Aftermarket "Will Fit" Toilet Fill Valves

Find replacement fill valves (aka ballcocks) for almost any toilet

Many aftermarket fill valve manufacturers, such as Coast and Fluidmaster, also produce OEM parts for well-known toilet manufacturers. While the aftermarket parts are not specific to one model of toilet, the manufacturers have the same high standards for their aftermarket and "universal" water controls as they do for their OEM products.

Proudly made in the USA Look for this symbol to find toilet fill valves manufactured in the USA

"Universal" Fill Valves

Korky® QUIETFILL Toilet Fill Valve - #528

example of the Korky Quietfill toilet fill valve
  • Easy to install, this fill valve fits most brands of toilets
  • Adjustable height from 7 3/4" to 13 1/2"
  • Resists chemicals and toilet tank cleaners
  • Quiet filling action
  • Case quantities available - great for plumbers, property management companies, landlords, schools or maintenance workers
  • Click here for Lavelle installation tips
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button

Item Description Price & Quantity
#528 Lavelle Korky Quietfill fill valve $10.15
CASE - includes 10ea - #528 Lavelle Korky Quietfill fill valves (pack of 10) $93.77
Cap assembly repair kit for #528 fill valve
Also works on #528HR & #528T for Toto fill valves

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When choosing a universal fill valve replacement, pay close attention to the depth of your tank.

Fluidmaster 400A Toilet Fill Valve

sample image of a Fluidmaster fill valve
  • Adjustable height 9" - 14" fits most tanks
  • Anti-siphon design prevents contamination of drinking water supply
  • Water lever adjusts easily for best flush every time!
  • Turn and lock top for easy servicing
  • Every box comes with 1 fill valve with integrated float, 1 refill tube &
    angle adapter, 1 shank washer, 1 locknut, 1 cone washer, and 1 coupling nut
  • Includes installation instructions
  • #400A shown left

Greater savings when you buy in bulk!!

Item Description Price & Quantity
Price & Quantity
10 Pack
Price & Quantity
25 Pack
#400A toilet fill valve $10.92 $83.63 $198.94

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Burlington Fill Valve - AKA ballcock

photo of the Burlington fill valve #20A
  • Includes brass rod and fill tube
  • Flow regulator/silencer
  • Pressure relief by design
  • Soft, positive closure
  • Easy to install
  • Whisper quiet
  • Leak resistant & reliable
  • Stops pipe banging
  • Includes brass rod and fill tube
  • Fits most tanks, old & new
  • Includes installation instructions

Description Price & Quantity
Burlington #20AXS (replaces #15) brass fill valve (8 3/4" height) $29.79
Burlington #20A deluxe brass fill valve (10" height) $29.99
Burlington #20A-ADJ adjustable brass fill valve
- height extends 8 1/2" to 13"
Thumbscrew #3017 $1.80
Plunger cup washer #8024A $2.02
Plastic float ball (4" x 5") $3.52

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Hoov-R-Line Toilet Fill Valves

Description Price & Quantity
Hoov-R-Line #910126 fill valve - 9" - 13" adjustable height $16.48
Plunger and Seal Repair kit for Hoov-R-Line 4 screw fill valves $5.40
Hoov-R-Line Anti-Siphon Ballcock NEW STYLE Repair Kit
-Includes cap, 4 screws, plunger, and gaskets - see dims of cap
Plastic float ball (4" x 5") $3.52

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Fill Valves by Coast Foundry

1B1X Fill Valve

Coast Foundry 1B1X Fill Valve image
  • Anti-siphon conforms to American Society of Sanitary Engineers Standards (ASSE 1002 & ANSI)
  • White with brass float rod
  • Includes fill tube
  • Easy to install
  • For one-piece toilets needing extra water to help flush the bowl correctly

Description Price & Quantity
Original 1B1X Fill Valve and Parts - 2 1/4" center to center holes
OEM 1B1X Toilet Fill Valve WITHOUT Diverter Assembly -
-includes plastic fill valve, clear vinyl outlet tube, slip joint nut and washer, friction ring, shank nut and washer, and float rod - float ball sold separately
Complete Repair Kit for the 1B1X
Includes top assembly, large o-ring, plunger with washers and 3 screws
1B1XTOP top assembly only - Please note: Unfortunately, NO replacement is available
- the will-fit is slightly smaller and will not work as a replacement

Will-Fit 1B1X Fill Valve and Parts - 2 1/8" center to center holes
"Will-Fit" #1B1X Fill Valve  WITHOUT float ball and diverter valve
- fits many Kohler, American Standard, Briggs, and other one piece toilets
- includes plastic 1B1X fill valve, refill tube, brass float rod, and mounting hardware (washers, nuts & screws) - Durable plastic construction
1B1XTOP "Will-Fit" top assembly only - top assembly is 2-1/8" center to center
Includes 2-piece plastic top assembly and 3 screws - will NOT fit original OEM 1B1X
Interchangeable Parts For Both Styles IB1X Fill Valves
Repair Kit for the 1B1X
Includes large o-ring and plunger with washers
Plastic float ball (4" x 5") $3.52
Please note: The 1B1X is not the same as a 1B1 and they are not identical/compatible.
The 1B1X fits many one-piece toilets, the 1B1 is for two-piece toilets.

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1B1 Fill Valve

Description Price & Quantity
Coast Foundry 1B1 (10" model)
Includes refill tube and brass float rod and mounting hardware (washers, nuts and screws)
OEM 3-screw cap with plunger fill valve repair $18.43
3-Screw Plunger Repair Kit For 1B1 3-Screw Fill Valve
- Use if existing fill valve cap imprinted Coast 1B1
Brass float rod - 8" length - 1/4" - 20 threads $2.25
Plastic float ball (4" x 5") $3.52
Please note: The 1B1X is not the same as a 1B1 and they are not identical/compatible.
The 1B1X fits many one-piece toilets, the 1B1 shown here was, and is, for two-piece toilets.

