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Water Heater Elements & Electric Thermostats® is pleased to be your source for replacement water heater elements, electric thermostats, and more. If you already know what you're looking for, please browse our extensive selection to find what you need. However, if you need a little help figuring out the right replacement element for you, keep reading!

Please note: The water heater elements, thermostats and other electrical products shown on this page are non-returnable.

How do I determine which type of water heater element I need?
  1. Examine your existing element.
  2. You will need to find out the voltage and the wattage. This information can usually be found on the label affixed to the side of your water heater tank.
  3. Compare and match your results of volts and watts to the volts and watts columns below.
  4. Choose the volts that match your voltage 120 or 240.
  5. Choose the watts that are closest to your wattage. (Note: if your wattage is not shown then use the closest wattage that is lower than your wattage. The wiring of your water heater may not be made to take higher wattage.)
  6. Make sure the tank diameter of your water heater will accommodate the element you've chosen.
  7. Consider your water quality - ripple style or foldback style elements are especially useful for those with hard water. These elements function the same and have the same voltage/wattage, but the greater surface area causes less wear on the element.
How do I choose which density I need?
  • Good = High Watt Density - made of copper tubing with magnesium oxide and nickel plating. Threaded base made of zinc-plated carbon steel.
  • Better = Low Watt Density - also made of copper tubing with magnesium oxide and nickel plating. Threaded base made of zinc-plated carbon steel.
  • Best = Ultra Low Watt Density - made from high grade Nickel and Chromium Incoloy (stainless steel). Threaded base made of nickel plated steel. Ultra Low Watt Density elements are recommended when water has high mineral content.
Elements for brewing beer can be found here

How do I install my new water heater element? -- Read our Water Heater Element Installation Instructions

Threaded (Screw-In) Elements

1" NPSM threads & 1-1/2" outer nut
NPSM - National Pipe Straight Mechanical (non-tapered threads), seals with included rubber washer

Model #240-2500-HWD water heater element

Model # Volts Watts Density Min. Tank
Price & Quantity
120-1500-HWD 120 1500 High 9" $8.88
120-1500-LWD 120 1500 Low 10" $13.72
120-1500-ULWD 120 1500 Ultra Low 9" $24.81
120-2000-HWD 120 2000 High 9" $9.89
240-1500-HWD 240 1500 High 9" $9.58
240-1500-ULWD 240 1500 Ultra Low 12" $17.21
240-2000-HWD 240 2000 High 10" $9.42
240-2500-HWD 240 2500 High 14" $9.87
240-2500-LWD 240 2500 Low 10" $11.14
240-2500-ULWD 240 2500 Ultra Low 12" $22.93
240-3000-HWD 240 3000 High 15" $9.18
240-3500-HWD 240 3500 High 14" $9.99
240-3500-LWD 240 3500 Low 11" $12.43
240-3500-ULWD 240 3500 Ultra Low 15" $25.92
240-4000-HWD 240 4000 High 15" $10.87
240-4500-HWD 240 4500 High 15" $7.57
240-4500-LWD 240 4500 Low 13" $11.89
240-4500-ULWD 240 4500 Ultra Low 15" $25.85
240-4500-ULWD 240 4500 Ultra Low
Ripple Style
15" $33.22
240-5500-HWD 240 5500 High 11" $12.29
240-5500-ULWD 240 5500 Ultra Low
Foldback Style
15" $26.29
240-5500-ULWD 240 5500 Ultra Low
Ripple Style
15" $29.37
240-6000-LWD 240 6000 Low 17" $17.36
240-6000-ULWD 240 6000 Ultra Low 24" $34.58

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Premium Ultra Low Watt Density Heating Elements

High performance nickel-chromium stainless steel alloy sheath gives it additional strength to resist dry firing and helps prevent caramelizing and scorching. These are great for brewing beer or heating slightly acidic liquids.

