Flush 'n Sparkle
Automatic Toilet Cleaning Systems

This handy toilet bowl cleaning system helps protect toilet tank parts while keeping the bowl clean with every flush! The Flush n' Sparkle puts your choice of cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the flush valve, so no chemicals touch the fill valve or flapper - meaning they last longer and saves you money on replacements!
Toilet bowl cleaning system kit - classic environmentally-friendly cleaning system
Toilet Bowl Cleaning System Features:
  • Easy, effective, hands-free bowl cleaning
  • Repels stains with every flush - one cartridge of cleanser already included
  • Isolates cleanser from tank water so tank parts aren't damaged by the detergents or bleach as used by other in-tank cleaners
  • No residue or chemicals in the tank to damage parts or hinder operation
  • Surfactant-based cleaning agent reduces spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Minimizes minerals to fight hard water build-up
  • Easily installed in less than five minutes
  • Fits most toilets if the fill valve uses a standard 1/4" semi-flexible refill tube flowing into the overflow tube
Replacement Refill Cartridges Features:
  • Fast and easy to replace - takes about a minute!
  • Interchangeable with any Flush 'n Sparkle toilet bowl cleaning system
  • Concentrated formula delivers more than 1,000 cleaning flushes
  • Your choice of environmentally-friendly blue cleaner, bleach cleaner, or septic safe (includes enzymes to help break down waste) cleaner
  • Safe to handle without gloves
  • Lasts up to three months

Complete Automatic Toilet Cleaners & Refill Cartridges

Model Description Price & Quantity
Toilet bowl cleaning system - classic blue Flush 'n Sparkle Toilet Bowl Cleaning System Kit
  • Includes ONE blue cleaner cartridge
  • Environmentally-friendly surfactant based cleaner
Pack of TWO Refill Cartridges (6 months) - BLUE $7.97 Enter a quantity and
Toilet bowl cleaning system - septic safe Bio-Balance Septic Tank Care & Toilet Bowl Cleaning System
  • Includes ONE green septic-safe cartridge
  • Releases enzymes along with cleaner to help break down waste
Pack of TWO Refill Cartridges (6 months) - GREEN / SEPTIC $11.49 Enter a quantity and

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