78 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How do you adjust the water flow of the Fill Valve (Water Control Assembly) for the Concord toilets?"
A. To adjust the water flow of the water control assembly you tighten or loosen the volume control stem located next to the plunger. Tighten the stem by turning it clockwise to decrease the water volume and loosen the stem by turning it counter-clockwise to increase the water volume.

Q. "How do you install the Plunger Repair Kit 012981-0900?"
A. First, turn off the water to the fill valve. Unscrew the thumb screws on the lever assembly and slide the lever assembly out from the square hole in the top of the plunger. Pull the old plunger straight up out of the body of the fill valve. With a seat tool, unscrew and remove the old seat directly underneath the plunger. Screw in the new seat until it is snug. Do not over tighten it. At this point put your hand or a cup over the fill valve, turn on the water slowly and let the water run out through the seat for one or two minutes to flush any possible dirt or sediment that might be in the water line. Turn the water off again and slide the new plunger into the body of the fill valve with a slight twist to keep the rubber gasket from being misaligned or torn. Slide the lever assembly back through the square hole in the plunger and tighten the thumb screws. Turn the water back on.

Q. "Are all American Standard® parts 'standard' and are ALL their products and parts made in America?"
A. A number of their products are made overseas (as is the case with many other plumbing manufacturers as well). Please do not assume that all products made by American Standard (Am. Stan.) are made in the U.S. The word "standard" and "American Standard®" are NOT identical. Most of their faucet parts will only fit their brand (as is the case with their competitors as well). Many of their toilet parts will only fit their brand of toilet. Not all of American Standard® parts are universal ("standard"). We get this question frequently, and it is probably because some people assume that since they have the word "standard" as part of their name that they must be using parts that are "standard"; as in universally fitting. Just as car bumpers don't fit on all brands of cars, parts for "standard" toilets and faucets will generally not fit on other brands. Generally you must buy parts specifically made for (designed to fit) your specific brand of toilet/faucets, etc.

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