Shower Head Flow Controls

Save water, energy, and sewage fees by adding these great valves

With water being one of the world's most precious resources, more people are making an effort to conserve it as much as possible. One of many helpful ways to do this is to use products designed to be effective while still using less water. Slowing the flow of water in the shower while shaving or shampooing is a simple way to reduce the amount of wasted water going down the drain, and we here at® are pleased to offer many simple solutions for saving water in your shower.

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Example of push button volume control
Photo of this shower volume control valve
Photo of this shower flow regulator

in-line shower flow regulator adapter - fipt x mipt
shower regulator washers

ECO Friendly Super Water Saving FLOW CONTROL

Super water saving shower head flow control valve
This flow control features:
  • Flow control reduces existing flow to trickle while soaping or shaving
  • Lets you add a trickle function to your shower to help save water, energy, and sewage fees
  • Push button operated
  • 1/2"IPS connections fit standard shower arms and shower heads
  • Chrome finished brass
  • Exact style may vary

Chrome Flow Control = $6.96

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Deluxe Flow Control For Showers

Flow Control
This deluxe flow control features:
  • Help conserve water by using this great flow control in your shower
  • Simply turn handle to slow water flow to a trickle while soaping up, shaving, etc.
  • Durable solid brass construction
  • Chrome finish
  • 1/2"IPS (fits standard shower arms and shower heads)

Deluxe Shower Volume Control = $23.43

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Premier Shower Head Flow Regulator - non-adjustable

Flow Reglator
This shower flow regulator features:
  • Shower flow controller
  • Non-corrosive chrome plated ABS
  • Pressure compensating flow regulator
  • Reduces water flow for water conservation
  • 1.5 GPM

Shower Head Flow Regulator = $4.34

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Shower Flow Regulator - non adjustable

in-line shower flow regulator
These in-line shower regulators feature:
  • Water saving technology to regulate flow of water consistently
  • Easily add this regulator to any standard 1/2" shower arm
  • Pressure compensating - maintains uniform water efficiency for all pressure variations
  • Operating working pressure: 20-80 psi
  • Chrome plated brass finish for extra durability
  • 1/2" fipt x mipt - water flows from female inlet to male outlet
  • View installation instructions - Note: water must flow into female inlet and out through male outlet for correct flow regulation
These in-line regulators will provide steady, high-efficiency water flow from your shower head regardless of fluctuations in your water pressure. Choose the regulator with the gallon per minute flow rate you desire and you can rest assured your water flow will stay consistent with that flow rate. Simply add the regulator to your existing 1/2" shower arm.

Flow Rate Description Price & Quantity
1.5 gpm 1/2" Shower Flow Regulator - chrome $5.26
1.75 gpm 1/2" Shower Flow Regulator - chrome $6.17
2.0 gpm 1/2" Shower Flow Regulator - chrome $4.90

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Shower Flow Regulator Washers Only

shower regulator washerPCW

pcw-02 silicone shower flow regulator washerPCW-02
These shower flow regulator washers feature:
  • A water saving design that regulates the flow of water without sacrificing performance
  • Not just for showers - fits directly into standard 1/2" female threads to regulate incoming water to sink faucets
  • Use with shower hose fittings for flow control and washer seal
  • Flexible orifice provides reliable flow regulation
  • Operating working pressure: 15-150 psi
  • Pressure compensating - consistent output regardless of pressure fluctuations
  • PCW (TPE) 3/4" diameter
  • PCW-02 (Silicone) 3/4" diameter
  • PCW-02 fits inside various internal tube diameters
  • View PCW-02 specifications
  • View installation instructions for the PCW
  • View installation instructions for the PCW-02

Flow Rate Description Price & Quantity
1.5 gpm PCW Shower Regulator Washer (TPE) - green $2.77
1.75 gpm PCW Shower Regulator Washer (TPE) - light blue $2.90
2.0 gpm PCW Shower Regulator Washer (TPE) - lilac $3.22
1.5 gpm PCW-02 Shower Regulator Washer (silicone) - green $3.97
1.75 gpm PCW-02 Shower Regulator Washer (silicone) - light blue $3.94
2.0 gpm PCW-02 Shower Regulator Washer (silicone) - lilac $3.06

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why don't these shower head volume controls completely shut off water flow from my shower head?"
A. The flow control valves (included) are intentionally designed to not be able to shut off completely. This is done for safety reasons. Consider if you shut both valves off completely at the heads (rather than shutting off the shower valve). You then would have the hot and cold water both on at the same time - connected. That means that which ever side has more pressure would then push itself (either the cold going into the hot line or the hot going into the cold side). That means that there now is a potential to get completely all hot water coming out of cold sides of valves. Including when you turn the valves back on at these shower heads. All hot water could come out and that could scald you. To help prevent potential scalding the volume control valves won't shut off completely.

Q. "Some of the shower regulator washers say TPE in the description. What does TPE mean?"
A. TPE is the abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomers. These washers are made of this material which are processed like plastics but provide a product that functions like a rubber. TPE's are very flexible and can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice their original size at room temperature and then return to the approximate original size and shape when released. The TPE's used in these regulator washers have an excellent resistance to weather and ozone conditions and are approved for drinking water.

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