Carlyle (Carlysle) Series Toilet Repair Parts
by American Standard

The Carlyle, another attractive one-piece toilet with a low profile from American Standard, has a timeless style that looked good when it was new, and still looks good today. Replacing worn out parts maintains the toilet in good working order and is a great way to save money as it is often much easier and less costly to repair your toilet than to replace it. We are pleased to offer the replacement parts you need and get them to you quickly and easily, so your toilet will be back in shape in no time.

American Standard - Carlyle

Replacement Parts for American Standard Carlyle Series Toilets
One Piece Model - #2010

American Standard Carlyle Series parts breakdown

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 3137-1550 Fill Valve - approx 9-3/4" tall - Replaced by 7381125-400-0070A Fill Valve $40.09
3131-0750 Fill Valve - approx 11" tall - (float ball sold separately - see item #6) $84.20
3137-0980 Fill Valve - approx 11-1/2" tall - (float ball sold separately - see item #6) $61.53 Enter a quantity and
3136-0580 Fill Valve - approx 13-3/4" tall Discontinued
2 47086-0700 Flush Valve with Actuator - replaced old #4 flush valve - view component parts - purchase individual flush valve parts on our page $46.75 Enter a quantity and
3 33643-0700A Snap-On Seat Disc Discontinued
421BP "Will Fit" Replacement Seat Disc - fits screw-on and/or snap-on style flush actuators $5.55 Enter a quantity and
4 70437-0200 Tank Lever - 4" - Chrome with Plastic Arm $21.50
73439-0200 Tank Lever - 6" - Chrome with Brass Arm $16.58 Enter a quantity and
5 Float Rod Included with fill valves 3137-1550, 3131-0750, and 3137-0980 Not Sold Separately
6 Float Ball Plastic Float Ball - Replaced by "will fit" float ball $3.70 Enter a quantity and
7 8321-0700A Chain Assembly for flush valve - includes chain, grommet, & trip lever attachment hook $2.75 Enter a quantity and

Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

Unique Seats to Fit American Standard Carlysle (Carlyle) 2010.031 Toilets

Proudly made in the USA, these hard to find toilet seats are constructed of a highly resilient plastic using an eco-friendly manufacturing process. These seats are extra durable and are designed to resist everyday wear, including chips and stains. To top it off they include non-corrosive stainless steel mounting hardware.

View detailed seat dimensions

American Standard LC212 Toilet Seat
Color Price & Quantity
American Standard Toilet Seat Color Sample White White Discontinued
American Standard Toilet Seat Color Sample Bone Bone Discontinued
American Standard Toilet Seat Color Sample Silver Silver Discontinued

Please Note: These toilet seats are no longer being manufactured.

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Customer Testimonials

"We've had issues with this old toilet going back... probably to 1997. The lid was broken during all that time and attempts to repair it failed. Then last year, the seat completely split in two. After doing much research, we finally found your site and the dimensions to the American Standard Carlyle toilet. We checked them and they matched. I was still a little apprehensive when I got the box yesterday, but I installed the new seat and lid last night and it fits perfectly! Thanks so much for providing this service. We no longer have to explain to guests about the toilet. And I think this solution is better than replacing the whole toilet for a new white one that doesn't match the tub. I may buy another one in the future, just to have a spare in case anything goes wrong!"
- Darren Blankenship, Colquitt Georgia 39837-5524

"Thank you for your excellent customer service! It is companies like yours who make it a pleasure to order merchandise online."
- Lynn Lobb, Denver, Colorado 80127

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