Toilet Fill Valves

by Lavelle

If you need a new fill valve that is quieter than your average fill valve, you've come to the right place! Lavelle makes quality, low noise toilet fill valves that are made right here in the USA. These easy to install fill valves will help keep your toilet working properly for many years to come.® is your source for Lavelle and thousands of other quality plumbing-related products.

  • Very quiet
  • Very easy to install
  • Factory 5 year guarantee
  • Adjustable height (adjusts from 7 3/4" to 13 1/2")
  • Resists chemicals in water
  • Fits most two-piece toilets
  • Code approved anti-siphon design
  • Installation instructions included

Korky® QuietFill® Valve
Korky® #528 Quiet-Fill Valve $11.95
Replacement Cap Assembly $1.51

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Installation Instructions

Lavelle fill valve installation

1. Shut off the water to your toilet. Push handle lever down on your toilet to flush all the water out of the bowl. Then take your sponge and take the remaining water out of the tank. Remove the old toilet fill-valve.

2. Slide threaded valve-shaft through hole in bottom of tank.
Note: be sure to install valve in the locked position at the angle shown in figure A. Thread the mounting-nut onto the exposed shaft under tank and hand-tighten the nut.

3. Connect the water supply as shown below. We do not recommend using any pipe dope. Hand tighten only, do not over tighten the coupling nut.

4. Attach refill tube to valve and clip other end to overflow pipe.

Lavelle fill valve installation 2

Water Level Adjustment

Lavelle water level

1. To adjust, simply turn upper half of valve counter-clockwise to unlock, pull up till water line on valve is level with water line marked in tank, see figure C then turn clockwise till valve snaps into locked position.

2. Turn on water supply to fill tank.

3. Tamper proof key is optional, and may be used to simply to prevent further adjustment once final setting is achieved.

Helpful Hints

Lavelle overflow repair

Did you know, that if the top of the overflow pipe in your toilet is higher than the level of the flush lever opening, water could leak out? To test this important system, overfill the tank to check that overflow pipe is not too long. Top of overflow pipe should be 3/4" or more below flush lever opening for safe installation. If not, cut off overflow pipe as needed.

Servicing Instructions

Lavelle quietfill breakdown

A. Turn off water supply. Flush toilet. Remove refill tube and snap off cover (see A)

B. Remove float by gently squeezing float arms inward (see B)

C. While holding valve with one hand, twist cap 1/8 turn counter-clockwise and remove (see C)

D. Lift out center tube (see D)

E. Use pliers to remove strainer from center tube (see E) Clean strainer and cap by rinsing under running water.

Re-assemble valve by reversing the above procedure. Note: If the main valve is worn out, (look inside cap), cleaning will not suffice, and a Lavelle replacement cap assembly = $1.51 will be required.

Note: if the fill valve turns on and off by itself, or runs continuously without spilling into the overflow tube, the problem is not the valve. The fill valve is running due to a slow leak in the tank, probably caused by your flapper being either worn out, or out of alignment.

The quality of your water will determine how often you will need to service your Korky® Lavelle Quietfill® fill valve.

Five-year guarantee: The Korky Quietfill is made of quality materials. If it fails within five years of purchase return it to the factory. Lavelle states that they will replace it at no charge.

Please note: Lavelle Industries acquired Hunter Plumbing Products in 2000 and integrated the Hunter fill valve into the Korky line of products. They have improved the product since acquiring it, but it's essentially the Hunter valve.

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