Heating Element 02929

Shown: 240-4500-LWD-SSB

Heating Element 02955

Shown: 240-4500-LWDR-SSB

Model # Volts Watts Density Min. Tank
Price & Quantity
240-4500-LWD-SSB 240 4500 Ultra Low - Foldback Style 15" $28.59
240-5500-LWD-SSB 240 5500 Ultra Low - Foldback Style 15" $31.42
240-4500-LWDR-SSB 240 4500 Ultra Low - Ripple Foldback Style 15" $42.61
240-5500-LWDR-SSB 240 5500 Ultra Low - Ripple Foldback Style 15" $34.96

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Heavy Duty Water Heater Element Removal Wrench

  • For use with the elements shown directly above with 1-1/2" nut
  • Removes those stubborn water heater elements
  • Heavy duty construction

Water Heater Element Wrench #TEW = $8.95

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4-Bolt Style Elements

Model #240-4500-HWD-4B water heater element

Model # Volts Watts Density Min. Tank
Price & Quantity
High Watt Density 4-Bolt Elements
120-1500-HWD-4B 120 1500 High 9" $11.71
120-2000-HWD-4B 120 2000 High 9" $11.44
240-2500-HWD-4B 240 2500 High 10" $11.59
240-3000-HWD-4B 240 3000 High 12" $11.24
240-3500-HWD-4B 240 3500 High 14" $11.78
240-4500-HWD-4B 240 4500 High 15" $9.99
Low Watt Density 4-Bolt Elements
240-4500-LWD-4B 240 4500 Low 13" $13.69
Replacement Parts
06882 Universal Element Gasket $0.92

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Replacement Parts for New Style Tiny Titan

Description Price & Quantity
Element Kit - 4-Bolt Element, Gasket and Anode Rod (120v, 1500 watts) $50.92
4-Bolt Gasket - for Titan element $12.69
Thermostat - May not fit all Tiny Titans, knobs not included - (thermostat trouble shooting information) $31.52
Anode Rod - New Style $10.95

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to Ariston mini-tank replacement parts

Old Style Tiny Titan

Diagram # Description Price & Quantity
1 Anode Rod $10.95
2 Oval Water Heater Element (120v, 1350 watts) $24.51
4 Oval Element Gasket $5.73
14 Thermostat - (thermostat trouble shooting information) $31.52
1, 2, 4 Element Kit - Water Heater Element (120v, 1350 watts), Gasket, and Anode Rod $39.89

Please note: If you don't see your number, unfortunately, it is no longer available. If you have the old-style, large threaded anode, you will need to replace the anode & element. The new anodes now have a small threaded post.

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Water Heater Thermostats

Model # Description Price & Quantity
High Limit Only
#EL12 High-limit ONLY Thermostat - with manual reset $9.29
Apcom Style Thermostats
#07863 Apcom Style Thermostat - For upper thermostat element of dual element water heaters - protective cover included $21.68
#07723 Apcom Style Thermostat - For lower thermostat element of dual element water heaters - protective cover included $10.17
#07843 Apcom Style Thermostat - For single thermostat element - protective cover included $17.93
Residential Therm-O-Disc Style Thermostats
#08123 Therm-O-Disc Style Residential Thermostat - For lower thermostat element of dual element water heaters - protective cover sold separately below $9.27
#08143 Therm-O-Disc Style Residential Thermostat - For single thermostat element - protective cover sold separately below $17.98
#08163 Therm-O-Disc Style Residential Thermostat - For upper thermostat element of dual element water heaters - protective cover sold separately below $17.92
Commercial Therm-O-Disc Style Thermostats
180°F thermostats that are designed for commercial use
#08304 Therm-O-Disc Style Commercial Thermostat - For upper thermostat element - protective cover sold separately below $22.76
#08314 Therm-O-Disc Style Commercial Thermostat - For lower thermostat element - protective cover sold separately below $11.68
Thermostat Protective Covers
Great for residential & commercial therm-o-disc style thermostats shown above
#08103 Lower thermostat protective cover $2.78
#08113 Upper thermostat protective cover $2.79

