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T & P Valves
(Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves)

Short probe T & P valveExtra Short 1" Probe T & P Valve
Standard probe T & P valveStandard 4" Probe T & P Valve
Extended shank T & P valveExtended Shank T & P Valve
1/2inch inlet/outlet T & P valve1/2" Inlet/Outlet T & P Valve

Most commonly needed/used T&P valve highlighted in yellow
Inlet/Outlet Probe Length Pressure Setting CSA Rating NOT for Potable Water FOR Potable Water
1/2" Standard 4" 150 psi up to 15,000 BTU/hr Discontinued $22.33 Enter a quantity and
3/4" Extra Short 1" 150 psi up to 95,000 BTU/hr $9.18 Currently Unavailable Enter a quantity and
3/4" Extra Long 8" 150 psi up to 105,000 BTU/hr Discontinued $11.29 Enter a quantity and
3/4" 2-1/2"
Extended Shank
150 psi up to 105,000 BTU/hr $7.46 Currently Unavailable Enter a quantity and
3/4" Standard 4" 150 psi up to 205,000 BTU/hr   $7.47 $94.05 Enter a quantity and
3/4" Standard 4" 175 psi up to 95,000 BTU/hr $14.70 Currently Unavailable Enter a quantity and
1" Standard 4" 150 psi up to 500,000 BTU $25.91 $39.98 Enter a quantity and
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  Please note: 175psi is generally not used for standard water heaters. It's best to check with local codes and the manufacturer's specifications of your product(s) as to what PSI is required.

Pressure ONLY Relief Valves

Pressure Only relief valves are designed to protect water supply systems when pressure can possibly build to dangerously higher levels than the tanks, water heaters, appliances, piping, or fittings are capable of withstanding. These pressure relief valves listed are NOT rated for steam applications.
Brass pressure relief valve150 psi Pressure Relief Valve
Adjustable pressure relief valveAdjustable Pressure Relief Valve
Brass commercial pressure relief valve150 psi Pressure Relief Valve - 2,703,000 BTU

Inlet/Outlet Pressure Setting FOR Potable Water
3/4" 150 psi
(200,000 btu)
3/4" Adjustable 50-175 psi $78.37
3/4" 150 psi
(2,703,000 btu)
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Hot/Cold Heat Trapper Nipple Set for Water Heaters

Hot/Cold Heat Trapper Nipple Set
Designed for water heaters, these trapper nipples save you money by lowering energy costs related to your water heater. The Heat trapper includes two dielectric waterway fittings, a cold water inlet (blue) with a thermoplastic ball that floats and a hot water outlet (red) with a fluoroplastic ball that sinks. When water flow stops, both balls move to their seats. Each seat is equipped with a safety relief port. When water is not flowing, heat is effectively trapped in the water heater. It cannot escape into the piping system thereby reducing standby heat loss. Because the water heater does not cycle as often, less energy is required and utility bills can be reduced.

3/4" MPT Heat Trapper Nipple Set (Hot & Cold) = $5.83

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Heavy Duty Water Heater Stand

Image of a water heater stand
This water heater stand features:
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Quick to assemble
  • Approximately 21.5" square x 18" high
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rated up to 650 lbs
  • Holds most tank-style water heaters up to 50 gallon capacity (max diameter 22")
  • Includes mounting clips for securing to wall/floor
  • Meets UPC requirements

Heavy Duty Galvanized Water Heater Stand = $91.35

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Water Heater Timer

Helps you save money when preset to heat water only at peak usage times
Water heater timer

Indoor use only, for electric tank-style water heaters (NOT for use with tankless water heaters) - 240v, 40amp max - must be hardwired

Electric Tank Style Water Heater Timer = $24.06

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why is there a hole near the top of your dip tubes?"
A. The reason for the hole is to break siphonage effect when the water is shut off and there is a drain down situation (caused by such things as a valve or a leak that is below the waterheater). A common example would be in a mobile home water heater, where the water supply is nearly almost always under the floor. If the water gets shutoff (for whatever reason), without that hole, the diptube could possibly backsiphon (empty most of the water and drain it to the level of the inlet on the cold water diptube), burning up the elements or possibly allowing the gas burners to damage the near empty water heater. Bottom line, it's for safety.

Q. "I have a rattling sound coming from my water heater when the hot water is running?"
A. Check to see if you have check valve type nipples installed on the top of your water heater. They generally look like ordinary galvanized nipples and so sometimes it is hard to tell if they are installed. Some water heaters come with them. They are a great idea because they can save some energy, but they also can be very annoying.

Q. "You show a CSA Rating for the temperature and pressure relief valves. What does the CSA rating refer to?"
A. The CSA rating refers to the temperature steam rating of the temperature and pressure relief valves to confirm they are in compliance with ANSI standard Z21.22. They are tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory that periodically inspects products to make sure they are in compliance. This rating is used to size temperature and pressure relief valves to ensure they will discharge adequate water as needed when the temperature exceeds the BTU input rating of the tank for which they will be used. The temperature and pressure relief valve must be able to discharge more BTU's than the heater is capable of putting into the water.

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