Reinforced Airgap-to-Disposer Hose

If you need airgap to disposer hose, we offer excellent quality reinforced dishwasher hose that can handle frequent high temperatures, the chemicals used in dishwasher soaps, and routine use and abuse. Save time and money by installing the best airgap to disposer/discharge hose available from your source for all things plumbing related,®!

Airgap to disposer drain hose
(cut to show reinforcement)

7/8" Air gap to garbage disposal drain hose

  • Connects air gap to garbage disposal (or drain tee)
  • 7/8" ID
  • 180° max temperature
  • 140 psi at 70°
  • Black EPDM Rubber - non-latex material
  • Available in bulk quantities

  • 7/8" Airgap to Disposer
    Drain/Discharge hose
    Length Price & Quantity
    18" $4.75
    24" $5.69
    30" $6.29
    36" $7.70

    #12 Marine grade stainless steel hose clamp = $1.55
    Diameter range: 7/8" - 1 1/4" (sold each - 2 are needed)

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    Drain Hose in Bulk Quantities

    7/8" Airgap to Disposer
    Drain/Discharge hose
    Length Price & Quantity
    4' $9.11
    5' $10.74
    6' $11.77
    7' $13.05
    8' $14.29
    9' $15.57
    10' $17.09
    20' $30.53
    50' $88.06
    5/8" Dishwasher to Airgap
    Drain/Discharge hose
    Length Price & Quantity
    4' $6.15
    5' $7.69
    6' $9.05
    7' $10.78
    8' $11.82
    9' $13.27
    10' $14.86
    20' $26.46
    50' $63.27
    Purchase 5 cases of the 50' bulk hose (either 5/8" or 7/8") and get a volume discount.
    Pricing discounts will be shown in the shopping cart.

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    to air gaps for dishwashers

    Don't have a disposer?
    made out of 1-1/2" tubular black polypropolene
    See FAQ's below to find out which dishwasher tailpiece you'll need.
    Direct connect WYE (dishwasher tailpiece) - 7/8" barb branch inlet $4.17
    Slip joint WYE (dishwasher tailpiece) - 7/8" barb branch inlet $4.78

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. "What if I don't have a disposer? How can I connect my airgap to my sink drain?"
    A.You can connect to your sink drain by using a dishwasher branch WYE. There are 2 styles: One connects directly to the sink drain and the other connects to the sink tailpiece using a slip joint connection.

    Q. "I need the hose right away. How long after I order it will you ship it and do you have it in stock?"
    A. Over 99% of the time we have this quality reinforced garbage disposer to airgap hose in stock. 99% of the time, if you place your order on a Monday-Friday by noon (on a non holiday working day), we will ship the same day.

    Q. "I've seen hose costing less money, why is this hose more than plain old rubber hose?"
    A. Notice from the picture that this dishwasher hose has some reinforcement inside of it. Also it can take high temperatures and quite a bit of abuse. Consider that dishwasher chemicals are fairly tough and many dishwashers have built in heaters it is best to buy quality dishwasher hose specifically designed for that purpose.

    Q. "Any installation tips, and how hard is it to cut this hose?"
    A. It is best to have no kinks in the hose and also don't allow it to sag. If you do then your dishwasher air gap will probably give you trouble. Of course, it's easiest during an installation to just connect the two ends of the hose, and tighten up the clamps, but what is easiest isn't always best. It's "best" to not create any trapping, sags, etc of the hose and to go as smoothly downhill (and never back uphill) as possible. This hose is fairly easy to cut with almost any type of saw, or PVC cutter but isn't easy to cut with plain scissors.

    Q. "I'm not sure what length to buy?"
    A.For "standard" kitchen sinks (33" x 22") with the airgap in the sink (next to the faucet) and a "standard" size disposer then generally 24" will do the job. Sometimes 18" will work but not always. When in doubt, 30" fits 99% of the time (you will need to cut the hose probably to make it fit perfectly). If you don't want to waste any discharge hose at all it is best to install the air gap and the disposer and then take a measurement.

    Q. "Will the 7/8" inside diameter discharge hose fit my dishwasher?"
    A. The 7/8" discharge hose is designed to connect the airgap and the garbage disposer. Smaller 5/8" is standard in the industry for dishwasher discharge hose.

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