Kinetic Water Rams For Unclogging Drains

This innovative tool is a must for any plumber's equipment list. Used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, this tool can help make quick work of stubborn clogs. View me for many other drain clearing tools we offer. The Kinetic Water Ram clears clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of up to 160lbs. of pressure, but most clogs clear with just 20 to 40 pounds. It comes with a 4-inch flexible rubber cone and five tapered plugs for sealing drain openings from 1-1/4" through 4" in diameter.

Uses the power of compressed air pressure to clear clogs

Kinetic water rams are lightweight tools for quickly opening clogged sinks, toilets (optional accessory #GW-KRCA), and tubs with lines up to 4 inches. Kinetic water rams use a burst of compressed air that hammers through water at 4,700 feet/second - Which in many cases can instantly break up the stoppage. The ram has a self-contained pump and pressure gauge to ensure that you can hit the stoppage with the right amount of force. You get instant impact with no build-up of pressure in the plumbing system. The force is transmitted through the water, so it's not affected completely (although it does depend on the piping) by stacks or vents.

kinetic water ram

Kinetic Water Ram Kits

Model # Each kit includes Ram and the following: Price & Quantity
KR-A Complete with caulking hose, 4" rubber cone, set of 5 plugs and manual - without case $445.10
KR-A-WC Complete with caulking hose, 4" rubber cone, set of 5 plugs, complete manual, and carrying case $563.22
KR-C-WC Complete with caulking hose, 4" rubber cone, set of 5 plugs, complete manual, carrying case, and toilet attachment $558.52
KR-D-WC Complete with 4" rubber cone, set of 5 plugs, complete manual, carrying case, toilet attachment, 6" rubber cone, set of 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4" expansion plugs, 22" extension hose, check valve assembly, water supply hose, threaded faucet adapter, and universal faucet adapter. $787.19

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Please note: This product has a lead-time to ship of up to 2 weeks

This Kinetic Water Ram features:
  • Directs 98% of the force down the line and only 2% against pipe walls
  • 16 gauge plated cylinder tested for up to 600 lbs of pressure
  • 160 lbs. gear less pressure gauge provides pinpoint pressure control
  • Built-in air compressor easily pumps up to desired pressure
  • Flexible cone seals drains ranging from 1-1/4" to 4" in diameter
  • Equipped with Schraeder valve for use with external air compressor when clearing difficult stoppages
  • View Operating Instructions for the Kinetic Water Ram

kinetic water ram

Water Ram Accessories / Replacement Parts

Part # Description Price & Quantity
KR-CC Carrying case $100.16
KR-RK Ram repair kit $39.13
KR-CA Closet attachment $23.01
G-CVK Check valve assembly kit
- includes: G45, G46, G55
G-30 Pressure gauge $35.17
G-43-4 4" rubber cone $22.66
G-43-6 6" rubber cone $28.54
G-44 12" Caulking hose $17.63
G-45 Water supply hose - 48" $9.58
G-46 Universal faucet adapter $6.07
G-48 Set of 5 rubber plugs $28.92
G-52 22" Extension hose $25.92
G-55 Check valve assembly Discontinued
Use G-CVK Kit
1-1/2EX 1-1/2" Expansion plug $10.95
2EX 2" Expansion plug $11.21
3EX 3" Expansion plug $15.24
4EX 4" Expansion plug $16.86

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When using this fantastic tool, the temptation for non-experienced users is to use "more power" when a stoppage can't initially be cleared. The tendency to do so can be a problem, and we wish to warn you: Weak fittings, pipe and fixtures can be broken with too much power. For hard to clear stoppages, we recommend trying to use a snake rather than continually increasing the pressure until something "gives." This kinetic tool is a must for most professional plumbers but isn't for everyone. When used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and proper training, this ram can be a valuable tool in the plumbers' equipment box. This tool in the hands of the untrained could possibly lead to a disaster.

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