Please note: Thermostats fit most models (not all) of A O Smith, Bradford White, Craftmaster, General Electric, GS Wood, Kenmore, Lockinvar, Maytag, Mor-Flo, Reliance, Rheem, Richmond, Ruud, Sears, State brands

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Water Heater Continuity Tester

Therm-O-Disc Style

Tests elements & thermostats while they are in the heater. May also be used to test continuity in fluorescent lights, fuses and appliances. Sensitive enough to measure even the fine filament wire in a light bulb. Sensitive LED light indicates continuity. Durable body with protective cover over light and probe. More useful than a circuit tester. Complete instructions & batteries included.

Water Heater Continuity Tester = $8.97

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Element Conversion Kit

  • Replace a flat, universal, or round flange element with a standard screw-in element using this conversion kit
  • This adapter kit is intended for use with a screw-in type element to replace water heater elements that look like figures 1, 2 or 3
  • Adapt-a-flange, thermostat bracket, and 4-hole gasket feature 1-3/4" center to center bolt holes
Kit Includes:
  • (1) 2-1/2" 4-bolt adapt-a-flange
  • (1) 4 hole gasket
  • (4) 5/16" - 18 5/8" hex washer-head bolts
  • (1) Screw-in gasket
  • (1) Thermostat bracket

Universal Element Conversion Kit = $6.79

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Do you sell thermostats that will go to higher temperatures than my standard residential thermostat that came with my electric water heater?"
A. We aren't aware of any water heater company that will not void your warranty if you install a higher temperature thermostat. This is for two reasons: the lining of your residential tank probably isn't designed for continuous temperatures over 140 degrees and scalding liability potential. For that reason we also won't sell any electric thermostats that can go over standard temperatures.

Q. "Can I increase the wattage to a higher wattage when replacing an element?"
A. Due to liability, we never recommend that you increase the element wattage over the original element installed by the manufacturer. We are not aware of any water heater manufacturer that will warranty a heater if you have changed wattages.

Q. "What is the difference between High and Low Density elements?"
A. A high density element is able to transfer more energy flow (higher temperature) per square inch to the water in the water heater but these higher temperatures will wear out the element much quicker than a lower density element. If you have scale build-up a high density element will need to generate this higher temperature for a longer length of time to transfer energy through the added coating on the element which will then cause it to burn out quicker. Lower density elements operate at lower temperatures per square inch so if they encounter a scale build up, the higher amount of energy needed to get through the added coating does not cause the element to get hot enough to burn out the element. A lower density element tends to last longer.

Q. "Which is better, one element or two on a water heater?"
A. In our opinion, there is NO doubt about which is best: two elements! Most two element systems work like this: The upper element goes on first and once it is hot enough on top then the lower element goes on. If the water you are getting out of your heater comes from the top, why would anyone think that heating the bottom only is better? We think the only reason is to save manufacturing costs.

Q. "Do you think electric water-heater timers are worth it?"
A. In almost all cases we believe that they should pay for themselves in a short time.

Q. "What does incoloy mean?"
A. Incoloy is a type of extra high-grade stainless steel that helps extend the life of the element, resists burnout and the effects of sand or lime over time. For these elements, incoloy pertains to the element coil, not the threaded base of the elements. The extra low density heating elements are made of incoloy, the threaded base is stainless steel with chromium plating. The normal low density and the high density elements are non-incoloy. Non-incoloy element coils are copper on the inside with a nickel plating on the outside. The threaded bases for the low and high density elements are made of zinc-plated carbon steel.

Q. "I have an electric water heater that isn't working?"
A. For a water heater to work, you need the following:
1) Water in the tank; 2) Electric power to your heater; 3) Thermostats that work; 4) Elements that work.

