Commercial Steam Generators by Steamist

Your customers will appreciate the quality, and you will appreciate the value of the commercial line of steam products offered by Steamist. In commercial environments, it's especially important to keep energy-efficiency and operational costs in check. These top quality steam generators by Steamist offer you the ability to program your facility's steam rooms with the right settings to help enhance energy-efficiency and reduce costs during off-peak hours, while always having things ready to go when your clients want to use them. Simply choose the generator size you need and any desired accessories - your controller and steamhead are included - and you're on your way to providing a luxurious, healthful experience for your clients.
Certified and stamped to meet stringent ASME codes and UL standards
Steamist commercial steam generators
These steam generators feature:
  • Delivered factory wired and assembled, with automatic water feeder and low water cutoff
  • Two pressure controls, pressure gauge, sight glass, check valve, and drain valve built in for added safety
  • Many models offered to suit almost any size steam room or electrical configuration needed
  • Included controller allows programming of steam room settings from up to 100ft. away from the generator so you can place it in an office or other location where it can't be tampered with
  • Each day of the week can be programmed individually, with idle setback feature so you can tailor your settings for off-peak hours to help save energy and reduce operating costs
When you order your generator, you also get the following:

Steamist Generators for Enviroments up to 1000cu.ft.

Model Max.
Cu. Ft.
Electrical Configuration
240V - 1 Phase 208V - 1 Phase 240V - 3 Phase 208V - 3 Phase 480V - 3 Phase
  HC-9 400 $4,662.90 $4,641.05 $4,688.74 $4,644.37 $4,647.68 Enter a quantity and
  HC-12 500 $4,867.62 $4,911.99 $4,895.34 $4,887.72 $4,910.60 Enter a quantity and
  HC-18 740 $5,275.67 $5,244.39 $5,246.62 $5,271.95 $5,241.41 Enter a quantity and
Due to size/weight and to ensure safe delivery, certain items ship by truck and have a $175 additional shipping fee per freight item.
Please note: These commercial steam generators have a 3 week lead time to ship

Need help selecting the right size for your commercial steam generator? Use our calculator!

Commercial Steam Generator Accessories

Model Description Price & Quantity
HC-SH Classic 360° Halo Steamhead - Polished Chrome $145.28
Cool Sense Silicone Cover - for classic steamhead $17.08 Enter a quantity and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is the 'Auxiliary Manual Reset Low-Water Control' and why would I need this?"
A. Many states and local jurisdictions now require an independent, manually reset, second low-water cutoff control for safety. This is a factory-installed option and must be ordered at the same time as your steam generator if it is needed. Please check with your local jurisdiction prior to purchasing your generator to see if this is required for your installation.

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