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Mark is one of those wonderful employees that every business wishes they had a dozen of - conscientious, helpful and extremely thorough! He has been with us since before the millennium and was here to help create the start of® . He started on the Order Fulfillment Team and set many of our warehouse, filling and shipping procedures that we still use to this day.

For nearly the past decade, Mark has worked in our Accounts Payable Department. With the help of Pedro, he is busy ensuring that all of our Purchase Orders and product invoices are paid in a timely manner and that our accounts are kept in good standing. Part of making sure that our Accounts Payable Department, and the rest of the company for that matter, is current and up to date with our various suppliers, is constantly updating vendor and manufacturer information. This alone is almost a full time job, but he manages to keep up with it as well as taking care of his other responsibilities. He is also responsible for ordering a few of the product lines that we stock in our warehouse as well as staying on top of our needed office supplies and equipment. His communication skills and relationships with our suppliers are exceptional and his accuracy is well recognized!

When Mark is not busy balancing our accounts and keeping us stocked with pens, Post-it's, coffee and whatever else is needed, he and his wife love to travel and especially get away on cruises. At home, he enjoys spending quality time with both his wife and dog and catching up on various "honey-do" chores. He's a self proclaimed video game junkie and an avid comic book collector, having been collecting since the 70's.

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