Extra Large Shower Curtains
for ceiling-mounted shower rods & clawfoot tub enclosures

Why use two or more smaller shower curtains when one perfectly sized curtain will do? These wonderful shower curtains are a must for clawfoot leg tub enclosures, ceiling-mounted shower rods or track rods, or even as room dividers in medical facilities, dormitories, and open-concept office spaces. With a selection of several colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your décor - just add a set of roller ball curtain rings to complete the look.

15-foot Wide Vinyl Shower Curtains

Black vinyl shower curtainBlack Vinyl
These extra large shower curtains feature:
  • Ideal solution for clawfoot tubs, ceiling mounted shower rods, shared showering areas, locker rooms, etc.
  • Excellent as a stand-alone curtain or as a liner for fabric shower curtains
  • Sturdy water-resistant vinyl construction available
  • 36 corrosion-resistant nickel grommets will fit most types of shower curtain rings - sold separately
  • Easy-to-clean - just wash down with soap and water or your regular bathroom cleaner
  • Magnets placed at the bottom help keep the curtain in place
Black Vinyl Shower Curtain - 180" wide x 70" tall = $24.83
Limited to Stock! These shower curtains have been discontinued by the manufacturer - get yours now while supplies last!
Please note: These are VERY LARGE shower curtains. Please make sure you compare measurements and verify that this is the size you need before purchasing. Shower curtains are non-returnable if opened.
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Shower Curtain Rings & Glide Pins

Description Finish Set of 12
Rollerball Shower Curtain Rings Chrome $18.28 Enter a quantity and
Track Rod Glide Pins GoldenRod $3.99 Enter a quantity and
Limited to Stock! These glide pins have been discontinued by the manufacturer - get yours now while supplies last!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are the 'Mesh' oversized nylon shower curtains made to be mesh the entire length of the curtain?"
A. The White and Parchement Mesh oversized nylon shower curtains have mesh only at the top portion of the curtain and the mesh portion actually starts approximately 4" below a strip of plain nylon. The rest of the curtain is plain white or parchment (whichever color you've selected).

Q. "Is a person able to look through the top mesh portion of the mesh oversized shower curtain?"
A. Yes, your are able to see through the top mesh portion of the White or Parchment Mesh oversized shower curtain. It was more designed for ventilation than for visibility (sort of like a screen door). The bottom portion of this shower curtain is described, by the manufacturer, as translucent. This means if there is light behind the curtain, shadows will be seen but not the person. If there is no light inside the bathing area you should not even be able to see a person's shadow through the curtain if you are on the outside of the bathing area.

Q. "What is the length of the mesh top portion of the White/Parchment Mesh oversized nylon shower curtain?"
A. The length of the "mesh" top portion of these oversized shower curtains will vary depending on the length of the shower curtain.

  • The  82" tall shower curtains have 8" of mesh.
  • The  86" tall shower curtains have 16" of mesh.
  • The  93" tall shower curtains have 16" of mesh.
  • The  99" tall shower curtains have 22" of mesh.
  • The 111" tall shower curtains have 28" of mesh.

Q. "I would like to be able to open and close my shower curtain completely, without being interrupted by a support rod. What options do I have?"
A. Many shower curtain rods that require support rods which attach to either the ceiling or wall, will have a "break" in the movement of the shower curtain because curtain hooks cannot move around the support rod. This may require the user to affix the curtain hooks in a way that allows them to open the shower curtain part way. If you would like to be able to open or move your shower curtain freely and completely then the best option would be to install a wall mounted ceiling supported L-track rod system. The L-track rod shower curtain system mounts directly to the wall and the celing support rod is attached above the track, therefore there is no interruption of the curtain rod movement.

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