Toilet Bowl Bolt Caps, Covers, and Tops

Choose from a variety of designer colors

Lost a toilet bowl bolt cap? Never had them to begin with? Protect yourself and your family from scratches or injuries by hiding those ugly bolts with some of our bolt covers. Whether you just need a standard white cap, extra tall covers, something to match your unique colored toilet, or some Wobble Wedges to shim up a rocking toilet, we've got you "covered"!

Colored Plastic Toilet Bowl Bolt Cap Sets

White toilet bolt covers
These toilet bolt caps feature:
  • Approximately 3/4" tall and 1-1/4" diameter at base
  • Each set comes with 2 caps and 2 easy-to-install retainer washers
  • Available in a variety of colors to help you match your toilet
Please note: Colors are representational only and may differ depending on monitor settings. Due to the age of your toilet, variances in manufacturers' color palettes, etc., these bolt caps may not match your toilet perfectly.

Example Color Name Price & Quantity
Per Set of 2
White toilet bolt covers White Bolt Caps
similar to Cotton White, Crane White & Euro White
Almond toilet bolt covers Almond Bolt Caps
similar to Almond Nut, Bone, Cream, Doeskin, Natural, Nutria, Parchment, Papyrus, Peach Sand & Warm White
Black toilet bolt covers Black Bolt Caps
similar to Black Brilliance, Ebony, Elegant Black, Ionian Black & Onyx

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Example Color Name Price & Quantity
Per Set of 2
Blonde toilet bolt covers Blonde Bolt Caps
similar to Autumn Gold, Aztec Gold, Desert Gold, Gold, Harvest Gold, Royal Gold, Sahara Gold & Spanish Gold
Bone toilet bolt covers Bone Bolt Caps
similar to Cameo, Classic Bone, Ivory, Mushroom, Sandstone & Tawny Beige
Ice Grey toilet bolt covers Ice Grey Bolt Caps
similar to Classic Silver, Light Grey, Lilac Grey, Platinum, Platinum Grey, Royal Silver, Silver, Silverado, Silver Gray & Sterling Silver
Innocent Blush toilet bolt covers Innocent Blush Bolt Caps
similar to Autumn Beige, Blush, Classic Beige, Dawn Blush, Fawn Beige, Heather, Jamaican Beige & Zinfandel
Jersey Cream toilet bolt covers Jersey Cream Bolt Caps
similar to Blonde & Cream Satin

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Example Color Name Price & Quantity
Per Set of 2
Orchid toilet bolt covers Orchid Bolt Caps
similar to Lavender, Lilac, Misty Lilac & Orchid of Vincennes
Rhapsody Blue toilet bolt covers Rhapsody Blue Bolt Caps
similar to Navy Blue
Seafoam Green toilet bolt covers Seafoam Green Bolt Caps
similar to Aegean Mist, Azure Green, Green Ice, Sea Green, Spring Mist & Willow Green

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Example Color Name Price & Quantity
Per Set of 2
Shell toilet bolt covers Shell Bolt Caps
similar to Blush, Caribbean Shell, Carnation Pink, Dawn Blush, Desert Bloom, Innocent Blush, Peach, Peach Bisque, Peach Blossom, Rose Dawn, Seashell & Zinfandel
Tender Grey toilet bolt covers Tender Grey Bolt Caps
similar to Harbor Gray, Light Mink, Pearl Gray, Sandbar & Soft Grey
Wild Rose toilet bolt covers Wild Rose Bolt Caps
similar to Cameo Rose, Dusty Rose, English Rose & Rose

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Toilet Tak® - Low Profile Bolt Covers
Replace traditional high profile bolt caps with sleek, easy to clean low-profile bolt covers

image of low profile toilet bolt cover
These low profile bolt covers feature
  • Positive locking system means no more missing bolt covers
  • Low profile design safer for small children and pets
  • Sleek and smooth finished profile makes cleaning a simple task
  • Reinforced polymer is extremely strong and corrosion free
  • Fits the two most common sizes of metal bolts used in toilets
  • Inverted polymer nuts included replace existing brass or chrome nuts
  • Includes covers, o-rings, nylon washers, 5/16" and 1/4" nuts, and installation instructions
  • Installs in minutes with common tools
  • Suitable for new or existing standard two-bolt floor-mount toilets
  • View an installation example
  • Helpful way to cut toilet bolts Tiny Tim Hacksaw

Low Profile Toilet Bolt Cover Set - White = $2.91

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Extra Tall Toilet Bolt Caps

Never Cut Brass Bolts Again With These Extra Tall "Smart Caps"

Easy to install After the toilet bowl is attached to the flange with the toilet bolts sticking through the mounting holes, slide the base of one of the Smart Caps over one of the bolts keeping the flat side of the base up. The teardrop boss on the bottom of the base will fit into the mounting holes of the toilet. Place a metal washer (included with brass toilet bolt kits) over the Smart cap base and then screw on the metal nut (also provided with toilet bolt kits) and tighten down snug being careful to not over tighten. Now screw the cap onto the base to hide the exposed brass nut.

