Automatic Purge Valves

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Automatic purge valves take the guesswork out of the daily chore of purging your sand separation system. Lakos is the leader in sand filtration products. You may save more than money by installing a Lakos sand separation system from®.

AccuPurge Automatic Purge System

For use with H2O and SMP sand filters

This easy-to-program automatic valve eliminates routine maintenance and assures proper periodic purging of sand and grit. Available for either 110VAC or 220VAC (same unit), this unit comes with a standard 3-prong grounded plug for easy installation. Purge intervals can be set as often as every 4 minutes or as seldom as every 24 hours.

  • Nickel-plated brass with stainless steel ball
  • Purge duration can be set at 20 seconds (recommended minimum) or as long as 5 minutes (Note: longer purge duration is only needed when the purge line is greater than 2-3 feet from the valve to open discharge)
  • Typical purge duration is 20, 25, or 30 seconds max
  • LED display for programming and "valve open" indicator
  • Manual override
  • Easily convert from 110v to 220v
  • Battery-powered backup provides a "fail-safe" to close the valve if power should be interrupted while the valve is open. Requires four AA batteries (not included)
  • Valve may be installed in any position at the purge connection
  • For use with H2O and SMP sand filters

#AP-75-MBV AccuPurge Automatic Purge System = $872.56

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Compact Motorized Ball Valve

For use with ILB & ILS sand separators

Purging separated solids from a sand separator is important. Automating that function is intelligent. The compact motorized ball valve makes it easy. Featuring integrated programming circuitry, this valve can be set to purge as often as every 15 minutes or as seldom as every 3-3/4 hours. Purge duration can be set anywhere from 12 to 90 seconds. Settings are fixed with a simple arrangement of switches located within the actuator housing.

  • Bronze valve body with stainless steel ball
  • Straight through ball valve, quick open-close actuator
  • NEMA 4 watertight actuator housing, suitable for indoor-outdoor installation
  • Cast aluminum actuator housing
  • Single phase induction motor, 115 VAC, 1.8 AMP
  • For use with ILB & ILS sand separators

Valve Model Line Size
NPT, female
Price & Quantity
CW-07-MBV 3/4 inch $1,515.65
CW-15-MBV 1-1/2 inch $1,756.62
CW-20-MBV 2 inch $2,122.35

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