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Air Gaps

Air gaps are required by many plumbing codes (UPC - Uniform Plumbing Code is one) for dishwashers and for water softeners. We offer dishwasher air gaps in a large selection of finishes to help you match your kitchen sink and/or faucet. We also offer an air gap for water softeners on this page. Air gaps have no moving parts and uses the (free) atmosphere to protect from the reversal of contaminants. We believe that no matter what the local code dictates, every dishwasher discharge, in order to protect your family's health, must go into an airgap before discharging into a food/garbage disposer or drain.

Dishwasher Air Gaps

Air gap - chrome

Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $3.99
Almond/Bone $13.37
White $11.45
Polished Brass $9.95
Red $11.72
Gloss Black $13.91
Flat Black $13.96
Biscuit $12.71
Brushed/Satin Nickel $19.98
Gold $23.90
Chrome w/copper body $28.88
Oil Rubbed Bronze $22.70
Stainless Steel $22.73

Connection Sizes: 5/8" o.d. Inlet & 7/8" o.d. Outlet
Note: stainless steel clamps and reinforced rubber hose are sold separately

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Dishwasher / Reverse Osmosis Combination Air Gap
Dishwasher / RO Combination Air Gap with 1/4" JG RO Port

Dishwasher air gaps with R.O. port

Space saving and unique Combination Air Gap allows the connection of your dishwasher and a Reverse Osmosis drain line in one easy installation.

One side inlet is 5/8" o.d. for use with 5/8" i.d. dishwasher hose and the other side inlet has a 1/4" John Guest (push connection) fitting for use with 1/4" o.d. polyethylene tubing. The center outlet is 7/8" o.d. to accept 7/8" i.d. air gap to garbage disposal discharge hose.

Please note: stainless steel hose clamps and reinforced drain hose are sold separately.

Mounting hole dimensions: 1-3/8" to 1-5/8"
Maximum countertop thickness: 1-7/8"

Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $33.61
Almond $39.99
Bone $39.97
Euro White $39.98
Oil Rubbed Bronze $45.97
Polished Brass $44.89
Satin Nickel $44.98
Stainless Steel $48.90
White $39.95

These air gaps are designed for use with reverse osmosis filter systems.

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Dual Dishwasher Air Gap

This handy twin inlet air gap allows two separate dishwashers to be connected to one air gap. The connection size for the two side inlets are 5/8" o.d., and the center outlet is 7/8" o.d. to accept 7/8" i.d. air gap to garbage disposal discharge hose.

airgap with accessories
Each kit includes:
  • 1 each dual inlet air gap
  • 2 each 5/8" i.d. x 3" length reinforced rubber inlet hoses
  • 2 each 7/16" - 1" stainless steel hose clamps
  • 2 each 1/2" - 1 1/8" stainless steel hose clamps
  • 1 each inlet plug (not shown)
  • Mounting hole dimensions: 1-3/8" to 1-5/8"
  • Maximum countertop thickness: 1-7/8"

The inlet plug can be used in either of the two internal inlet slots to block one of the inlet slots in case only one inlet will be used either temporarily or permanently.

Finish Price & Quantity
Chrome $33.74
Stainless Steel $48.43
Almond $40.73
Bone $40.71
Euro White $40.72
Oil Rubbed Bronze $45.87
Polished Brass $43.55
Satin Nickel $43.58
White $40.70

Please note: additional stainless steel hose clamps and reinforced rubber hose can be purchased separately.

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Water Softener Air Gap

Water Softener Air Gap
  • 1/2" lip for stable mounting in standpipe or washing machine outlet box drain opening
  • Includes 90° barbed adapter
  • Fits inside schedule 40 DWV pipe
  • Click here for dimensions

Water Softener Air Gap Price & Quantity
Fits inside 2" sch.40 clothes washer standpipe #AGWS = $16.29
IF ordered with our water softeners only = $13.29
↓Optional Connector Coupling ↓
Special 1-1/2" Coupling for 1-1/2" sch.40 Standpipes $4.29

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Saddle Drain Connector - Connects RO Air Gap to Drain

Saddle drain connector for RO systems
  • Drain saddles for reverse osmosis systems - connects reverse osmosis system drain tube to sinks drain pipe
  • Standard size drain saddle is 1/4"
  • 3/8" Drain saddle typically used in conjunction with optional air gap faucets
  • Includes two screws

Drain Saddle Connection Sizes Price & Quantity
1.5" Drain Line - 1/4" FPT $1.89
1.5" Drain Line - 3/8" FPT $2.59
1.5" Drain Line - 1/4" Quick Connect $3.88
1.5" Drain Line - 3/8" Quick Connect $4.30
1.5" Drain Line - 1/4" Male Compression $1.94
1.5" Drain Line - 3/8" Male Compression $2.29

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why do I need an air gap?"
A. Air gaps are required by most plumbing codes for dishwashers and for water softeners. They are needed to prevent any possible cross-connection between your potable water system and your sewage system. Without an air gap, there is always a chance (however slim) of siphoning contaminants from your sewage system into your drinking water system.

Q. "Will your softener air gap fit the discharge line from my softener?"
A. It is designed for the softeners that we sell as well as most large softeners. It is for 1/2" i.d. hose, which is the same size as the discharge on our softeners. The 90-degree connection can be installed in any direction and you simply glue it into place once you are happy with the setup.

Q. "It says that the water softener air gap fits a 2" standpipe. Please explain a little better."
A. The air gap is designed to fit inside of a 2" standard (schedule 40) PVC pipe or ABS pipe. It's best to glue it into place with a multipurpose glue for PVC/ABS plastic, but many people have simply installed into their plastic pipe and not glued it. It also will fit inside most steel or cast iron standpipes (a standpipe is the pipe that is for clothes washers). If you have a 1 1/2" standpipe this air gap can work but it is more trouble to install and you'll need a 2" piece of ABS or PVC schedule 40 pipe, and a 2" x 1 1/2" ABS or PVC coupling depending on your type of pipe. The easiest way to install this softener air gap onto a 1 1/2" standpipe is to order our special 1-1/2" coupling that has a stainless steel clamp to attach onto a 1 1/2" pipe.

Q. "My airgap on my sink keeps spitting water every time that I run our dishwasher. What is wrong?"
A. Quality made air gaps are pretty basic products that rarely go "bad". If you purchased your airgap from us you can rest assured that it is a quality airgap. IF your air gap didn't spit in the past then try running your garbage disposer for a few minutes. Basically the way your dishwasher airgap works is that water is pumped through the smaller side of the airgap (5/8") into the airgap and then gravity takes it to your sink (or disposer) with larger hose (7/8"). The larger size has an area of about twice as large and with gravity there normally isn't any problem. If the 7/8" hose is sagging or there is grease build up or a partial stoppage or blockage in your sink/disposer the airgap can "spit." After inspecting under the sink to make sure the 7/8" hose isn't kinked or going uphill at all (it has to go smoothly downhill all the way) then disconnect the 7/8" hose at the sink/disposer and point it into a large bucket. Then run the dishwasher and see if the airgap still spits. If it does then you know you need a new airgap and if it doesn't then you know the "problem" is after the hose.

Q. "What are the sizes on the inlet and outlet of the dishwasher air gaps?"
A. Standard 5/8" i.d. (requires 5/8" inside diameter hose) for the inlet and 7/8" i.d. hose for the outlet.

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