Dan is part of our team, he's our top IT specialist

If Dan can't fix a computer problem, chances are that nobody can!

Dan has been with us since the beginning of PlumbingSupply history. He is an expert in Perl, C++, XML and HTML. We have much to thank Dan for, including many years of service as our Chief Technology Officer, a role he has recently stepped back from with the eventual goal of retirement. Much of what you see on this site is due to his programming skills. Our behind the scenes programs are Dan's continuously improving creations and without them, we wouldn't be able to provide the top notch customer service that we do. When asked if he can make a program do this, that or the other, or even something else, he dives right in to creating and perfecting this requested function. On top of constantly monitoring our site's performance and improving our internal programs, Dan also makes sure that our computers and servers are updated and virus free, ensuring that we are running and operating as we should be. Dan loves challenges and so he also has made finding and identifying unique plumbing parts his love.

Dan states: "Plumbing and computers. What else do you need to know in this life?"

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