Inga Series Toilet Repair Parts
by American Standard

If you're looking for repair and replacement parts for your older Inga model toilet, you've come to the right place. We are your source for Inga flush valves, flappers, fill valves, and tank levers. ® provides those hard-to-find parts you've been searching for.

Inga toilet

Please note: If your toilet model number is 2037 and you have a push-button flush assembly, you most likely have a Lexington toilet. American Standard discontinued the Inga toilet in 1995, and it was replaced by the Lexington.

Replacement Parts for American Standard Inga Toilets
One Piece Model (1.6gpf) - #2037.015 (Elongated)

Parts diagram for Inga toilets

Item # Part # Description Price & Quantity
1 738053-0070A Fill Valve - includes float rod and refill tube Discontinued
528 "Will Fit" Replacement Fill Valve - adjusts from 7-3/4" to 13-1/2", float ball/rod NOT needed $11.95
1A Top Assembly Original OEM Top Assembly & Plunger Repair Kit - for 738053-0070A ONLY Discontinued
2 738069-0070A Flush Valve - Replaced by 738109-0070A - includes installation disc wrench $45.63
3 738081-0070A Flapper Assembly - for 738069-0070A valve - Replaced by 738068-0070A Discontinued
53316 Will-Fit  Flapper - (Like 738068-0070A) $13.64
047146-0070A Flapper & Chain - Replaced by "Will-Fit" Chemical Resistant 047146-0070A - for replacement flush valve 738109-0070A $7.65
4 047123-0020A Front Mount Trip Lever - Chrome Discontinued
510293 "Will Fit" Replacement Trip Lever - Chrome $12.46
5 034783-0200A Toilet Bolt Caps (2) - White (view more color options) $8.07
6 Float Ball "Will Fit" Replacement Plastic Float Ball $3.70
Toilet Seat Premium "Will-Fit" Elongated Toilet Seat by Bemis - White (view more color options) $67.91

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Not sure which model toilet you have? Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I have the original flush valve part #738069-0070A, but your diagram shows it has been replaced with part #738109-0070A. These two flush valves do not look anything alike. How is the replacement #738109-0070A properly installed?"
A. The replacement part #738109-0070A is a compression style flush valve held in place when pressure is applied to the compression washer forcing it against the inside of the tank cavity. To install this #738109-0070A, use the flat disc (installation driver) included with the flush valve and place it inside the flush valve so the slots on the disc line up with the vertical ridges on the plastic insert inside the flush valve. Use a large screwdriver or a 3/8" socket extension and turn the disc counterclockwise to loosen the compression washer to the smallest diameter in order to place the flush valve into the hole in the bottom of the tank. Rotate the flush valve as needed to keep the fill valve rod or tank lever out of the way of the overflow tube. Now turn the flat disc clockwise to begin tightening the flush valve. As the flush valve is tightened the washer will begin to compress evenly on the inside of the tank hole. The flush valve may want to rotate from your set position so you will have to hold the overflow tube with one hand as you are tigtening. Tighten until the flush valve is firmly in place. Remove the disc (installation driver) and install the flapper. Test for leaks.

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