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Meet some of the wonderful employees who make the customer service at® the best on the Internet!



Since 2005, Aden has been helping customers with their plumbing inquiries and researching solutions for their pesky problems. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed. We're pleased that he has stepped into the role of CEO and President. We're confident our team will continue to grow and provide the very best customer service under his leadership.

Always there to assist anyone who has questions or needs help with any given issue, he is excellent at keeping our crew on task and organized and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Because of his in-depth, hands-on experience with many of the products, numerous plumbing parts and fittings that we offer, he often finds himself as one of the "go to" people our team turns to with difficult product questions.

Aden enjoys most motor sports, especially off-roading and hot-rodding and rides his bike year-round and really loves it ("except for rainy days"). His newest interest is gardening and working on his "green thumb", which looks promising. He also proclaims to be an amateur hiker, but looks forward to more difficult hikes in the future.

Here are some nice comments that our customers made about Aden:

"Aden - you have indeed gone above and beyond the call of duty. So happy we connected with you, and I'm sure you are a huge asset to your company. Take care and have a great day!"
- Regina Lorenzen, Summerville, West Virginia 26651

"Thank you Aden- In this day and age it's difficult to find such a superior sales person who actually follows thru with what they say they are gonna do. You went above and beyond the call of duty here and John and I thank you and will certainly use the services of Plumbing Supply in the future!"
- John and Christy Phillipps, West Tisbury, Massachussetts 02575-0242



Pedro came to PlumbingSupply Group in 2002 and like most of those before him, started out on our Order Fulfillment Team. He is now our Senior Purchasing Agent. He does a wonderful job as he takes pride in monitoring our ever-changing inventory levels and ensuring that our Purchasing Agents are aware of low numbers, special pricing and various vendor purchasing requirements. Due to Pedro's thoroughness and ability to stay on top a never ending task, we normally have 98% of all items stocked and ready to ship the same day the order is placed.

Pedro is not only an asset to the company but a respected peer as well. He is extremely conscientious of his co-workers and is always ready with an inspirational word and smile to brighten someone's rough day. When Pedro is in the office, you are sure to be greeted with a cheery "Good Morning!".

When not at work, Pedro enjoys watching his three children, Luis, Alexia and Isabel, grow and learn as they enjoy life. Pedro says, "It's awesome!". He loves to sit in the shade and read while on his lunch hour and also enjoys finding the unity in all things. To Pedro, every day is a new and exciting day to learn more about the "self" as we are all ever changing beings.

Here are some nice comments that our customers wrote about Pedro:

"Awesome telephone customer service from Pedro. He tracked down the order I had placed earlier online, confirmed that the product was in stock, and couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful along the way."
- Cindy Cox, Houston, Texas 77095-2607

"Pedro was very helpful on my first order."
- Lynne Essig, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234-9676


An image of Farrah

Farrah does a fantastic job in our Accounts Payable Department, helping Mark ensure our accounts are kept in good standing.

Farrah is a self-described coffee maven, cat enthusiast, amateur astrologer, and tiny spoon collector! She is enthusiastic about all-natural home and body care, and enjoys hot springs, yoga, and dancing. She loves Chico for its thrift stores and weekly Farmer’s Market.



Stefani came to us in 2005 and immediately excelled on our Order Fulfillment Team and as a top notch Customer Service Specialist. Now, as our Customer Relations Supervisor, she does everything she can to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their PlumbingSupply experience. She gives our Customer Service Specialists the continuous training needed to ensure they stay up to date with the always evolving sites and our in depth and thorough procedures.

Even after the initial training process, Stefani continues to make sure all of our Customer Service Specialists retain and implement our procedures and standards. Without her dedication and attention to detail, we would not be able to say "under-promise...over-perform". Daily, you can find her monitoring in-coming and out-going emails to make sure all customer concerns are responded to promptly and efficiently as she raises the team's core understanding of customer care.

Aside from her regular responsibilities, she also spends time assisting the Web Development Department. Many times, she is one of the first to review many of the new pages before they are added to our site as well as researching and writing informational paragraphs about the products offered.