Photo of the Smart Cap closet bolt covers
  • Taller cap eliminates the need to cut brass bolts
  • Slide base over bolt with the teardrop boss facing down to fit into bowl slot
  • Cap screws onto base for a secure connection
  • Base creates a tight seal that helps create a sanitary seal between cap base and china
  • Can be installed on new and existing toilets
  • Can be used with both 1/4" and 5/16" bolts with maximum overall bolt length 2-1/2"
  • Since the bolts attach into the flange under the toilet bowl these caps should fit over the portion of the bolt above the bowl without the need to cut the bolts
  • Actual inside cap measures 1 3/4" length when tightened completely onto base
  • Teardrop boss on base prevents spinning when threading or un-threading cap during installation or removal
  • Shown in white, also available in bone
  • View dimensions
  • Proudly made in the USA  Made in the USA

Description White Bone
Extra Tall Cap Toilet Bowl Bolt Caps (Set of 2) $2.27 $2.42

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Toilet Bowl Shims - "Wobble Wedges®"

Wobble Wedges level toilet bowl and help reduce rocking, which may help prevent a broken wax seal
Stackable and can easily be trimmed with a knife - Proudly made in the USA  Made in the USA

wobble wedge

Available in soft vinyl or hard plastic with non-slip design (offers more secure stacking)

Description Hard Plastic Soft Vinyl
1-15/16" x 1-1/8" x 1/4" Wobble Wedges $0.14 $0.17
1-1/8" x 1/2" x 1/8" Mini Wobble Wedges $0.08 $0.10

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Toilet Bowl Bolt Sets (aka - Water Closet Bolts)

Water closet brass bolts heavy duty v35
These toilet bolt sets feature:
  • For mounting your toilet to the floor
  • Includes 2 screws, 2 washers, 2 nuts, 2 mounting clips
  • Durable brass construction

Description Price & Quantity
Solid Brass Water Closet Bolt Set - 1/4" x 2-1/4" w/ tinnerman nuts, washers and acorn nuts $1.64
Solid Brass Water Closet Bolt Set - Extra Long
1/4" x 3-1/2" w/ tinnerman nuts, washers and acorn nuts
Solid Brass Water Closet Bolt Set - Heavy Duty
5/16" x 2-1/4" w/ washers and acorn nuts

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Solid Plastic Toilet Bowl Bolts

Solid plastic water closet bolts
  • For mounting your toilet to the floor
  • Exceeds 1,100 lbs. per bolt tensile strength
  • Helps prevent bowl breakage from overtightening
  • Corrosion proof 100% nylon bolts
  • Unique base design keeps bolt upright, bolt will not spin in flange
  • No need to double nut bolt
  • Includes 2 bolts, 2 mounting nuts
  • Proudly made in the USA Made in the USA

Description Price & Quantity
Sioux Chief #425-PB Toilet Bolt Set - Nylon
open nut fits 1/2" sockets - 2-1/2" length
Sioux Chief #427-PB Toilet Bolt Set - Nylon
open nut fits 1/2" sockets - 3-1/2" length

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "When you say "set" of toilet bolt caps, what does one set include?"
A. These come in a set of 2 caps and 2 retainers (one for each cap). In other words, enough for one toilet.

Q. "Are these toilet bowl bolt caps difficult to install?"
A. They are VERY easy to install. Simply place the retainers over the (preferably toilet bolt sets on top of the retainer, and then place the nut for the bolt on top of that and tighten that nut. Then simply place the plastic cap that you purchased from us on top. Sometimes the brass bolt will be too long and you will need to use a hacksaw and cut off part of the bolt.

Q. "Will these toilet bowl bolt caps colors match my toilet perfectly?"
A. They may be very close in matching the color of your toilet bowl but it really will depend on a number of factors such as what kind of lighting there is in the bathroom, what color toilet that you have and what cap colors that are still available. The fact that your toilet is made out of porcelain and that the caps are made out of plastic will affect the color combination as no "exact" match is possible due to the material differences, and so on. For most of our customers "close enough" is good enough and that is probably the case in 97% of our customers who have purchased our toilet bowl caps. But for some people "close enough" is not good enough. So we would like to caution you before purchasing bolt caps of any color, even "white" colored caps. If a totally exact match is "a must" we recommend you find porcelain made colored caps that were made at the time your toilet was made.

Q. "My toilet bowl wobbles. Will these shims solve my rocking problem?"
A. They can help but won't always prevent a toilet from rocking back and forth. It maybe that the bolts either need tightening or cannot be secured well to the toilet flange or the toilet flange could be broken. The floor may not be level or the toilet bowl may not be totally flat (best to buy American made porcelain toilets). Sometimes adding some quality grout under the entire toilet or around the outer outside of the bottom of the toilet bowl is necessary. There are so many different things that can cause toilet bowl wobbling that we simply can not answer with a firm "yes" that these wonderful toilet wedges will solve every toilet rocking problem.

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