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For a finished, professional look to your residential or commercial gas installation, a Gas Appliance Valve Box is the perfect solution. Strong, durable, and easy to install, these outlet boxes will last for ages and can withstand every day use and abuse. The simple design makes your gas installation look clean and unobtrusive, while providing a neat, effective method of indoor installation for many homes.® is your source for these and many other helpful products.
Stay safe and learn how to turn off your gas in the event of a natural disaster or emergency

Ox Box Gas Outlet Box

outlet box for gas applicances
  • Quick and easy installation for professional-looking gas outlet installations
  • Great for residential or commercial applications
  • Available with 1/2" or 3/4" gas valves
  • Available with ABS or fire-retardant resin rough in box
  • Quarter turn ball valve for easy operation
  • Rough-in box may be installed with supply from top or bottom
  • Works with 1/2" drywall
  • Durable ABS stands up to job site abuse
  • Strong and fast mounting over the stud
  • Each Ox Box includes:
    • 18" galvanized steel support bracket
    • White rough in box
    • White snap on frame
    • Iron pipe size test plug
  • Click for dimensions
  • CSA certification to ANSI Z21.15-1997 / CA 9.1-M97
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button

Keep your gas outlets accessible but out of the way with a gas appliance valve box. Outlet boxes allow gas appliances to be set closer to the wall as there's no stubout to work around. Use with gas range or oven, wall heater, water heater, furnaces, dryers, or anything else connected to a gas line. Gas boxes also help maintain the professional look of any natural gas or propane valve in either residential or commercial installations, eliminating those unsightly and often in the way valves that stick up from the floor or out from the wall. The frame has a modern beveled design and may be painted or wallpapered. Specifically designed to install between studs, and able to mount with the supply line from the top or bottom, this kit includes a white rough in box and frame in your choice of ABS or fire-retardant resin, an 18" 18-gauge galvanized steel support bracket, and a quarter turn gas valve suitable for either natural gas or propane.

Model Description Price & Quantity
696-1021GF ABS Gas Box - 1/2" NPT Inlet & Outlet $32.33
696-1031GF ABS Gas Box - 3/4" NPT Inlet & Outlet $31.57
696-1020GF ABS Gas Box - 1/2" FIP Valve for CSST Connection $31.31
696R1021GF Fire Rated Gas Box - 1/2" NPT Inlet & Outlet $79.07
696R1031GF Fire Rated Gas Box - 3/4" NPT Inlet & Outlet $80.27
696R1020GF Fire Rated Gas Box - 1/2" FIP Valve for CSST Connection $74.34
Replacement Parts
696-1 Single Hole BOX ONLY (no frame, no valve) - Please note: Not fire rated $5.11
696-1F Frame ONLY for Single Hole Ox Box - Please note: Not fire rated $2.25
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Are these gas line boxes suitable for outdoor use?"
A. No. Per the manufacturer, these are designed for indoor applications only.

Q. "What is CSST?"
A. CSST is an abbreviation for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, which is available under a number of brand names and used as an alternative to black iron for gas piping in some municipalities. As always, check with your local municipality to confirm the applicable codes for your job site. We do not carry CSST pipe at this time.

Q. "What's the difference between standard and fire rated outlet boxes?"
A. Standard outlet boxes are simply a box installed between the wall studs to keep valves out of the way yet accessible. These are not rated for use in areas that require fire retardant materials. Fire retardant gas outlet boxes are designed to be used in conjunction with fire retardant building materials to maintain the performance of the fire retardant construction. The outlet boxes on this page are not only constructed of a fire-retardant resin, but they also feature intumescent pads, which is a kind of fire stop putty designed to retard heat transfer in the event a fire reaches the pad, which can help keep a fire from spreading further.

Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

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