In her free time, Stefani enjoys traveling and says that she hopes to do more of it in the near future. She likes to take spontaneous drives, sometimes exploring small towns and she always enjoys a road trip. She "absolutely loves going camping", beach combing and is proud to say that she was certified in 2011 for open water scuba diving. And, of course, she loves to spend time with her family and finding time to read a good book or solve a stubborn problem.

Here are some nice comments our customers made about Stefani:

"Received my order (toilet tank lid) today and it fits the commode exactly right! Thanks very much to Stefani, who patiently helped me find what I needed."
- Dianne, Mississippi

"Thank you so much for your prompt and informative answer to my query! Your concise information made it so easy to order my proper replacement part -- it is rare to receive this quality of customer service/care in this day and age -- I congratulate you and® for you timely and excellent service... although I am visually impaired (legally blind) I had no difficulty navigating your well-organized on-line catalog, especially after receiving your informative reply -- congratulations on a job well done!... Your first-rate customer relations and swift product delivery should consistently be applauded and recognized."
- Alan Mowbray Jr, Luquillo, Puerto Rico 00773

"Dear Stefani, Thank you very much. I am amazed that you took the time to research such a small sales item and found my previous order. You are to be commended for your customer support and for just being a nice person. Your company and sister websites are perfect for the homeowner and do-it-yourself person like me. I contacted your sister site and Stefani took the time to find my five or six year old order for the same part. She sent a very nice and all inclusive email response. That is fantastic customer service for a little item like I ordered. Great people... Your example of customer courtesy and service mirror my philosophy of people relations. I have found over the years that sometimes it is just the little things that you do for someone else that can change an attitude... I will always remember your name, Stefani. Yes, she is the one who made my day a little easier... You deserve all the compliments because you went that extra mile for a simple and inexpensive item."
- Tom Endicott

"Thanks so much for your help!"
- Darrell Rawlings, Richmond, Indiana 47374-1548

"Stefani- Thanks very much for your efficient processing of this order. Much appreciated."
- Zach, Bend, Oregon 97702-9479

"Stefani has been very courteous, helpful and informative. She is a great addition to your team and I hope that you guys know what a great help she has been to me in finding some difficult items."
- Kevin Klein, Forestville, Maryland 20747-4428

"Stefani is awesome."
- John Taylor, Dix Hills, New York 11746-5025


Energetic Laurel

Laurel began as a Customer Service Specialist, and with her excellent communication skills and her ability to retain information, she quickly became a very versatile and valuable employee.

Currently Laurel is an exceptional Customer Service Specialist, providing customers with the care and attention they deserve. Throughout her PlumbingSupply career, she has helped where ever needed, be it the Web Development Department, researching cutting-edge plumbing technology and establishing business relationships with new and existing vendors.

When not expanding her own knowledge of the plumbing world, Laurel likes to spend her time with her family and friends. She is always reading a book and enjoys spending time outdoors and making jewelry.

Here are some nice comments our customers had to say about Laurel:

"Laurel was great to communicate with, very helpful."
- Bob Messina, Frisco, Texas 75034

"When I first began to use your site, it wasn't working properly, so I called and spoke with Laurel. She was great. She answered all my questions, emailed me immediately with the pricing and let me know that the site was fixed."
- Kathryn Comstock, Santa Rosa, California 95404

"Laurel was great. She was quickly able to find out about/get two things not listed on your website and saved my customer a few dollars in the process. It was easier to order these parts from CA than from the local supply houses here."
- Canio Codella, Apex, North Carolina 27539

"Laurel, I want to thank you for your efforts in assisting with finding matching escutcheons. Your company is truly a pleasure to work with."
- Nancy Herman, Kings Park, New York 11754-5032

"Laurel, thank you for your help on the phone today. Your patience and willingness to help me is commendable. Thank you also for the follow up..."
- Attys Kittles, Douglasville, Georgia 30135-7316

"Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make our order complete... We will definitely visit your business again!"
- Joel and Simone Baker, Highland Village, Texas 75077-8617

