Flip-It® Multi-Fit Drain Stoppers

When you want to simplify the various little things in your life, does a tub drain stopper enter your mind? Well it should! If your bathroom tub or sink does not hold water when they are supposed to, or you have just been using an old sink stopper instead of replacing your pop up stopper, the Flip-It is the perfect solution. With just a flick of the lever, you can fill or drain - you can even use your toes! - and you'll have it done in no time. These stoppers require no tools or glues to get the proper fit for your existing tub or bathroom sink drain, so you can use them right away. Get all the plumbing supplies you need at PlumbingSupply.com®.
All of the Flip-It® stoppers feature:
  • Unique ball-shift toggle system that opens and closes with a simple push of the toe or finger - flip left to close and right to open
  • Simple and easy installation only takes a few minutes
  • Fits almost any standard lavatory or tub drain - view tub drain stopper dimensions or view lav drain stopper dimensions
  • Designed to stay in the drain, these units are able to be removed quickly for cleaning purposes
  • Molded from a combination of DELRIN/POM and ABS plastics, the one piece construction of these items are built to last
  • View me to view an example of the tub stopper installation

"Universal" Tub Drain Stopper Kits

The tub drain stopper kit is a great choice for changing out your existing tub drain stopper. This kit includes the one piece stopper assembly as well as 10 different o-rings to fit virtually all drain bodies. These amazing fit-all replacement tub drain stoppers are designed to fit over 90% of all tub drain openings. Fits drain bodies manufactured by Delta, Eljer, Moen, Watco, and many more. These drain stoppers fit tub drain bodies from 1-3/8" to 1-5/8" in diameter, the stopper portion is 1-1/8" tall and cannot be cut down to fit.

Flip-It Universal Tub Drain Stopper Kit
Add some silicone lubricant for an even easier installation! $4.10
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"Universal" Tub Drain Conversion Kits

The tub drain conversion kit is the perfect choice for changing out your old drain and overflow plate. This kit includes the drain stopper, 10 o-rings to fit almost all brands of drain bodies, the overflow plate, adapter strap, and screw. If you are changing out your existing two screw faceplate, please keep these screws to attach the adapter strap for installing the single screw faceplate, or purchase them separately below. A great choice for changing out an old trip lever tub drain for one of these great easy to operate Flip-It® tub stopper. These drain stoppers fit tub drain bodies from 1-3/8" to 1-5/8" in diameter.

Flip-It Universal Tub Drain Conversion Kit
Add some silicone lubricant for an even easier installation! $4.10
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Flip-It Jr.® "Universal" Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Kits

Tired of all the hassle from your current pop-up drain? Does the pop-up stick in the drain body? Why not change it out with one of these great Flip-It Jr.® bathroom sink drains. With the simple push of your finger, you are free to open and close the drain without any issue. Flip-It Jr. sink stoppers will form a tight seal using the unique toggle ball system. They are designed to stay in the drain, and can quickly be removed for cleaning purposes. These drain stoppers fit sink holes from 1-3/16" to 1-3/8" in diameter.

Flip-It Jr. Universal Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Kit
Add some silicone lubricant for an even easier installation! $4.10
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is a PVD finish?"
A. PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a technology most manufacturers use to protect the finish of their products. PVD finishes offer exceptional richness and depth, and are resistant to discoloration by sunlight.

Q. "What tools will I need to install these stoppers?"
A. No tools are required to install these great drain stoppers. If you purchased the tub drain conversion kit, you will need a screwdriver to remove and install the overflow cover plate. For installing the stopper body, simply select the o-rings that create the tightest seal in the drain body and insert the drain stopper. A small amount of silicone lubricant can be used when installing the Flip-It stopper, and will help ease the removal of the drain stopper for cleaning.

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