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Mark IV Fill Valve

Coast Foundry Mark Four Fill Valve image

Description Price & Quantity
Coast Foundry Mark IV Fill Valve
- Includes refill tube and mounting hardware (washers, nuts and screws)
Coast Mark IV repair kit
- Includes a large o-ring and a plunger with washers and a red locking tab
Coast Mark IV Top Assembly
- For Use With Plastic Float Rod
Plastic float ball (4" x 5") $3.52
Brass Float Rod - 8" x 1/4"-20 $2.25
Please note: Fits many two-piece toilets. The Mark IV parts are not compatible with the 1B1 or 1B1X valves.

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Mark III Fill Valve Repair Parts

Description Price & Quantity
Coast Mark III repair kit
Includes a large o-ring and a white plunger with washers and a red locking tab
Plastic float ball (4" x 5") $3.52
Please note: The Mark III parts are not compatible with the 1B1 or 1B1X valves.

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"Universal" Fill Valve Ballcock Shank Gasket
fits most fill valves

photo of this ballcock shank gasket

Ballcock Shank Gasket - $2.15

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Not sure which model toilet you have?
Try looking under the toilet tank lid or inside of the toilet tank.

Fill Valves for Toto Toilets

Toto toilets may not be as widely advertised as some other brands, but they are some of the best toilets out there, in our opinion. For this reason, we support the use of Toto toilets by offering replacement parts to help keep your Toto working perfectly.

Toto Replacement Toilet Fill Valves aka ballcock

sample of the Korky high output fill valve for Toto
  • Authorized replacement fill valve for TOTO G-Max and Power Gravity Toilets
  • Higher refill ratio for optimum performance in TOTO toilets
  • Engineered materials resist chlorine
  • Adjustable height - 8" to 13-1/2"
  • Five year guarantee!
  • Includes installation instructions
  • Proudly made in the USA USA flag button

Description Price & Quantity
#528T High output fill valve for Toto $25.70
Cap assembly repair kit for Toto high output fill valve
Note: this kit also works with #528, #528HR and #528T fill valves

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "When I flush my toilet the fill valve does not start refilling until most of the water has drained from the tank. Why does this happen?"
A. With a Korky toilet valve, standard on Toto toilets, you'll eventually have a situation where you flush the toilet, and it takes a few seconds, sometimes ten or more, before the valve will begin refilling the tank. The most common cause is the chamber that contains the float has become clogged from residue and open completely, giving a slow response in refilling the tank. This chamber has a small ball valve at its bottom, and this must empty the float chamber in order for the float to drop and open the fill valve.
To clean the ball, turn off the water to the toilet and flush the tank. Then remove the float chamber cover and then the float by gently squeezing its arms at the top of the fill valve. Using a semi-stiff paint brush and a few glasses of water, clean the ball and seat at the bottom of the float chamber. Replace the float and cover, turn the water on and you're ready to go.

Q. "What are the most commonly replaced toilet parts?"
A. This depends on several factors; each time you use your toilet the trip lever, flapper, and fill valve are operated. You will find, however, that the flapper and fill valve are the parts most exposed to water and will be the first ones to wear out in most cases.

Q. "What does 'will fit' mean?"
A. "Will Fit" is a term used to define an item that may or may not be made by the original manufacturer (OEM), but will function just like the original part.

Q. "What is the difference between "OEM" and "will-fit" parts? And what does OEM mean anyway?"
A. "OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". This means anything from the original manufacturer that is sold to a second company to use in production of that second company's product. In other words, many toilet manufacturers outsource for the internal working parts of the toilet, such as the fill valves, flush valves, or flappers. When this happens, they have the opportunity to use an existing part, or to spec something for the specific toilet. When the toilet manufacturer chooses to use an existing part, the manufacturer of the part can still sell that piece under their own name. If the toilet manufacturer chooses to spec something for the specific toilet, the part manufacturer can then only provide that part to the toilet manufacturer. What this means for you is that you can sometimes get the *exact same part* (by the original manufacturer of the OEM part), but under another name and at a better cost! So when your toilet's internal working parts need to be replaced, you may have the option to use either the "OEM" part number or use the "will-fit" part number to order what you need. Please note that only some "will-fit" items are manufactured by the OEM manufacturer. If this is essential to your repair, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to check for you.

Please note: While we strive to ensure every product we label as "Made in the USA" really is 100% made in the USA, it is also important to understand that sometimes manufacturers make changes to their products, or for various reasons may receive components or materials that they would normally purchase domestically from an overseas supplier - and they don't necessarily let distributors (like us!) know that they've changed something about the product or where it is manufactured.

If you receive a product that® says is "Made in the USA" and the product states it was manufactured elsewhere, please contact us. We will happily replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

"I was having a problem installing a #1B1X Deluxe Toilet Fill Valve. I called PlumbingSupply and spoke to Customer Service. Job done. Very happy customer. Customer service was patience, helpful and knowledgeable."
- Scott Swiss, Merrick, New York 11566-5421

"Great place to buy from. Prices are very good. Shipping is fast. Best website to buy plumbing parts."
- David Montee, Pendleton, Oregon 97801-4372

Please note that every customer testimonial shown on our pages has given us written permission to quote them. Our customer's privacy is very important to us, and we will never give, share or sell contact information or e-mail addresses to anyone!

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