"...I had a phone conversation with Laurel about which valve to buy, since there are numerous options for the toilets I was working with, and I was VERY impressed with her knowledge on the subject. I mean, really, really, impressed. She has great customer service skills and deserves a raise!! Next time I need something from your company, I'm just going to call her before ordering, because both times now I've had to talk to someone after I placed an order and had them change it for anyway, after discussing the parts and their applications."
- Ken Power, Montrose, California 91020-1407

"I just called with questions about some Valley brand replacement parts. Laurel assisted me and was terrific. She knew her stuff and was as pleasant as could be. I felt like she actually wanted to help me find what I needed (I've been looking locally for quite some time with many frustrations). Anyway, two thumbs up for Laurel!"
- Griff Hughes, Branson, Missouri 65616

Mr. Paek received a broken toilet trip lever and called our Customer Service Department: "Talked to Laurel this morning and explained the issue to her. She was cordial and her professional attitude shows she knew how to handle the matter. Thank you all and special thanks to Laurel."
- Yong Paek, Gold River, California 95670-8308


An image of Ivy

When we gained Ivy as part of our team, we immediately we began to train her for our Order Fulfillment Team, which she quickly got the hang of. She has effortlessly absorbed our many rules, procedures and set ways and has shown her ability to complete tasks in a timely manner and move on to the next thing at hand. We are now proud to have her as one of our Customer Service Specialist, where she handled each and every order with the care and attention that our customers need and deserve.

When not working, Ivy enjoys hanging out with family and friends, watching movies, sewing, listening to music and spending time outdoors, especially with her dog Shiva. She is also training to compete in women's power lifting competitions.

Here are some nice comments that our customers made about Ivy:

"A special Thank You to Ivy who so patiently assisted me in getting the correct parts ordered after I initially ordered the wrong parts (on my own, of course...). I received the reordered parts, have installed them and now the toilet is once again functioning correctly. Thanks Ivy, for all your help. I will remember you and your company whenever I need plumbing supplies in the future."
- Gail Gunst, Crossville, Tennessee 38555-5785

"It's very rare that I send out accolades but I couldn't help myself after working with your organization. The team (primarily Ivy in Customer Service) worked on a parts issue which was particularly challenging for me and 3 different master plumbers."
- Prentiss Donohue, Boulder, Colorado 80302-7507

"Thank you a bunch for your excellent customer service!!! I am absolutely blown away by what you did to assist me. I truly appreciate your efforts. I will be recommending your company all because of you!"
- Corey Orvold, Orting, Washington 98360-8428

"I appreciate all your work in getting me a replacement part for the defective one I received. The replacement part was received today from the manufacturer and it looks really good. You did a wonderful job in helping me to get a good part so quickly. I could not ask for better service to resolve the issue."
- Gene Myers, Tinley Park, Illinois 60487-5158

"Wow, Ivy. I am extremely impressed because customer service like this is very rare in my experience. Your thorough explanation spoke to the amount of time you spent on 'my case'. Thanks again for a pleasant surprise. You made my day!"
- Steve R, Houston, Texas 77035-4910

"Ivy, Thank you for your reply. How wonderful to work with a firm that seems to be so professional and helpful. I assure you, this level of attention to an order is more than a little rare these days. Thank you for your help."
- Steve Wilhelm, Corvallis, Oregon 97330


An image of Aaron

Aaron is one of the great recent additions to our Customer Service Team. He brings with him a fantastic ability to carry conversation, easily communicating well about a variety of topics.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys many diverse hobbies, including reading, playing guitar, watching sports, hiking, and caring for his cat. Aaron is also a food enthusiast, and enjoys craft beer, eating at local restaurants, and making his own culinary creations at home.


An image of Rebecca

As a member of our Customer Service Team, Rebecca spends her days communicating with our customers to ensure their orders go smoothly. She is an excellent addition to our team with an upbeat demeanor and great problem-solving skils.

When she's not learning new skills at work, Rebecca enjoys learning new hobbies, keeping her garden alive, spending time with her family, and seeking out new adventures with road trips to various places. Bonus fact - she has a very impressive movie collection with over 400 titles!

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