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The Shower ClearMirror

The Shower ClearMirror 24-volt AC or DC Installation Directions

The Shower ClearMirror (PAT. PEND.) is UL and C-UL listed (tested to CSA standards). It is designed to be powered by a switched outlet and turned on whenever the bathroom light or fan is on. Only wire the pad to an appropriate 24-volt AC (a transformer is included) or DC power supply (verify power supply source has adequate power to supply the load-see chart, see below).

Install the Shower ClearMirror to a junction box in accordance with all applicable safety, national and local electrical codes. All wiring between the mirror heater and the bathroom light junction boxes must be installed per the local and national electrical codes using a wiring system identified by the National Electrical Code. Consult local authorities for variation in installation. Avoid installation on exterior walls.

  • Install in accordance with these instructions. Do not install if product is damaged.
  • Use caution with all electrical appliances.
  • Do not bend, alter, submerge in water, or use product for purposes other than described.
  • If doubts concerning the electrical connection arise, consult a qualified electrician.
  • Mirror must be larger than ClearMirror heater

Tools needed: Flashlight, 2 wire nuts, 1 low-voltage remodel junction box, utility knife, wire strippers, regular screwdriver, tape measure, drywall saw or router, electrical tape, mirror mastic, caulk, and pliers.

ClearMirror Shower - Diag. A
ClearMirror Shower - Diag. B

  1. Measure and mark your height from the finished shower floor. Diag. A

    Determine at this time if your mirror will be installed horizontally (12" wide x 10" tall) or vertical (10" wide x 12" tall).

    For alternative Shower ClearMirror sizes adjust the dimensions for installation accordingly.

  2. Mark an 'X' on the stud where the top of the ClearMirror will be installed, this location will be called the ClearMirror Height. Diag. B

    Horizontal Placement: Measure and mark 5" down from the ClearMirror Height.

    Vertical Placement: Measure and mark 6" down from the ClearMirror Height.

    The junction box will be centered in this location, directly behind the heater connectors such that they can be stowed in box. Write this dimension down to locate wire later.

    NOTE: Consult the NEC, Article 551 for recreational vehicle installation.
    The junction box should be accessible (not behind a 'permanently' installed mirror).

  3. Be sure the power to the circuit to which the heater is to be connected is turned off at the disconnect means.

  4. ClearMirror Shower - Diag. C

  5. Run the supply wires from a switched 24-volt power supply (Basler Electric 24VAC/50VA transformer included) to the center of the ClearMirror junction box. Diag. C

    Insure the wall switch is suitably rated for the combined maximum lighting load and load of heater type. Calculate by adding total maximum wattage of each lamp holder, divided by voltage and add to specific heater amperage. Total amperage must not exceed rating of wall switch (i.e. 15-amp switch), circuit or existing wiring.

    Insure wall switch and power supply (if not supplied by NewHome) is suitably rated for the combined load.

    If the load exceeds the rating of the wall switch, either replace the switch with a higher ampere rated one or provide its own switch. If the load exceeds the rating of the power supply, use NewHome supplied Basler Electric 24VAC transformer as the power supply for the mirror.

  6. Install wallboard as normal and make cut-out with drywall saw/router for junction box. Install junction box per manufacturer's instructions.

    The connection wires between the Low-Voltage Class 2 24V power supply and ClearMirror heater must be correctly sized for the following ClearMirror sizes, watts and amps.

  7. Nominal Size Actual Size Watts
    12x12 11 7/8"x 11 7/8" 20
    16x16 15 7/8"x 15 7/8" 35
    18x18 17 5/8"x 17 5/8" 47

  8. Center ClearMirror Template either vertical or horizontal (see #2) over the junction box and tape into place. Be sure template is square. Diag. D

    Install ceramic tile to edge of template. Template is approximately 1/4" longer and 1/4" wider than Shower ClearMirror dimensions.

  9. ClearMirror Shower - Diag. D

  10. Pull the supply leads through the junction box and connection them to the Shower ClearMirror leads with connectors and electrical tape. Diag. C

    Do not apply silicone or other aggressive adhesives to mirror backing. May cause damage to silvering.

    Use an approved mirror mastic to hold mirror into place.

  11. Place mirror into its location, pushing all connectors into receptacle. Caulk or grout securely into place. Hold or brace mirror in place until caulk bead dries and mirror is secure.

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NewHome Bath and Mirror, Inc. and its suppliers cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper installation. These installation directions are to be used as a guide only while meeting all applicable building codes. Consult professional installation if you have any questions.

The Original and Shower ClearMirror products are guaranteed for a 5-year replacement against defects in manufacturing. Contact your installer for issues relating to installation and replacement. The guarantee is void without proper registration, installation*, or if product alteration occurs in any form. See warranty for complete details.

* Wired to a separate circuit other than the overhead power supply are acceptable methods for installation if all wiring between mirror heater and the power source are installed per the local and national electrical codes using a wiring system identified by the National Electrical Code.

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