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Pull Stop Box

In-wall shutoff valves for toilets and faucets

Get rid of the outdated style of a protruding supply valve, and give your bathroom wall a cleaner look, with a concealed supply outlet box. This unobtrusive supply shut-off is easy to install, is low-profile instead of the whole supply valve sticking out of the wall, and is paintable to help it blend in with your décor. We are pleased to offer this ingenious solution for supply stop installations.

Concealed Outlet Box Kits
Easy push/pull knob to start or stop the flow of water

Example of Pull Stop Box used for faucet and toilet suppliesPull Stop Box installed for a bathroom sink and toilet
Example of a traditional style of toilet supply installationTypical toilet water supply installation

Pull stop box
These outlet boxes feature:
  • Designed to be the super time saving helper for builders and remodelers, this innovative outlet box drastically reduces the time and effort needed to install faucet and toilet supply outlets
  • Easily installs in seconds to create a clean looking installation
  • Simple, intuitive push/pull action to easily start and stop the flow of water
  • High-quality quarter-turn brass valve with 1/2" NPT outlet included
  • Triple O-ring design on valve shank seals in the valve inlet, yet allows the valve to easily be replaced if needed
  • Escutcheon blends with your bathroom wall by painting or covering with wallpaper
  • Small plastic shutoff knob is easy to pull if needed, but sits close to the face of the escutcheon when valve is in the open position
  • Can be mounted in any direction for convenience
  • Pre-drilled holes in mounting box for stud or Hyco strap mounting
  • Meets current low lead legislation
  • View parts explosion
  • See an installation overview
Ever cut a stub-out only to have it leak on new floors, creating another mess to clean up? This rough-in kit eliminates that while making the entire installation faster and easier. Instead of assembling an angle-stop, stub-out, mounting bracket, and valve, you simply cement or solder the water supply to the rough-in unit that has an integral brass valve, then screw the box to a stud. After the drywall is painted, the included debris cover is removed and the supply line is pulled through the decorative cover, which snaps over the rough in box. Fast, easy, and virtually foolproof. Should you ever need to turn the water off to the fixture, the discreet little knob easily pulls out to stop the flow. You can even paint or wallpaper the trim kit to blend in with the wall.

Description Price & Quantity
Pull Stop Box with White Paintable Trim Kit for 1/2" Copper Pipe $15.87
Pull Stop Box with White Paintable Trim Kit for 1/2" CPVC Pipe $14.89
Pull Stop Box with White Paintable Trim Kit for 1/2" PEX Pipe (crimp) $16.88
↓ Individual Components ↓
1/2" Copper Rough In Kit ONLY $13.97
1/2" CPVC Rough In Kit ONLY $13.26
1/2" PEX (crimp) Rough In Kit ONLY $14.27
White Trim Kit (includes escutcheon and knob) ONLY $2.27
1/4 Turn replacement valve - lead free $12.19

- OR - View Cart

Installation Overview

Rough In Overview:

Image of Pull Stop Box rough in step one
Image of Pull Stop Box rough in step two

Image of  Pull Stop Box rough in step three
Image of  Pull Stop Box rough in step four

1. Identify the desired outlet location.

2. Attach the supply line to the valve inlet via pipe manufacturers recommended practice. (i.e., sweat for copper, solvent cement for CPVC, crimp rings for PEX)

3. Fasten the Pull Stop Box using two screws or two nails into a stud. (DO NOT over tighten screws or over drive nails.)

4. The Pull Stop Box is shipped in the off position. Once the box is securely attached to the wall and the supply line is properly attached, no further work is necessary during the rough-in phase. The included protective cover will protect the valve during the construction process.

Once the plumbing is enclosed in the wall and the wall is finished, it's time for the trim to be installed.

Trim Installation:

Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step one
Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step two

Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step three
Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step four

Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step five
Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step six

Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step seven
Image of Pull Stop Box trim out step eight

1. Remove the protective cover by pulling it away from the wall.

2. Feed a flexible connector through the escutcheon. It may be helpful to first attach the supply line to the fixture.

3. Thread the flexible supply line onto the valve outlet and tighten to manufacturers specifications.

4. Swing the threaded metal arm on the valve out to be perpendicular to the wall.

5. Line up the square hole in the escutcheon with the threaded metal arm and push the escutcheon into the Pull Stop Box while making sure to feed the threaded metal arm through the square hole.

6. Thread the knob onto the threaded metal arm a minimum of four full turns.

7. Continue threading the knob onto the threaded metal arm until the square portion of the knob's shank is flush with the square hole in the escutcheon. (The square hole prevents over tightening and accidental removal of the knob while the valve is in the "ON" position.)

8. When water supply is desired, push the knob in towards the wall to turn the valve on. To stop the flow of water, pull the knob towards you, away from the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What keeps the valve locked into the valve inlet?"
A. The valve is kept in place by the red valve block.

Q. "How is the push/pull knob removed when the escutcheon needs to be removed if the hose needs to be replaced?"
A. The knob screws onto or off of the valve, much like a drawer pull. They are designed so that the knob can only be installed and removed in the off position.

Q. "Besides faucets and toilets, can the Pull Stop Box be used with other appliances/fixtures?"
A. The Pull Stop Box concealed water supply outlet box can be used for anything that uses a 1/2" NPT connection.

Q. "Is this only for new construction?"
A. The Pull Stop Box was specifically designed with new construction in mind since all the walls are open and several fixtures are being roughed in at once, making it a great time-saver during both the rough in and trim out processes. But it would also be great on smaller-scale projects, such as adding another bathroom to an existing home, or even kitchen and bathroom remodels. Property management companies and landlords may find that the lower profile design of the Pull Stop Box sees less wear and tear than typical angle stop installations. Keep in mind that for a seamless-looking installation, you'll want to install the Pull Stop Box while the walls are open or easily accessible through an access panel.

Q. "Are these concealed valves vandal resistant?"
A. No, the Pull Stop Box is intended for residential facilities, so valve access has not been designed to be inaccessible and may be subject to tampering, the same as a traditional angle stop installation.

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