Constant Pressure Boosting Systems

by Grundfos

Tired of low water pressure and having to wait until water is turned off elsewhere in the house for water to pour adequately out of your faucet? These low noise, innovative, domestic booster pumps are especially designed for systems with inadequate water pressure. Whether you have municipal water service or rely on well water to provide fresh water to your building accommodations.

Scala2 Pressure Boosting System

Pressure Boosting Pump Features:
  • Provides perfect, constant water pressure for residential structures up to three floors high and eight faucets
  • Installs easily indoors or outdoors
  • Pump control compares actual incoming pressure with desired pressure and automatically adjusts pump speed as needed
  • Pumps well water from a depth of up to 26 feet (8 meters)
  • Pump is factory set at 43.5 psi outlet pressure
  • Pressure settings easily adjustable to meet individual system requirements
  • Locking operating panel helps prevent accidental or intentional tampering
  • Permanent magnet, water cooled motor helps reduce noise level
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Dry-running protected - pump will reset automatically when cause has been corrected
  • Pump performance increases when demand increases
  • Low noise level of 47 decibel during normal use
  • NEMA 3 outdoor enclosure rating helps provide some protection against rain, sleet, external ice formation and windblown dust
  • Minimum space requirement: 17" (L) x 8 1/2" (W) x 12 13/16" (H)
  • Maximum system pressure: 145 psi
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 87 psi
  • Maximum head: 148 feet
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 113° F.
  • Factory set tank pre-charge pressure: 18 psi
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 113° F. (115 volt model)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 131° F. (230 volt model )
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The Grundfos Scala2 is a complete compact pump, motor, and pressure tank all rolled up in one unit.

Model Pump Size Inlet/Outlet Size Volts Price & Quantity
SCALA2 3/4 HP 1" MIPT 115 $997.95
230 $997.98

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What materials are used to make the SCALA2 pump?"
A. Most of the pump is made of Noryl FE1630PW Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) mixed with Polystyrene (PS) which is a 30 % glass reinforced injection moldable grade plastic. The pressure tank is made of 304 stainless steel and Noryl with a Butyl diaphragm. The combined pump and stationary portion of the electric motor housing is 304 stainless steel and aluminum surrounded by Noryl. The pump shaft seal is made of carbon and ceramic.

Q. "These pumps are supposed to be relatively quiet, but after installing my pump I am hearing some vibration noise in a room next to where the pump is installed. Is this normal?"
A. This is not normal, but sometimes vibrations from the pump can be transferred to the building structure if rigid piping is not braced correctly or if flexible connectors are not used for installation. Here are a few suggestions that may help reduce noise and vibration: (1) Install a rubber pad underneath the pump and make sure the pump is tightened to a solid horizontal foundation using screws through holes in the base plate. (2) Use flexible water connectors to the inlet and outlet ports of the pump instead of rigid piping directly plumbed to those ports. (3) Make sure rigid pipes are tightly secured with pipe hangers close to where they are joined to the connections of any flexible connectors used. Insulating the pipes before the pipe hangers are attached can also help deaden sound travel.

Q. "Do these pumps include flexible pipe connectors?"
A. No, they are not included with these pumps. Flexible pipe connectors must be purchased separately. The inlet and outlet male pipe thread ports do have limited flexible movement of ± 5° to help the installer connect piping to the ports.

Q. "Is the SCALA2 pump maintenance free?"
A. The SCALA2 pump is virtually maintenance free. The manufacturer does recommend the pump owner check the inlet and outlet non-return valves once a year or as needed and clean with warm water and a soft brush if necessary. There is also an insect filter on the bottom of the pump to prevent insects from nesting inside the pump. This insect filter can easily be removed and should be cleaned at least once a year with a stiff brush.

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