Stainless Steel Vent For Tankless Water Heaters

Nova Vent is designed for use with Takagi tankless water heaters
and Bosch tankless water heaters

In search of a solution for your stainless steel venting needs?® is pleased to offer this premium line of Category III venting components: with quick "Snap-Lock" connections, high quality stainless steel, and included heat-resistant rubber gaskets, these gas exhaust pipe components are a key element of a complete water heater venting installation.

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Nova venting products are single wall and require 6" clearance from combustible material. Category III piping systems operate with positive vent pressure and are sealed by the high temperature seals and locking devices built into the Category III approved vent pipe. Category III piping systems cannot be joined with Category I gravity vented piping systems.

  • High quality, Category III stainless steel exhaust piping
  • Versatility - vertical and horizontal terminations
  • All Nova Vent products are UL Listed
  • All connections have heat resistant rubber gaskets

Straight Vent Pipe - 4" Diameter

Nova Vent 4" straight pipe components range in length from 6 inches to 48 inches, and are compatible with both horizontal and vertical termination installations, providing the perfect solution for both long and short runs of piping.

Straight vent pipe12" Length Straight Vent Pipe
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007987005 6" Straight Vent Pipe $23.37
9007986005 12" Straight Vent Pipe $29.22
9007984005 24" Straight Vent Pipe $39.93
9007983005 36" Straight Vent Pipe $55.51
9007982005 48" Straight Vent Pipe $74.01

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Adjustable Vent Pipe - 4" Diameter

Adjustable piping components are ideal for when you need that pipe to be just a little bit longer. With its gasketed telescoping section, this component allows you to add additional inches without additional fittings.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007985005 7" -  9.9" Adjustable Vent Pipe $42.85

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Vent Pipe Elbows - 4" Diameter

Used to change the direction of a venting system, vent elbows are available in both 90 degree and 45 degree configurations to accommodate nearly every venting need.
Takagi 90 degree elbow90° Elbow
Takagi 45 degree elbow45° Elbow
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007981005 45 Degree Elbow $45.78
9007980005 90 Degree Elbow $53.57

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Female-Female Vent Pipe Adapters

Most often used at the beginning or end of the venting system, this adapter allows you to firmly connect two male component ends.
Takagi backflow preventer adapterBackflow Preventer
View Dimensions
Takagi female-female adapterFemale x Female Adapter
View Dimensions
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007996005 Backflow Preventer & Female-Female Adapter $47.72
9007979005 Female-Female Adapter $40.91

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Horizontal Vent Pipe Drain Tee

Horizontal drain tees are installed in a horizontal run to allow any condensate to drain away from the heater, helping to prevent corrosion and keep your tankless water heater healthy.
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007994005 Horizontal Drain Tee $34.09

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Vertical Vent Pipe Drain Tee

Install a vertical drain tee to prevent moisture and condensate from entering the water heater. View an example of a vertical drain tee in use!
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007993005 Vertical Drain Tee $40.91

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Direct Vent Conversion Kit

Direct vent conversion kit fits Takagi T-KJr2/U, T-k4/U and T-D2/U

Takagi direct vent conversion kit
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007667005 Direct Vent Conversion Kit $31.29

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Wall Vent Terminator with Hood

Also used for terminating a venting system through a side wall, a wall vent terminator with the addition of a hood provides more protection from severe weather conditions.

wall thimble with vent termination hoodTermination Hood With Wall Thimble
Horizontal termination hood with louverHorizontal Termination Hood/Louver
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9008005005 Termination Hood with Wall Thimble for 5" - 10" wall thickness $163.61
9008004005 Termination Hood with Wall Thimble for 4" - 7" wall thickness $124.66
9007999005 Vent Termination Horizontal Hood/Louver $92.53

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Wall Thimble

This wall thimble provides the proper clearance needed to keep piping that is installed through a wall at a safe distance from combustible materials. These wall thimbles easily adjust between 4" - 7" to accommodate various wall thicknesses.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9008345005 Wall Thimble $72.07

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Concentric Direct-Vent Termination

3" Intake x 4" Exhaust
Specifically designed for models: T-KJr2/U, T-K4/U, and T-D2/U

wall thimble9008147005
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9008147005 Concentric Direct-Vent Terminaton For 5" to 10" wall thickness $105.18
9008148005 Concentric Direct-Vent Terminaton For 12" to 18" wall thickness $134.99

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Angled Roof Flashing

This 30° angled roof flashing provides water tight roof venting for angled surfaces, such as a pitched roof. For roof pitches between 3/12 and 7/12.
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007991005 Angled Roof Flashing $51.62

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Flat Roof Flashing

Flat roof flashings provide a water tight, protective joint for venting through a flat surface. For roof pitches between 0/12 and 2/12.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007992005 Flat Roof Flashing $16.56

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Venting Support Strap

Support straps are also used to provide structural support and proper spacing for your venting installation. These are especially useful for horizontal runs of a venting system.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
(formerly TK-KPSS44)
Support Strap (4-inch) $31.16

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Extreme Rain Cap

A rain cap allows the system to vent through the roof and helps keep out rain, as well as birds and other foreign objects.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9008145005 Extreme Weather Rain Cap $92.53

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Storm Collar

The storm collar is designed to attach directly onto a vent pipe and helps prevent rain from entering through the roof flashing.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007990005 Storm Collar $24.35

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Vertical Firestop

Vertical firestops are installed whenever a vent passes through a combustible floor or ceiling.

Part Number Description Price & Quantity
9007988005 Vertical Firestop $57.47

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Pipe Cover

This pipe cover can be attached directly to the bottom side of the Takagi tankless water heaters to provide a cover for the pipe connections, providing protection with style.

pipe cover
Part Number Description Price & Quantity
TK-PC01 Pipe Cover for use with the T-K3, T-K3-SP, T-K3-OS, T-K3-Pro $114.93

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Nova venting components can be assembled to meet your specific installation, but for a general idea, please click on the links below for sample installation diagrams:

Sample Rooftop Installation Diagram
Sample Sidewall Installation Diagram

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I live in a very cold area and sometimes it freezes. Would I need a backflow preventer?"
A. Yes. A backflow preventer is essential in installations where chilled air could cause the heater to freeze, including indoor installations. And, as always, confirm with a trusted local professional that you have checked for all possible ways to keep your tankless heater from freezing.

Q. "Why do I need a vertical firestop?"
A. A vertical firestop needs to be installed whenever a vent passes through a combustible floor or ceiling to prevent the vent from becoming a way for fire to spread. As always please confirm your local code requirements with the proper authorities.

Q. "I'm replacing some sections of older vent pipe. Can I just add this onto my existing venting material?"
A. While some venting systems may work with together, it is not recommended to mix and match. Also, if you find you need to replace one section, other sections may need to be replaced soon as well.

Q. "Will Nova venting products work with other brands of water heaters?"
A. Nova's line of gas venting products are designed to work with many brand tankless water heaters that require Category III vent piping.

Q. "Will this 4-inch diameter vent pipe work on all sizes and models of Takagi tankless water heaters, regardless of BTU and so on?"
A. Except where noted as designed for a specific unit, these 4-inch diameter gas venting components will work with all sizes and models of Takagi heaters, though which components are appropriate will vary depending on the installation. Please consult with a licensed installer and your local code enforcement agency when installing and venting tankless water heaters.

Q. "Can I use PVC to vent tankless water heaters?"
A. No. The temperature of the exhaust is too high to safely use PVC as venting material. We never recommend PVC as venting even where the ideal exhaust temperatures would technically allow it due to a much higher incident of dangerous issues associated with PVC venting on poorly-maintained gas tankless water heaters.

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