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Separators and Filtration Systems

by Lakos

Lakos separators for sand problems
Lakos centrifugal-action sand separator installed
Lakos Twist II Clean inline water filter

LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions has become a world leader in adaptable solutions for specific filtration problems. Lakos Separators are the most environmentally efficient method for removing solids from liquids. These filtration systems can save water by reducing backwash cycles and liquid loss through filters, use less energy than other forms of filtration and reduce other waste as well, including waste of solids being filtered. Let® be your source for Lakos Separators and Filtration products, along with thousands of other plumbing-related products!

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Twist II Clean Inline Sediment Water Filters

Installed TwistIIClean
Take your home filtration system to the next level with the Lakos easy to install and clean Twist II Clean inline sediment filter. This filter system removes organic materials, sand, and sediment from water systems with no mess, no leaks and no tools required. With four sizes available, no job is too large or too small for your residential filtering solution.

ILB/ILS Centrifugal-Action Sand Separators

Installed Sand Separator
If you are looking for a low maintenance yet highly efficient solution to your home filtration problem, then look no further. The sleek, centrifugal design has no moving parts or filter elements to wear out or replace and requires no back flushing. Ideally suited for small, side-stream installations, these separators are popular for removing up to 98% of sand, grit and other fine solids down to just 74 microns.

SandMaster & SandMaster Plus Sand Separators

Installed SandMaster
A large portion of residential water supply lines have sand, silt, sediment, or some other form of organic materials present in the water. Sand in your homes water supply can build up and clog water heaters, sprinklers and faucet aerators; not to mention damage plumbing fixtures and appliances. These sand separators can help remove unwanted solids and extend the life of your water treatment systems.

Water Filtration & Related Accessories

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"After I'd submitted my order online I got a phone call from one of your reps, telling me that since my order was going to ship from a location fairly close to me, the 2nd day delivery service wouldn't make any difference. He wasn't going to charge me the extra shipping and just wanted to let me know. This call came within minutes of my submitting the order. I was surprised and delighted. I have a hard time imagining doing something similar. I love dealing with a business that treats me with that kind of courtesy and respect. I'll certainly recommend you to others."
- Stephan Beitzel, Boulder Creek, California 95006

"I felt like I had already won by the great customer service I got and the end of the frustration I felt trying to find the plumbing part I needed locally. With the help of your customer service, I got the part I needed and fixed the faucet even though I wasn't even sure what I was doing. Thanks again."
- Cynthia Ericsson, Bristol, Tennessee 37620-2111

"Thank you again for helping me troubleshoot my 60-year old toilet 'issues'! I already had made 5 trips to the local hardware store, not realizing they don't even carry the inventory that fit my toilet. Your knowledge, thoughtfulness and great customer service has totally made my day. Yes, I can now believe there are still people out there who truly want to help! Terrific job!"
- Gail Vanderhoof, Paradise, California 95969

"You guys set the standard for customer focus. The web site was outstanding. The response to the order outstanding and the fact you forward my feedback to someone and the fact that I received a shipping notice hours after placing the order was great...I worked for HP for 36 years in customer support and we were almost as good as you guys. Keep up the good work."
- Joe Lingle, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513

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