Some of Our Very Great Employees

Meet some of the wonderful employees who make the customer service at® the best on the Internet!



Sandee has been a member of both the Warehouse and Order Fulfillment Teams since 2003. She spends much of her time filling orders with the requested items, checking orders to ensure that fellow Fillers have pulled the correct product, processing payment for the order and then shipping the packages out to our expecting customers. She is extremely diligent in making sure that the ordered product is carefully packaged to avoid damage while being shipped and her years of hands-on experience with products is beneficial as she's very efficient in double-checking filled orders.

And, if you need to find something in our warehouse, you can bet that Sandee will find it - and always with a smile! When scheduled for the Warehouse, she is busy receiving product into our warehouse and inspecting it for both accuracy and shipping damage. She then works hard restocking our shelves with the thousands of different items you see on our website. As part of the Warehouse Team, Sandee has been trained as a forklift driver and is always ready to assist others when a needed item is out of hands reach. No job is too hard for Sandee- she is always willing to jump in and help where/when needed.


An image of Brian

Brian has been a member of our IT staff for several years, and has now stepped into the essential role of Chief Technology Officer. With the help of Dan, he manages and maintains our databases and other computer systems. He also manages our Web Development Team, and manages collaborative project between the Web and IT teams.

After a long day of programming, Brian enjoys programming (yep, you read that right...), reading, hanging out with friends, and learning new things.


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Our team gained a great asset when Anthony joined Like those before him, he began his training on the Production Crew, filling incoming orders and carefully packaging and shipping product out to our customers. He quickly absorbed our many strict standards and procedures and became one of our excellent Customer Service Specialists. He now spends his time with the Web Development Team, authoring great articles for our site and managing our social media accounts.

In Anthony's off time, he can be found listening to music and watching old movies. He is an "audiophile" and is very interested and enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Anthony is also a big fan of the Golden State Warriors, an American professional basketball team based in Oakland, CA.


An image of Jeremiah

Jeremiah joined our Web Development team in June of 2017, and spent his first few months here developing both our website and a series of inside jokes with his coworkers. You'll often hear him welcome himself back from break, or quote Gandalf the Grey when greeted with the phrase "Good Morning". Jeremiah is enjoying the opportunity to work with a talented and creative Web Team, as he believes Web Design is a creative process that benefits greatly from having multiple perspectives involved.

Jeremiah is very enthusiastic about the incredible communication abilities the web provides us, and hopes to one day find a way to combine his passions for Web Development and Youth Outreach.

During his free time, Jeremiah enjoys a variety of hobbies. Some of his favorite activities include:

  • Reading a good book
  • Writing a better book
  • Spending time with his niblings
  • Watching the latest episode of Doctor Who
  • Listening to music
  • Solving logic puzzles
  • Playing a contentious strategy game with friends

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