Q. "I replaced the thermostat in my Tiny Titan water heater. As soon as I turn the unit on it shuts off after being on for just a few minutes. Is my new thermostat defective?"
A. Most likely not. If the heating element has become encrusted with scale or lime or if the anode rod is deteriorated and is no longer working correctly, then either one of these conditions can cause the liner of the heater to over heat which in turn causes the thermostat to shut off. The thermostat is equipped with a thermal cut off switch. You will need to push the reset button to reset the thermostat after the problem has been corrected. Unplug the power cord to the water heater and remove the front cover. Press the reset button firmly with the tip of a ball point pin, extra small screwdriver or similar object. A click indicates the thermostat has been reset. Reconnect the power plug. Now check the operation of the thermostat. Turn the temperature dial from high to low. If the red light does not go off on the low setting, disconnect the power supply and replace the thermostat. If the red light goes off on the low setting then set the dial to the desired setting and replace the cover plate. Note: If the heating element is not corroded and working correctly but the high limit needs to be reset frequently then call an electrical technician for further electrical diagnosis.

Q. "How do I check an electric water heater element? Should the elements be removed to check it, and do I need to drain the tank?"
A. It isn't necessary to remove the elements or drain the tank to test them, but the elements must be removed (and the tank drained) to replace them. To test the elements, you will need a voltage/OHM meter. Turn off the power to the heater first and disconnect the two wires to the elements. Set the meter to the "OHM" function, and check the flow between the two screw connectors of the elements: If there is a positive reading, then the circuit is "closed" and the element is fine; if there is no reading, the circuit is "open" and a new element is needed. Also, if you get a reading on your meter between either of the screw connections and the metal element, the element is shorted and must be replaced.
You should expect an approximation of the following readings on the OHM meter (give or take a little) for functioning elements:

  • 15.5 ohms for 3500 watts
  • 13.0 ohms for 4500 watts
  • 10.0 ohms for 5500 watts

Q. "Will 'low density' water heater elements take longer to heat up than 'high density' elements?"
A. No. Low density water heater elements use less watts of energy per square inch so they are made longer in length to make up the watts rating of the element. A 4500 watt high density element generally has 30 square inches of surface area and a 4500 watt low density element generally has 60 square inches of surface area.

Q. "Will the model #120-1500-ULWD water heater element work as a replacement for the InSinkErator model #W152-1?"
A. Yes, according to InSinkErator, our model #120-1500-ULWD will work as a replacement heating element for their model #W152-1 point of use water heater.

Customer Testimonials

"It's been a real pleasure to deal with such a professional company who cares about their customers. You'll be the company I deal with from now on! Thanks again."
- Michael Oley, Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887-3331

"You actually had what I wanted and you explained the different heating elements with regards to hard water. Yours is one of the easiest sites I've looked at."
- Angela Eubank, Hudson Oaks, Texas 76087-9185

"I have never dealt with companies such as yours. You are the most customer-oriented company that I have had the pleasure to deal with. It's so nice to be treated the way you guys have treated me. I really appreciate it."
- Joe Giles, Newark, Ohio 43050-9363

"...Wow. Thanks for the great service....If there would be more companies out there like yours, believe me, we wouldn't be outsourcing all the business that we have over the last few years."
- Chuck Sutton, Port Saint Lucie, Florida 34983-1615

"I received the replacement thermostat today. I installed it and it worked just fine. Thank you for all your help. I appreciated your concern over the problem I was experiencing and the personalized service I received. I'm very happy with the results. I was very happy with the help and communications I received from the people I talked with at your company. Everyone seemed to want to assist in anyway they could to resolve my small issue. It was very uplifting. Thanks again."
- Charles Galyan, Oakhurst, California 93644-9748

"I received the thermostat today. I appreciate your efforts to make this happen on an expedited basis, very kind and professional of you. The plumber is coming tomorrow early to install so this was very helpful. Thank you."
- Douglas Forman, Oakland, CA 94609

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us so we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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